Reviews for For A Reason: Inauguration
pendora59 chapter 43 . 7/11
Very great chapter!
I like Jasper's reaction.
I hope read more soon!
cheyyanne chapter 43 . 7/9
I keep forgetting to ask this question. Do you have certain times/days that you update or do you update whenever you have the chance too?
btw.. you are an excellent writer, can't wait for the next chapter!
Basker chapter 43 . 7/5
I ship Mir and Edward!I tried to resist but this was too cute! Like come on! I was like "they're like brother and sister... or favorite cousins or best friends!" But noooo... this chapter happened! Everyone getting picked up at the airport by their S/O...They spent all night together making beautiful music! I couldn't stop myself from wishing! Ugh this is so your fault. Why are you playing with my heart? D: *I might be a little dramatic*

I'm so glad the flirting annoying teenagers were put in their place. learn some boundaries guys! Lol
Mir is super protective! She snapped at Jessica for aggravating Edward so much. There's no way Jess is gonna let that crap go. She's a petty teenager for real! I I doubt Mike and Tyler are happy about getting told off. I wonder if they'll turn on Mir? If they do, it was worth it because Jasper scaring them was hilarious!
He is the definition of Protective Vampire Big Brother. Their relationship is so sweet. I almost couldn't stand to read the sweetness when they hugged. I'm like dead! The fluff killed me. (Do it again!) lol
I'm curious... was her bad feeling in regards to Valentines Day or something else? Something wicked this way comes? I've felt like we've been missing some conflict/higher stakes, everything has been semi-smooth for a while now... that makes me super suspicious. Lol
There's going to be a second part to this story? I'm so excited if that's true!
Great chapter! Update soon xx
Anna chapter 43 . 7/5
Your description of the new York trip was great! Just enough fashion. I've always felt that Mir was a fashion freak but not a fashion-holic like Alice.
So her gift made her sense the gang up of boys by valentine day... I'm I correct to assume that the scene where jasper help her out and comforted her with an arm around her shoulder was the premonition that Alice seen and shared with Edward the day the twilight books showed up in forks? :-)
I love the connection with Mir and Jasper!
Great chapter and fast update (as always). You're on fire.
PS. Do you still upload pictures for each chapter on the other site? If not, are you planning to?
shurfine chapter 43 . 7/5
Thanks for the response to my last review!

I like in this chapter how you played a little on her ability, giving her a sense of foreboding and having us see the outcome of that. In a comedic way, I thought you played on it amazingly having the event pass and her mood suddenly change and her family commenting on it. That gave me quite a laugh. It was nice to see Jasper step up and protect Mir so publicly. The way you write him is so genuine, if that makes sense. His personality would let her stand up for herself, and step in if he needed to, which in that instance he did. Also, them sharing a hug was so heartwarming. I love the fact that he feels strong enough to give her a hug and actually lets her give him a hug.
It's also interesting that you had Edward and Mir alone on Valentines day, but it was cool that you had him grab the guitar and start to play for her. The word choice you used for that was also enlightening.

So just a thing to throw out there: I'm super excited to see how you write Mir's reaction to Bella and how she handles her feelings towards the entire Cullen clan when Bella arrives.

Well done on this chapter! I'll talk to you the next go around.

Sorry for the scatterbrains on this review, I was jumping around this time. A lot of stuff was running around in my head.
xenocanaan chapter 43 . 7/5
I always read your replies at the top, so I just wanted to say that I don't think Mir is a Mary-Sue, after all we isn't perfect. She doesn't get along with everyone all the time, they have disagreements and arguments, sometimes she wins, sometimes they win, and other times they reach a middle ground. She is not all powerful and she has trauma from the attack that was on her person. She has self doubts that does not make her humble, she is to a degree but it's been stated that a lot of that is due to being beaten down by her parents, that's a flaw. The thing that bugs me the most about an OC character being labeled a Mary-Sue is that male characters whether OC or Canon are allowed to be extremely overpowered and ridiculous and not really be labeled negatively, but if a female does it then she gets the Mary-Sue label. I've come to find that even the well written stories always have at least one person claiming or hinting that their OC is a Mary-Sue, which gives credence to my belief that it doesn't take much for a female OC to be labeled a Mary-Sue, or said that character is close to becoming one, unless they constantly fail at everything (which is just as unrealistic as an actual Mary-Sue). Perhaps everyone has heir own idea of what a Mary-Sue really is? Sorry this went on a rant, but in the past month I've had a few stories I love to read have their OCs labeled or getting close to being a Mary-Sue and it is a bit frustrating.

