Reviews for Chasing The Sun
JennKM chapter 10 . 10h
This version of Snape is absolutely fascinating. I love that everyone is IN cannon character and I'm just enthralled. The evolution of their relationship is breath taking. And I can't wait to continue on to know how the rest takes shape. Beautiful writing, my friend!
Divergent4Everdeen chapter 60 . 9/20
Aww! I can't believe I've finished this story. I never thought Severus and Hermione would be a good match, but you certainly made it that way with your fantastic writing.

I am truly amazed with your skill. I count myself lucky that I was able to find this fanfic, and I will definitely be favoriting you and checking out your other stories!
Divergent4Everdeen chapter 57 . 9/20
"At least they're fully dressed this time" lol I died! Funny chapter, great writing, as usual.
Divergent4Everdeen chapter 42 . 9/19
Awwww! Snape x Hermy 4ever!
Divergent4Everdeen chapter 38 . 9/19
Wow, You are probably my favorite author right now.
I love how you weave humor in along with the sex, while at the same time letting your readers really connect with the characters and feel what they feel.
I'm glad the story isn't just lemons, because I always like back stories.
Divergent4Everdeen chapter 36 . 9/19
XD. Never thought Snape was the kind to have a SPEW badge! Great job, as usual.
Divergent4Everdeen chapter 21 . 9/19
Yep, Harry has his moments. Wonder woman? *wipes away tears of laughter* Wow, I'll never be able to look at Snape the same way.
Divergent4Everdeen chapter 7 . 9/18
Ooh, Severus has a sense of humor! Love it!
alreynolds13 chapter 23 . 9/13
I apologize for not leaving a review earlier. I've been reading this on my phone, and the website won't let me log in and comment, so I'm finally commenting from a computer.

Can I just say that this story has utterly taken over my life? I've spent the last 5 days reading it any chance I can get. When I have a break between clients at work, I'm trying to read a chapter. If I'm on lunch break, I'm dripping food on myself because I'm paying more attention to reading this story than I am eating. And when I get home from work, I shower, eat, then settle in on my couch to read for hours, then go to bed and lay in the dark and read until I have to force myself to turn off my phone at 1am, otherwise I'll never get enough sleep to make it to work the next morning.

This story is just...I have no words. Your analysis of Snape is so spot on, and the background you've created for him fits so perfectly, that I don't believe I'll be able to read the books the same way ever again. I also will never view characters such as Dumbledore and Sirius the same way, because you've opened my eyes to another point of view on them, which I really appreciate. This is a masterpiece, and I'm not even halfway through it, yet. I can't believe how much time and effort you've obviously put into this story. I have read so many fanfics in so many fandoms, but this has easily shot up to my top 3 favorite fanfictions of all time...I'm sure by the time that I finish this, it'll be my #1. Bravo!
CaliforniaCougar chapter 32 . 9/12
you know, I had always wondered whhy they hadn't simply amputated the limb before the infection spread. I suppose that would have been too muggly lol
CaliforniaCougar chapter 29 . 9/11
omg the talisman! such an incredible gesture of caring and protection. love how you incorporated it into the storyline.
CaliforniaCougar chapter 22 . 9/11
I almost cried when he said he almost cried. Such a beautiful moment.
CaliforniaCougar chapter 2 . 9/9
how strangely thoughtful of him to give her bruise salve.
re-may chapter 42 . 9/9
I read this entire chapter in a state of (happy) shock. My heart!
HP chapter 60 . 9/8
Great Story
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