Reviews for Absence of Fear
Guest chapter 14 . 9/14
! ! Heart wrenching ! ! This had to be from (a)
"real life experience" truly heartfelt. Hopeful, sad ending ajb
aheller chapter 14 . 8/2
i have never cried reading fanfiction until now. your writing is so powerful and moving. thank you fir this story. just, thank you
Jem 4ever chapter 10 . 7/14
Oh, are a great friend. This was a very good chapter. I'm glad Santana is feeling up to doing so many things on her list, and that she and Britt got to spend some time with Q.
Jem 4ever chapter 9 . 7/14
I have to say I like this. I read the first chapter, and it took me reading the very last line three times before I dawned on me. Then, I proceeded to cry my eyes out for the next three chapters. but I think this is sweet of Brittany. To do a Bucket List, and help Santana out, and I am definitely happy they are back together, although this is going to make San's passing away 100 times harder for her. Not to mention what they'll tell Q if they do get the Unholy Trinity back together. Anyway, great story so far. I really like it. :)
Guest chapter 15 . 6/23
It's amazing congrats! This story is truly one of the best.. so happy for you! I'll buy the book for sure!
Guest chapter 15 . 6/11
This story is wonderful. Still it made my stomach cringe. Dealing eith death, expecially of a loved one, is horrible. You took this situation and tried to make the best of it
mine29 chapter 15 . 4/23
what! congratulations to you! is it gonna be sold worldwide? im from the philippines and this story of yours is one of the best i have read...ill be sure to buy it...hoping it will be available here in our country..anyways, ill find ways to buy it...

again congratulations and please keep writing!
ashortiz chapter 15 . 4/20
This is my favorite fic ever. I'm so happy for you. You deserve it!
syifashifu chapter 15 . 4/14
Yaaayy! Congrats :)~! Though i'd rather not have their name changed since it's originally talking about brittana story..but it's tot up to you if you want to take the same approach as Lily (one of my fave author who wrote TTLW trilogy). She also made her fic into a book..anyways will you also made another fic of brittana one of these days?
jtour chapter 15 . 4/13
So happy for you!
natalya3721 chapter 15 . 4/12
that's awesome! congratulations!
brien chapter 15 . 4/12
Cookie07 chapter 15 . 4/11
Wow, so, I had read these chapters as you were posting them and then, to be honest, life happened and I kind of forgot about the story. I saw the notification today and started reading it over again and it just... A dear friend and co-worker just passed away two days ago. She had been diagnosed only a few weeks ago with liver cancer that had metastasized to her bones and her lungs and god knows where else. Such a strange coincidence that your story would pop back up in my life today. When your book is published I'll be sure to buy it, in memory of Vikki.
sol chapter 15 . 4/11
I have to write a review. Congratulations! An excellent story as this need to be known. Again. Congratulations.
Guest chapter 15 . 4/11
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