Reviews for Springtime In Paris
blue talith chapter 1 . 10/25/2011
Very intriguing! A story that I would read more of.
Nightcrawlerlover chapter 1 . 10/1/2011
This is really good! :) I like it. Plus, I can imagine Rudolf Martin saying Dracula's lines in this oneshot (although I wish it was a story instead), and he did a fine job in his portrayal of Dracula in the Season 5 episode Buffy vs Dracula, too. :)

Very awesome, too - especially this part:

Joyce had spent the morning at the Musee Carnavalet improving her knowledge of the history of the beautiful city that had only become more captivating with her anticipation of her date later.

Joyce couldn't believe such a courtly, handsome man as Vlad had taken an interest in her. Hank had managed to undermine her sense of self worth so badly that she was astonished any man showed an interest.

There had been a time when Joyce had known just how to dress to show off her assets best. She knew that she could easily turn heads and break hearts if she wanted to at one time.

Too many years of being cheated on, ignored and neglected had taken a toll. She had been easy pickings for Ted the robot and his domineering personality. Joyce had been so flattered to be noticed as a woman again that she had taken the side of the pseudo-man instead of her own daughter!

There was a freedom in this situation. Vlad was clearly interested in her, attracted to her. She was in a far off place with no one she knew anywhere around her. Joyce felt a freedom she hadn't experienced since her early college days and it showed on her face. She looked at least ten years younger than just the day before. Yes, this potential affair with the charming Count might just keep those years at bay!

Joyce felt like she was in the middle of a Lifetime channel movie, in the starring role, and she was loving it. She only hoped her rather ordinary sexual history wouldn't be boring to such a worldly wise man as Vlad.

Hank had been her first and, aside from that one candy induced night with Rupert Giles, her only other romance turned out to be with a no batteries needed mechanical partner that had been programmed by a man with "old fashioned" ideas about lovemaking. This would be her chance to be wild for a change, explore and expand her experience. She could barely contain her excitement.

Brilliant, as well as very cool! :)

Keep it up with your super-neat, very awesome and phenomenally creative writing! :)