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Vanessa Masters chapter 27 . 9/16
Poor Mikau, and now lee is gonna pose as a Gerudo.
Vanessa Masters chapter 26 . 9/16
Ed, wanting to include himself in the conversation, abruptly proclaimed, "One time, I got grounded and my parents took out the stairs so I could not leave my room!"

Link, Tatl, and the Kankers all stared at Ed with wide, shocked eyes.

"Your parents…did what?" Tatl breathed.

"It's true," Edd spoke up. "Ed's bedroom is in the basement of his house, and when his parents grounded him, they took out the stairs, essentially leaving him trapped down there."

Link blinked. "That's…"

"Disturbing, I know," Edd finished for him. "That's what I said. Coupled with the fact that Ed is permitted to wallow in his own filth down in the basement, while his younger sister, Sarah, lives upstairs and is treated like a princess has led me to believe that Ed suffers some form of parental neglect." He sagged his shoulders a bit, a sad expression on his face. "Just like me."

May scowled. "That's just screwed up, Big Ed. That ain't fair to you."

Yeah, I hated that the most.

Friends forever!

Yah, Tatl is the oldest and fairies live long , too bad Tatl and tael didn’t have any aunts.

Well, fortunately, every time a person laughs, the laugh wanders off and becomes a fairy, and when a baby laughs for the first time, it shatters into a hundred pieces and each piece becomes a fairy. They need to
Multiple, I mean the fairy fountains help, but it should be like the fairly odd parents, male and female fairies able to have kids and the pregnancies are only two months long.

Regardless, things might improve for the fairies, and maybe there can be more fairy godmothers for kids like he exes or link.
Vanessa Masters chapter 24 . 9/15
Oh Lordy, eddy ogles the great fairy, then makes out with Lee!
Of course, he’d be a god kisser, the way he uses his mouth. XD

And then came the second set of ramps, Darson going over the right one while Ed took the left.

Big mistake on Ed's part.

The next obstacle was a much narrower path that dropped off to an earlier part of the race. So early, in fact, that falling down there basically guaranteed loss. And Ed sailed right over the path and down into the lower part of the track, allowing Darson to race on unimpeded. Ed unrolled himself and looked up as he realized what had happened. The crowd all gasped and murmured in shock.

"I…It seems that…our champion…has been put out of the race," the Elder declared with no small hint of sorrow. "Only Darson is left to claim first place now."



What a drama queen.


And yeah, the Gerudo are like the manners, and vice verse.
Vanessa Masters chapter 23 . 9/15
Then again.

And finally, the sound of gears and other mechanical parts whirring echoed throughout the chamber as Goht finally awakened, its ponderous head moving from side to side as though it were surprised at being awakened from its slumber. Finally Goht took notice of the figure standing before it and looked down to see a startlingly-familiar Goron standing defiantly before it. It failed to notice the others in its shock. The robot's mouth opened and closed, as though it were struggling to find words for this predicament.

"YOU…I SAW YOU FALL," Goht finally boomed, its deep, mechanical voice throbbing in everyone's ears. "I WATCHED YOU DIE. AND YET ONCE MORE, YOU STAND BEFORE ME."

Ed smirked, deciding to settle right into the role offered to him. "I am not so easily slain, foul beast!" he proclaimed in a boastful, but decidedly-airheaded voice.


"Did the giant robot actually just take a stab at Ed's intelligence?" Lee muttered in dumb shock.

"DO YOUR WORST! I AM READY!" Ed declared.


The raging bull ripped itself out of the metal wall, shattering it as it charged forward at Ed, lowering his horns in preparation to gore him. Ed promptly seized hold of the monster's horns, bringing Goht to a skidding stop. Transfigured Goron and giant robotic bull engaged in a battle of strength, each trying to gain enough footing to topple the other. To the kids' surprise, Ed was actually showing visible signs of struggling, despite his enhanced strength.

"Rrrngh…what're you guys waiting for?!" Ed cried out, gritting his teeth.


So epic!
Oh Lordy! We almost lost double d, but he’s safe now. And it’s true, Tatl has made some good friends, even if she doesn’t admit that t.
Vanessa Masters chapter 21 . 9/14
I really freakin' hate birds," Eddy grumbled. "And what the heck was he talkin' about? Mask'a Truth?"

Edd blinked in surprise before grinning. He had forgotten to inform Eddy about the new mask, but the fact that what it did was sure to grate on Eddy's nerves put such a cheerful smile on his face that the biting cold ceased to bother him for a moment. Smirking, Link then pulled out the Mask of Truth and held it up for Eddy to see. The short boy cringed slightly at the mask's appearance.

"This, Eddy, is the Mask of Truth," Link explained. "We received it from the Great Fairy of Woodfall after we restored her body. It allows whoever wears it to see stuff that is otherwise invisible, and will also allow them to tell if someone's lying to them."

Eddy paled and laughed nervously. "Ha…ha ha…is that so?"

"Oh, I like this mask!" Lee crowed, snatching it right out of Link's hands before he could even blink and putting it on her face. "Hey, Eddy!"

Eddy's eyes widened in horror. "Oh God, what?"

"Is it true ya keep porn magazines hidden under yer bed?"


"Bzzzzzzt! Wrong answer, dreamboat!"

"I'm not l-lying!"

"I'm not even wearing it and I can tell you're lying, Eddy," Link butted in. "You're terrible at keeping a straight face."

"Shut up, Blondie!"

