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Guest chapter 209 . 10/24
You know, Risa, if you're worried about being a third wheel to Riku and Daisuke, you could always make it a double date with your telepathic friend. _
RikuDai chapter 210 . 10/14
Snow-Aquamarine chapter 210 . 10/10
it is way too awesome for words nui nui, i still faithfully read this...
keep going
RikuDai chapter 208 . 9/13
Omgaaawd flirty risa is always appreciated!/
ForestGuardian311 chapter 208 . 9/12
Hey, sorry I haven't left a review in a while... Life happens. I promise I've still been reading.

As usual, your chapters have been lovely. "Popsicle" certainly made me giggle as well. (Because Risa's description was quite accurate, lol).

This was great, lol. (Satoshi, there's a reason why you have a literal fanclub at school, dear. And it's not just because you're a genius...)

Anyways, keep up the lovely work!
Kebchii chapter 208 . 9/11
Risa and her straightforwardness never ceases to amaze both Satoshi and I. And it seemed to me all that all she had said was just an excuse to make Satoshi turn to/look at her because, probably, she was jealous. Probably.

I'm happy you updated another chapter. Thank you!
RikuDai chapter 207 . 9/2
Oh damn imagine satoshi hottie saying that you. Well Risa oughta blush right there!
Guest chapter 204 . 7/21
Hi, sorry not much of a review but more of a comment, I was a DN Angel fanfic writer like 5 years ago and just popped by the archive to check it out after so long and I was shocked to see this at the top of the page because I remember these dabbles back from all those years ago. I mean... wow girl, you have been going strong! I admire your dedication.

These dabbles are super cute, keep them up :)
RikuDai chapter 203 . 7/7
Aaawww I imagine Satoshi blushing on that one (if he is capable of, that is)
RikuDai chapter 202 . 6/21
Love it love it love it
Fallen Leaves The Bronze Tree chapter 201 . 6/6
OMG! I loved this! It was amazing. I always look forward to read your next chapter. This brought old memories of the D N Angel series to me of how Satoshi reacted with Risa. This hit the jackpot. :D
Guest chapter 201 . 6/6
Ha! Loved it. Such a Satoshi thing. Keep it up. I love waiting for you to update a new chapter. :D
ForestGuardian311 chapter 201 . 6/5
Lol, Satoshi.

Yeah, that's Risa for you all right. Annoying...but still pretty. -winks-

neko-utau chapter 200 . 5/29
RikuDai chapter 200 . 5/23
FRIENDS?! oh maaaaan and it was such a beautiful scene to. Oh well still a good chapter. It made me laugh when Satoshi uncharacteristically peaked his eyebrows
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