Reviews for Seven Stages To Clarity
brendafay chapter 9 . 6/20
love it
Mini Nicka chapter 9 . 11/29/2016
Vi-Violence chapter 9 . 11/20/2012
If it weren't for the Angel bashing I would have really loved this, as is, it was okay.
Nightcrawlerlover chapter 9 . 10/29/2011
Neat! :) I like it - especially this part:

Buffy sat across the table from her mom. It seemed like forever since they'd had a heart-to-heart talk. With Dawn currently safe and plans and back-up plans in various stages of progress, it was safe to act like a normal mother and daughter for a while.

"I had a dream." Buffy stirred her tea and looked at her mom. "Remember how I told you about that first Slayer, the Rasta chica with a bad make-up job?"

"I remember. She sounded rather frightening." Joyce recalled how Buffy and her friends and Watcher had been unnerved for days after dreaming of that one the previous year.

"Well, in this one she was telling me how I was full of love, but that I was always rejecting it. How love is pain and that a Slayer forges strength from pain." Joyce's brows rose, but she remained silent. "She said I had to forgive and also had to risk pain. She said love would bring me a gift."

"Interesting. Is this one of your Slayer dreams, dear?"

"I'm not sure. It felt kinda real but not real at the same time." Buffy bit her lip. "I guess I have had trouble trusting, you know, guys ever since…."


"Yes. My judgment was so off on that…and people died. I just can't risk that again. I think I'm supposed to just fight the fight and then move on, 'cause I can't seem to make it work with a regular guy and the supernatural ones are a big no-no!"

"Maybe you do need to forgive and risk the pain as she told you."

"How so?"

"Well, you can forgive yourself for one thing. You made a wrong choice in Angel for many reasons, some not even involving his being a vampire. You can forgive him too, while you're at it. You can't move on while you are holding that burden. As for the risk of pain…well, honey, all of life is that! Pain is part of life. To not risk pain is to not live."

"I guess I kinda get that."

"As for love bringing you a gift-love IS a gift! It is one to treasure, even the loves that don't work out. Sweetheart, relationships all require work. You know the old saying 'men are from Mars and women from Venus'? It's always true, even between regular old humans."

Wow. Such words of wisdom from Joyce right there. (I can imagine Kristine Sutherland reading those words and crying happy tears while doing so. She did an awesome job bringing Joyce to life on the show, and I'm sure she misses Joyce just as much as I do myself.)

Keep up your super-neat, very awesome and phenomenally creative writing! :)
Nightcrawlerlover chapter 1 . 10/23/2011
Neat start for a chapter such as this one. :) I like it - especially this part:

Joyce still felt guilty over the painful mistakes she'd made with Buffy. Not believing her stories about vampires and mystical destiny had led to so much pain for them all. The seemingly logical response of psychiatric care and hospitalization had proven a disaster for the entire family. That was just the beginning of Hank's looking elsewhere for his comfort and pleasures-a normal life without his child having a breakdown and a wife focusing all of her attention on said daughter. Joyce had felt a personal failure on all fronts.

After the divorce and move to Sunnydale, she had been so busy building a new life for the two of them that Buffy was left to her own devices far too often and Joyce regretted each lost day of that time.

She still hadn't listened, not when Buffy tried to warn her of something "off" about Ted, not when Buffy finally demanded that she accept the strange, frightening world that was the true reality going on unacknowledged by every 'sensible' person.

She and Buffy were finally on good footing now, all those bad years and wrong choices being put in the past. Angel had been dealt with and Buffy seemed on the way to being happy again. There were scars, but they had a firm bond between them now.

Joyce had a chance to do it right with Dawn, to not make the same mistakes. Surely such a blessing as this second chance had to mean that she was to have plenty of time to be the kind of mother she always wanted to be to BOTH her girls. To hold her grandchildren and spoil them and watch Buffy and Dawn become the wonderful women she knew they were destined to become.

Very awesome and neat. :)

Keep up your super-cool, very awesome and phenomenally brilliant writing! :)