Reviews for Chronicles of the Cold War
Mercenary Flyer chapter 1 . 9/28/2011
Hey its the strangereal world, you can do pretty much what you please with the aircraft design dates. Belka had F-22's in flying in combat in 1995.

This is a nice start. Be sure to split the paragraphs when a new person starts talking. The second to last paragraph was a bit hard to read.
admljmc8492 chapter 1 . 9/27/2011
Finally somebody else besides me is working on a cold war ace combat fic. I will pay close attention to this. Because its different and a person like me likes different. Keep up the good work. I wouldn't think that it matters that the J-7 was produced later than 1967. There were a couple of jets in ace combat, such as the Su 37 appearing during the Belkan War. The Su 37 in real life appeared in its maiden flight in 1996. and the F-22 fighting in the Belkan War also but in real life it had its maiden flight in 1997, so dont fret about some of the aircraft that may appear earlier then there real life equalivents.

Again good job and keep it up. If you want, check out Ace Strike. Basically it takes place in the late 1980s centering around the collapse of the communist regime on the Verusean contenent.