Reviews for Clockwork Circus
Lol chapter 4 . 8/4/2017
Leo became the knight instead omg this is great
invisibleinscriptions chapter 18 . 7/25/2015
This was so beautiful, everything played out in my head so clearly. Honestly, I am speechless...
bluejellyfishOuO chapter 6 . 5/14/2015
I'm ashamed for reading estrella as es-tre-luh instead of es-tre-ya when spanish is my first language -_- (not that i can even read spanish properly)
Well, now there's some tension going on between Leo and Elliot
Tris PhantomEvans chapter 17 . 12/3/2014
Oh wow... HOLY GALLIFREY. YOU ARE THE BEST WRITER I HAVE SEEN IN MY DAMN LIFE *dies out of awesomeness, comes back as a zombie* I mean, did you see how you just magnificently written the plot and how just PERFECTLY described are your characters and how the story just flows in SO WELL and how the action meddles FABULOUSLY with the suspense atmosphere hovering over everything along with the light shades of romance you inserted here and there. And you are a master at playing with the AMAZING PLOT TWISTS you threw at us at the most unexpected moments.

Really, I don't know if you ever considered being a writer - and you should, it fits you greatly by looking at your story - as a career but you will seriously go far in life my friend.

That aside, I am SO going to draw a fanart (I'm quite the artist when drawing mangas)too of your story, this isn't just something I can ignore, ya know? ;)

With nothing else to say except that I liked how you ended your story with those Latin words, I shall take my leave and bow to you, for thee, this critic is now over. *bows respectively and tips my hat at you*

Until next story! :DD
Guest chapter 14 . 6/17/2014
Oh,Elliot, I wonder what he will think of this?
Ah, I have to agree with Leo that Elliot is the handsomest boy ever. *blush *
The tension, the description, the romance, all gathered harmoniously in your stories. You are a great writer
Emechuru Insania chapter 18 . 4/11/2014
lilyana.nickolet chapter 1 . 8/17/2013
Ok, my english isn't very well. And such horrible, I'm sorry for that.

But, I really love your fiction. This is... beautiful. This make me weep hardly. Seriously! This poem... Ah! I can't find a 'word' to explain my amazed. T.T

Ok, I'll read the next chap!
curiex-stranger chapter 17 . 7/24/2013's soon...but this story... :C
I loved it so muchh
Jinx Baskerville chapter 1 . 6/19/2013
OMG! I really loved you fanfic! You made me got impact! I was looking for something to read ElliotxLeo and I serched, and serched to the point I found the translation xx-WhiteQueen-xx is doing! But I got very interested and I decided to conclude reading it in english! 3
You are a very good writter and I love the way you make the story go on! I loved it! And I love you! xD It would be very incredible to work with you on a story! I admire you and I want you to know that you let me very astonished...!
Greets! and congratulations!
IcyLady chapter 17 . 6/13/2013
So, first of all: wow!
I’m very impressed at the amount of creativity this AU required and how you managed to make it without overdoing it. Well, as much as it was possible with such an insane and freaky world that you have created of course. The only thing I disagree with is the flexibility that is required to sew wings to one’s own back, it produces troubling mental images.
Secondly, I’m a bit disappointed that there was so little of Gilbert, but since Glen and Elliot are on my list of favourite characters… Which brings me to the desperate question: why did you kill Glen?! I actually cried when he died. It was also horribly sad what happened with Oz and how he was used and discarded like a doll.
Next: I was reading this, thinking “well it’s not such a horror story” and then you really got going and I’m quite speechless, horrified but in this wickedly good way, since it’s only a story. ;) It kept me on the edge of my seat a couple of times as I was wishing that I could read *faster* to know what was going to happen. It kept me guessing who was the bad guy and never, not once thinking it might have been Oz until a short while before it was revealed (yeah, I actually thought about it a bit before but not much, so). It kept me surprised with the plot twists.
On the bad side: “jub-jub”? That makes me think to Jar Jar Binks from Star Wars.
Thanks a lot for sharing the story, it was awesome!
curiex-stranger chapter 4 . 6/2/2013
this is such a beautiful story 3
Noire Rigel chapter 1 . 5/3/2013
Sorry if my english is terrible, but, I NEEDED to come and tell you that I'm in love with the story! jajaja
I'm reading it in Spanish, the translate of xx-WhiteQueen-xx, and it's simply awesome _
Thank you very very very much! Was great found a good story of Pandora Hearts 3

