Reviews for Glimmer Darkly
malleelee chapter 1 . 9/29/2011
Bloodied Edward sending postcards. Well, that's different.
purelyamuse chapter 1 . 9/29/2011
Ooh I'm very intrigued. She's sounds quite haunted. I'm excited to read a live story of yours. Yay!
ss77 chapter 1 . 9/29/2011
Oooo. Very mysterious. Looking forward to more. :)
grabadietcoke chapter 1 . 9/29/2011
SO mysterious and different for you! Wow! I have so many questions that I can't wait to read the answers for. I want to know what happened - what the glass and sheets were about, Sue, what happened, where Edward is. Oh so much!
LoveMeSomeAngst chapter 1 . 9/29/2011
I have about 27 updates to read, but when I saw a new from you, I bumped you up. See, I can do that because I'm the boss of me. I'm very excited for this one. Starts out dark and a wee bit scary. Can't wait to see where it's going.
Linzk78 chapter 1 . 9/29/2011
Very interesting! Can't wait to see where you take this one!
IluvSpunk chapter 1 . 9/29/2011
I was so excited to see this alert in my box! Off to a mysterious start, I can't wait to find out more!
les16 chapter 1 . 9/28/2011
Ohhhh, I'm intrigued and anxious to get to the next chapter!

Beautiful if haunting imagery which of course just leaves us wanting more.

Great start, thrilled to be here from the beginning!


Erin~ (les16)
mujisan chapter 1 . 9/28/2011
intrigued! Thanks for posting!
MadamThang chapter 1 . 9/28/2011
Soo excited for your new story!
betsmecullen chapter 1 . 9/28/2011
I know I've had chills up and down the spine in the dark. *shivers*

I'm looking forward to seeing how this one plays out.
lbrezette chapter 1 . 9/28/2011
Can't wait!
chvz chapter 1 . 9/28/2011
A supernatural story? Sounds good to me. I can't wait for your update.
Janaie42 chapter 1 . 9/28/2011
I'm falling for it already.
Raewright chapter 1 . 9/28/2011
Oh ! YAY!
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