Now that I'm done with my little rant, on to my review! I'm so glad that Mir got to spend time with the girls in a way that wasn't a shopping spree (those terrify me, unless if it's books; I love books). I love how Carlisle and Esme love to tease her the way that they do. I think Jasper coming to her rescue was extremely heartwarming. I like how you take time developing the characters and their relationships! I honestly don't mind the "slow" pace as long as it's done well and with meaning, like this. As always you have written a fantastic chapter and I can't wait to read more!
cassiefusion chapter 43 . 7/4
I ship Mir and Edward so hard in this fanfiction. While I know that may or may not happen, it's still fun to ship, no?
I feel for Mir. Tyler, Eric and Mike were very pushy in Twilight, and they thought Bella would be easy and just fall head over heels for them when in reality, she just didn't like them in that way. I'm sure that she would have said no to them anyways if Edward wasn't there; because no one likes guys when they just "assume" stuff, like Tyler telling everyone he was taking Bella to prom. That pissed me off so much in the books. Tyler and Mike are just overly egotistical in themselves and feel that they are gods gift.
I am very excited to see what you have in store for these characters in Mir's story. :) This is very different from other "I've fallen into the Twilight Saga" stories, and I'm very intrigued to see what happens in future chapters/books. I'm very glad that you aren't just going off the books like a lot of people do; because I find that annoying, and it's very much plagiarism; just not in the sense of people copying the book word-for-word.
Georgie chapter 43 . 7/4
Amazing! I can't believe we're getting to the end of the first story! It's become such a huge and long fic that I forget that Bella's coming as you've expanded the Twilight universe so much. Keep up the amazing work and thank you for updating :D
kate1243 chapter 43 . 7/4
Aww I love how close she's getting with the family! I loved this chapter, thank you for the update.
ColdOnePaul chapter 43 . 7/4
Great chapter :). I really enjoyed the trip to NYC - it is a fantastic city, and I remember being there whilst the old World Trade Centers were still standing. You could literally see all of the city from the top. I'm sorry Mir could lead not have had that pleasure. When you started describing Fashion Week, it made me think almost instantly about the TV show Project Runway :). Have you seen that? I used to watch it but stopped awhile back. I also idly thought about the fact that given that NYC was so large and with a population of about 8.5 million, that it would be a rich hunting ground for traditional vampires... but I also then realized that vampires are generally opportunistic and would not dare come close to Fashion Week, preferring to choose prey that would not be noticed and perhaps explained away by gang or mafia activities in the poorer and more grimy sections. So the Cullens would not have been concerned. Just something I happened to ponder :)

Mir sounds like she's becoming more confident - good for her! And I liked Esme's calm acceptance that Bella would likely make things more lively; Mir seemed to also react calmly and acceptingly to her comment, and that things will likely be different now.

I'm looking forward to the next chapter and to the larger story sections that you've spoken of :). I'm really looking forward to seeing how your saga will play out! :)
Nee339 chapter 42 . 6/29

I just finished reading your entire story and I have to say that I like it, so far. So I thought I'd leave a review about the strengths and the weaknesses I have noticed. Here starts the review:

The Weaknesses I have Noticed:
1) The self-insert character is interesting and isn't too over powered, but she is a bit over special. Besides their significant other, Mireille is everyone's favorite person and she has made everyone more accepting about their powers, their immortality, and their roles in the family, which has bolstered their belief in themselves. This aspect has yet to really prove to be a weakness but I categorized it here anyway, because her specialness is growing and is now a confirmed power that will probably become infinitely stronger if/when she is turned into a vampire.

2) I have never heard of the name "Mireille" before this story, and I didn't know how to pronounce it until I finally looked it up on the Behind the Name website. I wish you had included a pronunciation guide within the first two chapters and not waited for 30 chapters to pass before she explains her name to high school students for the first time. As a consequence, the entire first portion of the story, I still wasn't convinced that Mur-Ray was the correct pronunciation, despite what Behind the Name said, because people spell and pronounce their names in all different sorts of ways. Then Mireille confuses the subject even further, by saying that Edward has a special way or more correct way of pronouncing her name. So who knows, maybe my original pronunciation of "My-Ree-Ill" was the most correct one after all.

3) I don't know if you've noticed that about half of your story reads like a bunch of fluff scenes about shopping, giving gifts, eating, attending parties, and being dressed up like a doll. Many of these scenes seem to exist just to give Alice something to say or do that isn't about her visions. The consequence of which is that these scenes are really boring. Almost nothing happens in them except the bonding of the characters or another display of loving patience for Alice as she insists on buying even more fashion accessories. Ultimately, they read like filler as you mark time before Bella finally arrives.