"Question number two! Do you or do ya not lust after the beauty and perfection that is me?"

"Absolutely friggin' not!"

Lee was quiet for a moment, before she suddenly broke out into a hysterical fit of laughter. "HA! I knew it! Ya don't wanna admit it, but you are startin' to warm up to me!"

"I am not!" Eddy protested. "I am not I am not I am not!"

The other kids were laughing at Eddy's antics, but as Lee was slapping her knee, she suddenly noticed something a short distance away. Ceasing her laughter, she stood up straight and looked hard at the creature. It appeared to be a Goron, but it was a dull grey in color and appeared almost…ghostly. His chest bore a large scar, possibly from some battle long ago.

Hahahaha! Oh you know your humor, oh, it fills I. The role of the lens of Ruth too and lee sees Darmani.

Oh, Goron-Ed!
Vanessa Masters chapter 20 . 9/14
They only smiled and nodded. Darius's mother looked down on her child and began stroking his head. "I bet you're hungry. Let Mama feed you," she cooed.

"Wait," Darius suddenly said as he took the frog-shaped hat from his head. "You guys."

The kids gathered around Darius and his mother. Darius's gaze centered on Ed. "I want to give you this," he said, holding out his mask towards the tall boy. "For keeping me safe and getting me home."

Ed's eyes widened for a moment before they started to mist. "A present…for me?" he asked.

"It's the Don Gero's Mask," Darius explained. "There's a troupe of singing frogs who will answer to whoever wears this hat. It's my thanks…for being my friend when I needed one most."

Ed slowly took the mask out of Darius's hands and stared at it for a moment. Suddenly the boy smiled and wrapped his arms around Darius, tears flowing down his face. "Ed will always cherish your gift!" he said, his voice cracking. "Friend…"

A tear slid down May's cheek as she smiled for Ed's happiness. Darius smiled as well. Ed finally let go of Darius and fit the mask on his head. "It's a perfect fit!" Darius congratulated.

Ed sniffed and wiped a tear from his eye. "Thanks for everything, Ed," Darius said. "Let's go home, Mama."

"Farewell, Darius," Edd bade as Darius's mother began carrying him away towards one of the tunnels.

As she walked, Darius peered over his mother's shoulder and waved at Ed. Ed waved back in his strange, overhead way, sniffling as he watched his new friend leave. Ed didn't stop waving until Darius and his mother disappeared into the tunnel. Ed stared at it for a little while before he felt a hand on each shoulder. He turned to see Edd and May at either side, smiling comfortingly at him. Ed sniffed and rubbed his eyes before smiling back. Eddy folded his arms and grunted, unwilling to admit that he too was feeling slightly emotional about a family's reunion.

Awwww the feels, you are a genius!
Vanessa Masters chapter 19 . 9/14
I feel for lee and eddy, both is awful, and I hope Mays father is still around so May doesn’t feel left out.

Wow, that milk is heavy stuff!
Vanessa Masters chapter 18 . 9/14
Link held up the item for Eddy to see. It was a mask with a pig's face. "This is apparently called the Mask of Scents," Link explained. "Whoever wears it gains a more acute sense of smell."

"Cool! Can I try it?" Eddy asked eagerly.

"I suppose," Link answered, handing Eddy the mask, who didn't notice Ed coming up behind him.

Eddy stuck the mask over his face and took a deep breath.

"Hiya, Eddy! What's that on your face?"

Eddy began retching and stumbled backward. "Oh, mother of God! Ed, you reek!"

"Thanks, Eddy!" Ed beamed, oblivious to what 'reek' meant as Eddy collapsed on the floor, his heightened sense of smell unable to bear Ed's abominable body odor.

Link tried and failed to stop himself from laughing as Eddy twitched on the floor. Lee and May came up behind Ed and saw him. "Do I even wanna know what happened here?" Lee asked rhetorically.

"My answer depends on this," Link replied. "Does Ed ever bathe?"

"Nope!" Ed answered happily. "Baths are for losers, everybody knows that!"

Link's lip curled up in disgust as he discreetly backed away from Ed.

I laughed so hard st this, of course. Ed is foul smelling normally, and wearing the mask of scents makes it worse.


Still nest that they get the mask of truth from the great fairy of power.
Vanessa Masters chapter 17 . 9/14
Awesome boss battle, they did super and freed the princess!
Vanessa Masters chapter 16 . 9/14
So cute ed and may liking the same movies, and growing close when add saved may. And edd making out with Marie. It’s all so wonderful!
Vanessa Masters chapter 15 . 9/14
Link realizes he’ll meet alternate versions of people he knows, but this Kotake and Koume are nice.
Oh no, not the boiling pot!
Vanessa Masters chapter 14 . 9/14
Well the all night mask worked formeddy, and lee kills anwolfos with hell and they eat it. Creepy, but that’s life, kill or be
Killed eat or be eaten
Vanessa Masters chapter 13 . 9/13
Everyone loading up on weapons and skill, and Doubke D gets a poenlantern, super cool!

Lol he tried to blow out the flame and activated it. Funny, but very cool. Poe’s are always my fave creepy critters.
Vanessa Masters chapter 12 . 9/13
ROFL Carrot Top, Tinckerbelle.

And where Edd threatened eddy with kisses from Lee. LMAO

Can't stop laughing, that part was great.
Vanessa Masters chapter 11 . 9/13
Well, time turned back and everything is okay, for now.

And we hear the origins of Majora, Onigmai and Hylia.
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