Reviews for Chasing The Sun
tahminax chapter 32 . 12/26/2020
Glad that you haven't abandoned the Horcrux theory which is bloody complex and astounding. The Dark Lord would be a mere thing without part of his soul stitched in those artefacts. However, this is dramatic but still scary. I know Severus is no traitor but Hermione's thoughts are terrifying. She can't have misunderstand him just because a flicker changes in his eyes. It could have been deliberately pushed forward or say he hates Albus enough to stay raged. Anyway, this still isn't the end of the world since the fic still got 25 chapters to go.
tahminax chapter 30 . 12/26/2020
I'm doing my best at keeping my dignity mentally shut tight and right or at least I think so. That was a close call. I've always knew things like this might provoke me but this much? Oh God! what on earth I'm spewing about? This is bloody hot Professor Snape and things can't be helped sometimes. * fans self * Can't let my mind wander around the gutter, can I?
tahminax chapter 27 . 12/26/2020
Never knew Dumbledore was this petty. How nasty! He might manipulate people but these emotional blackmail went too far. After all it's an incident between Miss Evans and young Mr. Snape. No matter for whatever reason Severus has turned himself in, it still isn't worth anything that beats what a despicable piece Dumbledore just dropped. Thought he was a thoughtful wizard but here we go, coming back to 'Gryffindors'. However, it's likely that old goat is going to die anyway. * sighs * That also will hurt. Pathetic I am.
tahminax chapter 23 . 12/25/2020
God! You have a way with words. I'm so so so hooked that I readily forget I'm sitting on the chair next to my pc and reading a fanfiction. I wouldn't dare to put an understatement to nearly insult this fic, especially not this chapter. Yes ,things are surreal and enchanted one might get lost and never be found. I appreciate your detailed prose style, as if if this isn't reality, nothing else matters. * shrugs *
However, I can sense the dread looing in the shadow. The storm is on its way. Tries not to shiver uncontrollably. Faith - trust - and possibly a bit of love - I don't know if you're going to smash all these to nothingness. I still wish Draco could be saved from his folly. It was heart breaking to see happening in the movies and the book and oh God! I will have to brace myself for the worst yet to come.
Dumbledore is going to die and tat's going to make a horrible ruckus. I don't know how we will make it to tranquility. thump thump thump
tahminax chapter 22 . 12/25/2020
Severus Snape is adorably cute. God! It takes everything in me not to grin too wide every now and then. My cheeks are already hurt from biting them too much.
tahminax chapter 21 . 12/25/2020
WOAH! Harry says he doesn't know a thing about this men-women thingy yet he's just sorted out Snape-Hermione problem enough to give her a proper headache for years probably.
tahminax chapter 20 . 12/25/2020
Poor Severus. These women are driving him mad; as if he'd not gotten more than enough on his plate. Though it's for it's own good. Pity he won't let himself enjoy the varieties. Or, it's still too early to do so. Lord knows when it's time to relish being Severus.
tahminax chapter 19 . 12/24/2020
I see some of the other reader guessed of a * clears throat * weird sort of way to warm Severus up. God, I've never been in much gutter to have thought of such a thing. Yes, I've thought of something sort of hot beverage too but these people are just .. ahh
* laughs uncontrollably * they could be fascinatingly funny sometimes.
Secondly, it's a pain in the arse that Severus and his little secret with Albus is going to put him on edge and perhaps cause the big big racket just like in the books. It pains me to think Minerva will lose the bit of trust in him. I hope Miss Granger understands since she's been partly tipped off by Dilys in some manner and she's fairly intelligent to misunderstand the double agent. And lastly, trust me when I say it did hurt the moment Sev proclaimed to the empty room that Lily's son strangely turned out like him, unlike James. It severely stung. Severus' sincere exclamation says a lot about what his heart craved oh so dearly.
tahminax chapter 18 . 12/24/2020
What still troubles me is what on earth he's enduing as an aftermath of sexual violence acted upon him which you've stated previously. I still don't get what's the mystery behind his problematic lower part and the Dark Lord's punishments aside crucio-ing endlessly. Although bracing myself for what is yet to come. It's dark and bloody all over despite those pretty little moments like birthday gifts. He really is a romanticist. He doesn't realize it, does he? No wonder self-loathing took hold of him entirely. Not surprising.
tahminax chapter 17 . 12/24/2020
* grinning madly *
What Dilys said about men being boys at times bodes well with Severus. I mean look at him - haha - I nearly choked at his honesty to Minerva's question. What was it again? On a bed with a pretty girl half his age , where? at a desert where no one's possibly going to disturb the serenity.