4) Edward snorts or chuckles way too much. I understand he is reacting to Mireille's thoughts, but isn't there another way to get that point across without saying that far across the room, well out of polite discussion range, Edward snorted. Visitors to the Cullen house must think that Edward has a chronic stuffed nose.

5) I like that you sent Mireille back to high school, but I also fail to see why she needs high school in the first place. She isn’t planning on becoming a vampire, so she doesn’t need to hide her true age. Besides it would have been interesting to read about her getting a job in Forks because she’s an adult. Instead she is in school studying just because she wants to redo her high school grades. She could always get her GED or reapply to University if she wants another chance at scholastic success, but instead she follows the Cullens into high school and I just don’t get it. The vampires need the high school for their backstories and to help justify them all living together and staying together for so many years, as a family, while also not seeming to age past their 30s. Mireille doesn’t need this excuse. She can age past 30.

6) I understand that you intend to turn this story into a series, but it is 42 chapters into your first story and Mireille is nowhere near meeting Bella and starting the real point/concern of this story, which is: Does Mireille's presence in the Cullens’ lives disrupt the plot of the books so irreparably that Bella never becomes Edward's mate? This is more an observation about story pacing. You spend a lot of time writing about shopping for and giving gifts, planning and attending parties, and buying and wearing expensive designer clothes than advancing the plot. It’s the plot that keeps me riveted to your story, not the fancy things that Mireille can now afford to have since she’s now a part of the Cullen family.

The Strengths I have Noticed:
1) You write a nicely detailed story. There is no need for me to wonder what you are trying to describe, because you paint a very clear picture with your words.

2) Your use of grammar and punctuation show that you actually understand the mechanics of writing. Most mistakes that I have noticed read more like a typo rather than laziness or ignorance.

3) Your plot is intriguing and I am very interested in seeing how the story develops. I want to see Bella and see how Mireille reacts to the person she idolized from the books. I want to see Bella’s relationship with Edward now that Mireille is unintentionally pulling Edward’s focus. What about Jacob and the werewolves? In other words, your story has successfully hooked me and I look forward to reading more.

4) I appreciate that you wrote a self-insert that doesn’t come with a built in mental wall to keep Edward out of her thoughts. I like that Mireille thinks her thoughts and that Edward is privy to them. If I was in her place, I would have felt very uncomfortable with knowing that Edward was always listening to my thoughts, but she handles it with grace or he does. Anyway, it’s a nice change to the other self inserts of this fanfiction category.

5) I liked that Mireille was hurt and that she didn’t save herself from the attack. It helped separate her character from the abilities of the vampires.

6) I like Mireille’s logical approach to most problems, like when she argued to not be hidden from Carmen and Eleazar. I also like that she is not needlessly antagonistic to any character in the story. Then again, she hasn't been introduced to Jacob yet, so that might change.

In conclusion, I am deeply interested in what happens with this story and I wanted to congratulate you on writing a very decent story so far. I hope you are able to keep up the good work and I anxiously await your next chapter.


P.S. Sorry for the length of this review. I got a little excited when I started creating my lists.
alliesmiley2 chapter 42 . 6/27
i love this storyi wonder what is going on to happen next!
shurfine chapter 42 . 6/27
Sorry for being super descriptive in my last review. I should have know you wouldn't be able to hint at anything, it was just observations on my part. Onto the chapter:
This was a nice change of pace from the last two chapters. So much was revealed on the last two chapters and so much character development happened that the emotional side was absolutely stunning. When Jasper described Love, I was speechless. I am in love with how you explained that scene. The complexities of love are often minimized because of the difficulty involved with explaining the many layers of true love. I wonder if anyone else in the family has felt that kind of love for Mir, and if it will be talked about the same way Jasper showed Esme's love. I bet the siblings would really further their relationships. I also want you to know that I'm on vacation right now and we've said no phones allowed, but I'm setting time aside to read your updates. They are amazing and make my day better. Thank you for your story!
Anna chapter 42 . 6/27
Sigh, a great chapter as always. Thank you. I would like to start by saying that I knew the words were yo-yo and balloon.:-) The charades part was hilarious and it was lovely to read the feelings Carlisle and Esme have towards Mir and vice versa.
I'm very curious about Tanyas comment at the end and I guess I'm not the only one.
I would like to say, a bit sheepishly,that I still think Mir and Edward are not mates. I don't think soulmates can shift and that Bella are his true soulmate. That being said, Edward and Mir are close, and perhaps Mir will find someone out there...
PS Boys that don't understand boundaries and still flirt during class are stupid ;-)
Musikrulesok chapter 42 . 6/27
Amazing! Keep up the fantastic work!
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