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Spica75 chapter 20 . 4/18
Neat story.
Minirowan chapter 20 . 12/6/2014
This was so good! You did a great job with Itachi in this. He was always difficult to understand, but you shed some light on his character. Having Sakura gain such an understanding of him was also great to see.

I do wish Sai and Yamato had been included; I think of them as part of Team 7 as much as the original members. But I can somewhat understand why you didn't.

In any case, this was great to read.
Manillalu chapter 20 . 10/1/2014
O my god. I love it. Itachi you poor sweet sweet weary thing. Don't really like Sakura though. I kinda wanted to see more of naruto connecting with itachi, they had some sorta connection over the whole brother thing in the manga.

Sigh, it's just so good. Moore!
M chapter 20 . 6/7/2014
Why does a beautiful story story such as this not have more reviews?
I started reading, and I just kept going and couldn't stop till I got to the end. You're writing is excellent, as is the characterization.
The ending was perfect, it gives hope and a second chance for him to happy, something I believe he truly deserves.
I'm glad I have found this gem :)
paracuties chapter 20 . 4/8/2014
This is amazing. Seriously amazing. Unspeakably amazing.

I've never read an Itachi-centric fic that goes so in-depth, gets so emotionally-driven, and still, is so, so well-written. You've given some really, really good reasons as to why Itachi and Sasuke did the things they did - and all of it is very, very believable. But the point behind Itachi being recognized as murderer of the Uchiha clan was because Itachi didn't want to taint the Uchiha name. So Itachi wouldn't have wanted to have his name cleared.

You portrayed the characters perfectly, though. They all display very realistic reactions and ways of speech, and it's amazing that you don't make all the characters too similar because of your own personal speech pattern and personality.

Like, the whole thoughts of Itachi - amazing, really. I couldn't believe how good it was. His point of view was really "eye-opening", you could say.

And that ending! Yes! Awesome! Although I was starting to suspect that you were going to make ItachixSakura happen, and I was like ew, no, but thankfully, you didn't. I suppose there were hints, but I can ignore that, whether you purposely put them in or not.

I'm kind of upset over Sasuke's death, but. I suppose it had to happen...and the way you write is so, so good, because I never even suspected that Sasuke might've given his life in return for Itachi's until Sakura brought it up as one of her suspicions. Maybe it's 'cause I'm sort of dumb, but I thought, overall, it was really surprising and everything.

And it's crazy you started it off with Itachi having amnesia, and then ending up with Sakura holding a hand out to him. And I love how you describe Itachi's politeness, pacifist nature, etc., btw.

Overall, really good job. I mean it.

Keep writing!
P.A.W.07 chapter 20 . 2/13/2014
Just wonderful. You even made me tear up in that last chapter. I liked the whole story actually, especially all the mystery about who he was in the beginning. Thanks for sharing!
Madame Minuit12 chapter 20 . 2/8/2014
awesome :) :)
Pygolampida Ankathi Alepou Dai chapter 20 . 8/6/2013
Where. Is. The. Sequel. Point the way.
Guest chapter 20 . 7/6/2013
This is the most beautiful piece I have read of yours
Silvanon of the Orchard chapter 20 . 6/4/2013
I really enjoyed this story, thank you!
poisonivylullabies chapter 20 . 5/18/2013
Gah, it's too late for me to write anything long or coherent.
Main thing: I didn't read this story for awhile, because I'm not a Sasuke fan, though I can enjoy well written stories with him, but I tend to play it safe and go with Sakura, Itachi etc.
Also this has probably the best character analysis of Sasuke that I've read, and he isn't really even in the story (or not alive at least)! I wish Sasuke had made this decision in the manga.
Also I really liked the insight that Sakura gains about Sasuke; from the beginning -where she is still in a way selfishly controlled by her emotions and not seeing Sasuke's actions and character in their own right, but only as they related to her- to her speech to Itachi on the Hokage Monument (amazing!). It also shown her maturity, as she admits that before she did not really understand or relate to Sasuke, even if she pretended otherwise.

Other stuff: writing was good, fight scenes were nice and creative, nothing to fault with the characterisation of the rest of the cast.

Hope that you will keep on writing more stuff, I've only got Going Sideways to keep me satisfied at the moment, need more!
fhobos chapter 20 . 5/1/2013
All of my emotions. I can't even-

why would you do this to me I'm so fragile and I can't deal with this whywhywhy

-forgive that, I just unravel a bit after reading such a wonderful, thoughtful piece such as this. I got too frustrated with all the retconning that Kishimoto's been doing lately, so I'd pretty much stopped reading the manga. But I'd gotten far enough and I keep a finger on the pulse of Naruto on tumblr and such so I knew about canon-Itachi's 'end.' That and the rest of the manga never really sat right with me... But this fic is quickly supplanting canon in my mind. I rather like it. I like it a lot. The characters are all handled with the proper care and respect and you admirably carry emotionally-charged scenes that, in the hands of a lesser writer, would be cringe-worthy. Instead, they're palpable. Instead, they've punched me with FEELINGS that have the force of a thousand burning suns.

This is one of those supremely unique, well-executed, once-in-a-lifetime fanfics that I come across. Bookmarking forever. I can't thank you enough for writing this!
Guest chapter 8 . 5/1/2013
It sounds like they've already made up their minds as to his guilt!

But he IS guilty. It's a matter of official record.
Guest chapter 2 . 5/1/2013
You think sasuke's good at lying? I don't.
Colette Hyuga chapter 20 . 4/17/2013
Loved it. Sauske and itachi- i like your interpretation it actually makes a lot morebsense than sauske deciding to destroy kohana for revenge. And the confusion was portrayed well too. Even though id like to have read about it madara not finding out that sauskes itachi was logical. Itachis just not thwt kind of person and i dont think theyd really have the time to discuss those thjngs either. Your story was logical smooth and well written and i loved the plot. One thing i might want to add to this though is emotions. I really didnt feel strong emotions in this story- it was perfect but a bit on the anticlimatic side. But i love it.
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