Reviews for Chasing The Sun
Luna BlueMoon chapter 60 . 9/18
So this story has been controlling my life for the past couple of weeks lol. This is by far the best SS/HG fanfic I have ever read. Thank you so much for writing this beautiful master piece. Now excuse me while I go look at the rest of your work...
Just me chapter 60 . 9/17
This is the second time I’ve read this fanfic and it’s still my favorite Severus/ hermione story. It portrays all the characters in a much more realistic light and the plot line overall is more sensible. I personally prefer this version of the last few books to the original
Guest chapter 2 . 9/13
I habe started to read your ff. Someone told me it was a very Good written story. So far I like your style of writing and I like how you keep Snape in character. Im excited to know where the story goes.
Guest chapter 60 . 9/10

Wow, just wow! I have fallen in love with your Severus. He's such a complex and real character here. I love how you stayed true to him and managed to get him to love Hermione none the less. All the things he has been through, they're just too horrible. How did you manage to write it without getting sick?

And Hermione, our stubborn, know-it-all Hermione. The part where Harry had to tell her she was in love with Severus was hilarious and so typical her. LOL! She's tenacious, witty, strong, and (as we all know) a perfect match for Severus. The way she stood up to Severus during the Occlumency battle, hihihi.

Oh, and the portraits! Dilys and Phineas. Meddlesome pieces of paint, I LOVE them! XD And I whish I could have been there when Minerva finally understood what happened to Severus and reprimanded Remus for it. Must have been quite a sight! I also think it's wonderful that Molly is the second in charge. She's more than a mother and I think you honoured her in this way. And a shoutout to Lucius, of course. Nothing needs to be said about Dumbledore. We all know he's an absolute # &§§£%

On a personal note, I really want to thank you for not putting babies in the epilogue. I read in one of your ANs that you never do because you don't see that in their future, but still, thank you. I'm a woman who doesn't want to have children herself and a lot of fics make it seem like it's the only way to have a happy ending. I'm really happy to find a fic where this is refuted. (And I'm also kinda jealous of their lives, to be honest ;) )

Thank you for writing such an amazing story and sharing it with us all!
Helynn90 chapter 60 . 9/10
I saw this story recommended on tumblr. I don’t usually read such long stories. But oh my gosh I’m glad I did! I loved this story so much! It took me over a week to read since I’ve got a pretty busy life. I loved every moment of this story. I loved how in character they were. I hate getting into stories and they characters aren’t right. I felt like you did awesome! I really can’t even begin to describe how much I enjoyed this story. You are so very talented! Thank you for sharing!
Rasiel Hasu chapter 60 . 8/27
It took me four days to read this and I loved every moment of it. This was one of the best Snape and Hermonie fanfics I have read. From the first sentence to the last I truly enjoyed the journey I went on with them. I could picture everything you described. You are fantastic writer and this story did it's job. I love Snape and Hermonie more than ever after reading this. Hope you have a great day!
Britt chapter 15 . 8/25
wow, I am loving your story! part of me hopes that they get close enough for her to stay behind rather than leave to hunt Horcruxes. Also, the headmaster's death is an interesting puzzle for fanfiction writers. I really hope you get creative about that rather than just follow cannon especially considering the heavyweight it carries in your plot for snape. in the cannon, snape and Hermione spend almost zero time interacting after 6th year. I hope she doesn't leave with the boys and stays behind to support Severus while he is Headmaster. It would be interesting to see how she interacts with the staff and the carrows during that year.
callalily32 chapter 32 . 8/19
Your Snape is SO LEGIT! Love it!
SeeMeLaugh chapter 60 . 8/18
Fantastic story!
amalajchirackal chapter 1 . 8/8
One of the best fanfiction I have read!
Caro09 chapter 60 . 7/30
This was fantastic. By far the best Snape/hermione I’ve ever read. So original and beautifully written!
Justanotherone chapter 12 . 7/22
Great work. I've never liked bullies so I really dislike Sirius and Dumbledore herr. I'm positively seething with rage and disgust at Dumbledore (here) for everything especially his disregard for Severus. He's really failed Severus and Severus deserves better. I really seriously dislike Dumbledore for the way he handled that incident with Severus and the Marauders, in the book and here. I really hope he shows regret here though because I can't stand him haha. Anyways this story is really great. Kudos
Dana chapter 47 . 6/28
Okay, I get it now, though he’s not that bad
Dana chapter 47 . 6/27
Quit torturing Lupin.
Guest chapter 46 . 6/27
Lupin’s not bad.
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