Lord, save us!
Severus might be the manliest and passionate of sort, he's also the cutest teenage boy version somewhere inside in his heart. It's refreshing to see changes within all the dark.
tahminax chapter 16 . 12/24/2020
Thank you for sticking to the canon to a degree. It's reassuring that I'm not going to witness entirely changed incidents throughout the word flow though it's highly interesting sometimes. Never mind. It has occurred to me that how it'd affect the narrative if Hermione had gotten hold of Half Blood Prince's Potion textbook. Well, I will have to see as you unravel. It's lovely.
And WOW! The lecture in the room of Requirement actually blew me away. It's fantastic! So many relevant logic and counteractions! Severus Snape is my favorite for various reason - one of them is his teaching tone and posture. Utterly HOT xD
Thanks to Phineas. Hermione's got to see him through that danged facade. To him, it might seem horrifying though.
cbrendible chapter 60 . 12/24/2020
I love it! Definitely something else all together in this pairing. I love how different it was from the start.
tahminax chapter 13 . 12/23/2020
Honestly, the deviation is well put. The canon is amazing but there was still stupidity, yes I've noticed (some might argue but I won't deteriorate to your lot's thinking thanks). That's fairly reasonable. I mean Hermione had been smart enough to perceive the right event through her school years, be it sorta late or not. One couldn't just go and make a conception introducing Hermione had reduced to a less thinker than those most typical Gryffindor populace, though she acted on impulse sometimes. Besides, this is relevant to their further interaction for they're going to get closer, credit to being rated M story * winks *
Possibly it'd never impress anyone witnessing Snape is being laid out of the blue and the lady is none other than Miss Granger. God help us all.
tahminax chapter 12 . 12/23/2020
“Well, it may have escaped your notice, but life isn't fair.” - I have fairly know the ambience around me enough to grasp the meaning behind all these and the quote. Severus was truly a character to be worthy of chattering about for years after years. Despite the AU stated here, in the book, the world was well much of a hellhole to Severus. He never deserved all the stress though he'd promised to get so for the sake of avenging Lily's death. I could never come to the point of hating him, ever. Yes, it annoyed me sometimes when he used to poke and prod his nose in Potter's business out of (... well, perhaps out of sheer boredom) in the books but it never crossed my mind to have felt less love for his existence.
Sirius's death had propelled me to grieving, anyone would for it's normal. Besides, he was the only dear left to our hero Potter and we love anyone loved by Heroes (no sarcasm), also it was Sirius who bought Potter his first and last broom which indicated absolute adoration at its best - Anyway, putting it up, I've admired Sirius just like others. But, it still stings that Severus gave up on his life long long long ago just to accomplish the task of proving there's purest form love, resides unconditionally and claims nothing in turn (albeit unintentionally) * sighs in parseltongue * I talk too much- better stop now. A spectacular chapter indeed. It's wholesome to read the narrative from Sev's point of view which is full of knowledgeably sentences. * laughs * IT REALLY IS.
tahminax chapter 9 . 12/22/2020
And I love every story that has to do anything with Occlumency. This is a brilliant topic. Anyone who masters it, simply goes by a pure talented soul. No wonder this very term sings fine with both Severus and Hermione since both of them are prodigy of sort, unlike their certain dunderhead acquaintances. A pity, really.
Fireworks are also my favorite. I literally whistled when you made the ruckus happen. Weasley twins made me proud, again. Honestly, nobody deserves a smelling toad lurking near and needless to mention, its nauseating croaks are disgusting enough to make me die in utter shame thinking if the human race had gone bonkers as a whole. A shiver out of sheer distaste actually waltzed down my spine. Thanks.
Besides, repartees among the ever talented Hogwarts staffs are something I would never have the heart to escape, especially between Minerva and Severus. A goal, their friendship is.
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