Reviews for Interesting Developments
Snow-Aquamarine chapter 224 . 5/3
As awesome as always
ff9moonie chapter 223 . 4/13
You have me screaming in the car with this news.
ForestGuardian311 chapter 223 . 4/9

(Great job keeping up with these, btw. I've enjoyed reading each one of them).
RikuDai chapter 222 . 3/29
But it is? Haha
Snow-Aquamarine chapter 220 . 2/27
This one is just too funny
neko-utau chapter 218 . 2/16
Hello it's been a long time hasn't it? Last time I read was chapter 197 but now I'm back as always! I've realised I've been keeping up with your book for 4 years now and this might sound silly but I feel a kind of closeness to you? I feel incredibly nostalgic reading your works and how you write so eloquently makes me want to cry sometimes. I first started reading your book when I was 10 and now I'm 14, I'm in high school and you are the reason I've chosen the path down literature and have been an English honour role student so thank you so much! Sorry if this is a little strange but your writing has always really moved me. Hope you keep writing!
RikuDai chapter 219 . 2/13
Oh my gosh daaaamnnn I really really love the double, subliminal messages you put in your fics. Maaan, other than it makes Satoshi cooler than he is now, sometimes I like to think that the next step in their relationship (if there will be) is on those hidden messages and its entirely up to us how we would want to see it. Amazing.
RikuDai chapter 213 . 11/22/2017
Aaawwww for once it's not all about Dark for Risa :)))
lingerintheshadows-2 chapter 1 . 11/21/2017
It is really nice that you are still writing and continuing this piece. GREAT! Keep up the good work! I appreciate every chapter!
Guest chapter 209 . 10/24/2017
You know, Risa, if you're worried about being a third wheel to Riku and Daisuke, you could always make it a double date with your telepathic friend. _
RikuDai chapter 210 . 10/14/2017
Snow-Aquamarine chapter 210 . 10/10/2017
it is way too awesome for words nui nui, i still faithfully read this...
keep going
RikuDai chapter 208 . 9/13/2017
Omgaaawd flirty risa is always appreciated!/
ForestGuardian311 chapter 208 . 9/12/2017
Hey, sorry I haven't left a review in a while... Life happens. I promise I've still been reading.

As usual, your chapters have been lovely. "Popsicle" certainly made me giggle as well. (Because Risa's description was quite accurate, lol).

This was great, lol. (Satoshi, there's a reason why you have a literal fanclub at school, dear. And it's not just because you're a genius...)

Anyways, keep up the lovely work!
Kebchii chapter 208 . 9/11/2017
Risa and her straightforwardness never ceases to amaze both Satoshi and I. And it seemed to me all that all she had said was just an excuse to make Satoshi turn to/look at her because, probably, she was jealous. Probably.

I'm happy you updated another chapter. Thank you!
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