Reviews for Interesting Developments
kalmaegi chapter 155 . 15h
Risa fails to catch a Hiwatari-kun with Bait. It's not super effective.
Guest Star chapter 154 . 8/18
It's always very important to have a plan, isn't it? So well-prepared, Harada-san. :]
Durbe the Barian chapter 153 . 8/10 don't know how to ride a bike? XD AHA! The genius shows his true colors!
kalmaegi chapter 153 . 8/4
*snort* Risa-chan why. Still, the image of Satoshi in a bicycle chasing after Dark with a whistle is hilarious.
RikuDai chapter 152 . 7/25
Oh my.. feels man. If only Risa can reach out to poor White One. :((
Guest Star chapter 152 . 7/20
Ooh. Feels. Wow. That's... really awful. Poor white angel. Very well-written, though; nicely done. :]
kalmaegi chapter 152 . 7/20
Yes, but the unfortunate Host of that White One is kind.
RikuDai chapter 151 . 7/11
aaahhhh! The fluffiness goosh! 3

Let's make 2nd place a goal! :D Congratulations!
kalmaegi chapter 151 . 7/10
Sassy as always, that Hiwatari.

Man, I've weathered three tropical storms and lack of an internet connection so seeing you update is a nice change of pace from the norm.
Miriae chapter 151 . 7/8
What a lovely little scene 3
Guest chapter 151 . 7/7
Hahaha, how rude indeed. Serves you right for snooping, though, Harada-san. :]
heRsheys ChoColatier chapter 150 . 7/3
Always a pleasure to read these little snippets.
Kalmaegi chapter 150 . 6/29
Ohohoho...can't even. Those two. Really.
AutumnsFlowers chapter 33 . 6/28
Where I live, this is called flirting XD And quite obviously too!
This one is definetely one of my favorites.
AutumnsFlowers chapter 32 . 6/28
I love the twins, it's nice to get some more of their interactions on your drabbles. And I liked that you made it from Riku's POV, we get to see Risa from different eyes, those of her sister, thus giving us a new and different angle.
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