Well, I don't know what more to say... Ok, I know but I don't know "how" say it on english

You're an amazing writer! *-* -fan-

Best regards and cookies for you!
hudgens77 chapter 18 . 4/8/2013


(sorry for my feels but it's just that AHHH I CAN'T HELP IT)
How to start? Well first, I WAS GLAD WHEN LACIE DIED XD
I know it sounds cruel, but she was just a bitch I... ahhh D: though I liked the story when they picked up Leo and her maternal instincts, but still... Well, that part was really sweet and I can imagine them as a beautiful and unusual family, too bad it didn't happen...
And Lacie crushing Elliot's eye was... AHHH IT DESTROYED ME. Poor Elliot, he was too good, he didn't even do anything, he didn't deserve that! adlsadljsakljd
sorry again XD
Leo going mad was amazing, again. And Elliot saying he didn't desert him was the sweetest thing EVER in the universe! XD plus their kisses and their relationship AWWW no, it kills me x33 and I love love love how you portrayed them !
Jack was so sad. alsdasljdlaksjdlkas I love him, and he was so lonely and tragic... Just the way he's in the manga. He gets so much hate, and I know he kinda deserves it but he was just alone and I don't think people really understand that or he wouldn't be so hated XD
anyways, his death was... just how I expected it. Tragic and sad, but cute in some odd way, because he wanted to go back with Glen and Lacie, awww these three as friends.. SO DAMN CUTE 33
now, what really brought tears to my eyes, and I can't believe it was when Glen died!
Agggh, you got me bawling there like a little kid, plus because he was so happy when Leo called him 'papa' AKDJLKAJD! poor Glen, he didn't deserve dying that way! he did some things I didn't like, but he was good in the end and Leo as his child... Ahhh, you made me ship those two! XDDD as father and son, of course XDD
And when Leo cried and Elliot comforted him... AWWWW 3. ADLAJDSKSAL everything was just so perfect about this fic, how everything fit in the end, and well at least Glen, Lacie and Jack can be together now, but I still cried a lot XD which is good because it was very emotional and I love that XDD
Oh, and I like the playlist very much! Especially Leo's lullaby :3
(and it was very poetic, both the prologue and the epilogue, I really really liked them)
well, the last sentence left me speechless, like something was gonna happen XD ahhh, I'll go and read the sequel right away!
This was such an amazing fanfic, congratulations 3 I loooooooved it to the core!
hudgens77 chapter 13 . 4/5/2013
*le dies*
Ok, now I can't hate Oz... I actually pity him, it's sad he died :/
Jack! That bastard! and the worst part is that HE'S AMAZING! lol sorry, Jack fangirl here x)
I'm actually happy he made an appereance 3 he's just the perfect bad guy..
BUT I STILL HATE LACIE! How could she do that to Elliot and Break?! HOW COULD SHE DO THAT TO EVERYONE D:!
ldkasjdlksjadlazdj yes Leo, go mad e_e i can't wait :D! and Elliot, always so brave 3 I love him too much!
Plus let me tell you that little kiss between Glen and Jack was perfect... I loved their twisted and dark relationship, though I feel sorry for Glen :C
oh well, let's see how everything turns out.. Hurrah for Break and Sharon!:D
oh, another thing... The background story was perfect. I'd never have thought that Glen and Jack caused the tragedy of Sablier because of Lacie! that was pretty cool :)
hudgens77 chapter 10 . 4/4/2013
All this time was Oz?! OZ?! And here I thought it was Jack and he was gonna come out all of a sudden lol
Ahhhh, but so good! I loved the way you put the flashbacks and everything. It was really cool.
And Glen, awwww... I never liked him much, but with this fanfic I'm starting to like him better :)
Ahh, I just wanna know how Gil would react:( pff, poor baby, he's suffered so much already...
Well, pretty much everyone XD but still, Gil is so sensitive:(
and I love Cheshire! he's such a sweetie x33 ahhh, I'll keep reading to see what happens next!:D
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