Reviews for Interesting Developments
kalmaegi chapter 146 . 5/4
...DAT blue dye.

Sobbing because I've finally caught up.

"Hold nothing dear"

Still, how will everything end? I'm almost afraid.
kalmaegi chapter 144 . 5/4
He is quite beautiful. Probably more so once he grows up, if he very manages...
kalmaegi chapter 143 . 5/4
"You killed it!" Those words rendered me unable to breathe. Also, my stomach hurts. Stop, stooooop
kalmaegi chapter 140 . 5/4
I loved that episode because Daisuke was so adorable even back then. Which reminds me of the anime only character Daichi-kun. I'm pretty the stubborn boy is at any rate.
kalmaegi chapter 136 . 5/4
Satoshi ya weirdo. Helpful and unhelpful at the same time with a dash of mockery on the side. Then suddenly sweet. *shakes head*
kalmaegi chapter 133 . 5/4
"You should call her Risa you know"

You're very much right, Riku-san. *nod*
kalmaegi chapter 132 . 5/4
Snort. Satoshi in his tsun-dan?kuu? Dere days.
kalmaegi chapter 129 . 5/4
No, anyone but Krad! Please don't, Risa.

"Hiwatari-kun" oh dear.
kalmaegi chapter 111 . 5/3
Him and his white shadow.

Hmmm and yet another song comes to mind. If only for the setting. Anima's version of When First Love Ends. Hah, me and my doujin/anisongs.
kalmaegi chapter 99 . 5/3
"I think they would agree about never letting go. She'd stick with you, Hiwatari-kun."

He knows which is why he won't. Such a silly boy.
kalmaegi chapter 98 . 5/3
For some who's determined to keep her out of the curse, you sure like to daydream Hiwatari-kun. Take her out to fly? My, my.
kalmaegi chapter 96 . 5/3
Swan song. There's no way you would let her, so long as you're still alive to guard her. Mehhh why does my words sound so weird...maybe I should just shut up.
kalmaegi chapter 95 . 5/3
Hiwatari-kun ruling the world with Risa at his side, demanding to do silly things? Yes, I can definitely imagine that.
kalmaegi chapter 93 . 5/3
I was really really frightened. Scared? For Risa. Because I thought Krad would appear.
kalmaegi chapter 92 . 5/3
Invention of swimsuits nay hormones, pfffffft. Hiwatari-kun is so silly.
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