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kalmaegi chapter 178 . 7/20
"I am not a psychiatrist but I am of the opinion that you cannot be helped. I'm sorry"

That line, oh my god. Hahaha sassy Hiwatari-kun!
Applepie chapter 177 . 7/14
I love this fic so much. You've captured everyone's personalities so well (which isn't easy for a stoic like Hiwatari-kun) and manage to create entertaining snippets of what would otherwise be mundane circumstances. The character development and relationships are great also, but I think the way you describe body language and settings is the most enjoyable.
kalmaegi chapter 177 . 7/4
Hiwatari-kun honestly, don't be so smug. Risa bemoaning the lost chance kukukuku

Satoshi: 1 Risa: 0

(Eh, it's good yours are only fictional. I think it's my shy and meek exterior that hides the fact I'm absolute menance, being well behaved child has its perks. Nobody looks twice. Now though, I'm the one who's easily duped. Karma probably.)
kalmaegi chapter 176 . 6/20
*snort* On with the sass again, Hiwatari-kun. Kukukuku

(I totally do that shit though with my cousin as a prank. I was a really vindicative brat.)
RikuDai chapter 175 . 6/9
'her sister thought so much of him' DAMN RIGHT. Man, I have an identical twin sister myself and I can say that only the closest people to both of us can really tell us apart at first glance. Satoshi must be so damn close to the Harada sister/s huh ;)
kalmaegi chapter 175 . 6/6
That's Satoshi for you.
kalmaegi chapter 174 . 5/23
Haha, man did I miss Saehara! Great to see him. Lol that kid, I can't believe he didn't know about Hiwatari-kun. Guess it was never brought up.
Snow-Aquamarine chapter 173 . 5/10
your work is always so cuteee, it makes me squeal and smile, keep up the good work nui-nui,
love, nomie
kalmaegi chapter 173 . 5/9
Hehehe, really Harada-san. He already did that.

"I can go slash his tires, if you like" lol, Riku your sister is saying such crazy things again.
neko-utau chapter 172 . 5/6
I'm backkkk, as I always am with this fanfiction. You've made me become a writer and now I'm an English honour role and I write books. I owe it all to you thanks. As always your work never fails to please.
Guest chapter 1 . 5/6
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RikuDai chapter 172 . 4/27
Oh dear. If only Risa knew that ,in a way, Krad basically responds to her presence. Nevertheless, nothing can beat her courage and ,if I may add, stubborness. ;)
Svelis chapter 171 . 4/12
Hello, I am new here and I've been reading this ... how do you call them? Drabbles? Well... I've been reading them since saturday and I have to say that they are sooooooooooooo cute! I loved them!
kalmaegi chapter 171 . 4/11
I think it's just a way to tell each character apart since some artist's style don't lend much to creativity. Character designers tend to recycle character designs just by tweaking them a bit with a different hair style and default expression. It's a thing.

Random trivia aside, this reminds me that yes anime couples tend to be pink haired and blue haired. Tsukiyomi Ikuto and Hinamori Amu of Shugo Chara for instance. Definitely cotton candy, right Hiwatari-kun?
RikuDai chapter 170 . 4/4
Hahaha utterly adorable, aren't they?! _
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