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TheWhispersWhichFlowGrey chapter 8 . 3/28/2013
Maybe it's because I was expecting it-or rather not expecting it-to happen, but I didn't mind the fact that the magical reveal has been averted. I actually liked it, and believe me, that is something. Because whenever people dodge magic being revealed like the show does, I get frustrated. That's why I was afraid of this story in the first place.
But, like I said before, I needn't have worried. I loved the fact that they didn't find out and have to agree with you: anything else would change the dynamic drastically. And I like this dynamic.
Also, the scene with Lancelot at the beginning was probably part of why I loved the almost-reveal so much. It was so... God! I was amazing. I realize now I never really considered Lancelot too much, he's usually not in my stories, but actually he's an amazing character.
Highlight of the chapter: "The moment he saw those bright eyes, lit with undeniable magic, Lancelot knew he only had mere moments to make a decision, to do something, and staring at Merlin in shock wasn't an option."
Because there was just something about the way a he covered for his friend. The thing that would've given Merlin's deadly secret away was something as simple as golden eyes, and there was something about Lancelot hiding his friend's eyes that... I don't know. It moved me so much and I don't even know why.
My advice is to never stop writing, because you're good at it.
TheWhispersWhichFlowGrey chapter 7 . 3/28/2013
Okay, Okay, calming down now... Ignore that up here... Had to get it out.
Alright, highlight of the chapter: "For someone who seemed so simple, the idiot was anything but." Because it defines him perfectly.
TheWhispersWhichFlowGrey chapter 6 . 3/28/2013
Highlight of the chapter: "Arthur spent one last moment deciding if he really wanted to do this, because despite being a brilliant idea, it was rather underhanded and had the potential to result in disaster (and bodily harm if the knights found out), but all it took was remembering how ill and despondent Merlin had looked that morning for his mind to be made up."
"And bodily harm if the knights found out" :)) Oh my god that was so accurate
Nice one.
TheWhispersWhichFlowGrey chapter 5 . 3/28/2013
Highlight of the chapter: "Elyan had called him Arthur."
I like this because of its simplicity. It says so much about both Arthur and Elyan in so little words. In the show, they don't-didn't-bother too much with Arthur's relationship with the other knights-or rather how it came to be. I like that you considered the fact that the knights of the round table are all relatively new here. Not many people bother to write about their progress, and I'm glad you're not one of them. Again, Gwaine's earlier suspicion also fall into this category. Nice.
TheWhispersWhichFlowGrey chapter 4 . 3/28/2013
I'm going to start something that is called "Highlight of the chapter" project.
So, Highlight of the chapter: "And who knows, he mused quietly to himself as a barmaid wandered over to see if he wanted anything to eat, maybe this time we really will have no trouble.

When a group of bandits ran into the clearing, swords swinging and voices raised, Arthur cursed that stupid, damning thought for ever having crossed his mind."

Oh, and I wonder if Gwaine will find out. I mean, I know this isn't a reveal story, but he's not exactly Arthur and even though he might fall under the reveal category, he was just too suspicious in this chapter. And something tells me he'll continue to be so.
I actually liked that bit a lot, because now that I think about it, Gwaine was just as oblivious as all of them in the series, which doesn't exactly make sense. Nice touch:D
Onward! (And I'm not stealing your word, just so you know:D)
TheWhispersWhichFlowGrey chapter 3 . 3/28/2013
It's amazing how just one line can convey so much. "'You should've said something,'" There's something about Arthur saying that to his sleeping and worn out friend... it just broke my heart and filled it with fuzziness:D Just here to remind you that you have a way with words. This would've definitely been another highlight.
Again quoting you, Onward!
TheWhispersWhichFlowGrey chapter 1 . 3/28/2013
This was a great beginning. Gods, you are a good writer. I generally don't like reading non-reveal stories, the show has teased us enough in all of the five seasons, but I just finished your "Of twisted morals and human weaponry" (and let me express again how utterly brilliant it was) and I've also read your "Healing spells", and I really needed to read something else written by you, because you're just bloody brilliant and I love your writing. If that original series works out and you ever get published, I am already a fan.
Honestly, I was afraid I wasn't going to like this as much as your other stories because of the whole not-revealing-magic thing, but as it turns out I needn't have bothered.
You got me from the very beginning. The prologue thingy was pure brilliance, and this chapter has just sealed my fate. I'm going to read your story and enjoy it, just like your other stories, magic reveal or not. You're too brilliant for me not to.
Sorry, just wanted to put this here.
Oh, and one more thing. I have a kindle, and whenever I read a book I always end up highlighting a lot of said book. Let me tell you that I would be highlighting like crazy if that were possible:) This would have been my first highlight: "Needless to say everything had simply gone downhill from there, and really, what part of 'no one has ever returned' translated into 'well, Merlin, we have an old, mysterious, and clearly magical castle to find, so why are you just standing there when clearly you should be packing?'". I literally burst into laughter at that.
Well, I've a bad tendency to blabber on, so enough of me. Let's read more of you:D
To use your word, Onward!
19sweetgirl96 chapter 28 . 3/6/2013
So it was
Really funny Reading your a/n bc it's 3 in the morning and I just finished reading it after starting around 11. And I havent studied for the two tests I have in less than 9 hours. Thanks fanfiction. It was really good and I enjoyed reading it. I wouldn't mind seeing a oneshot or something when his magic is revealed and thee is an Aha moment between Arthur gwaine and Elyan.
Katerina Riley chapter 28 . 3/4/2013
That was amazing! I actually like how it's wasn't a reveal fic. But in a way it was... You portrayed everything so well! From Merlin's "awareness" to Arthur's struggles with friendship. Honestly, how you are not an author with a published book right now? Seriously? You're way with words is uncanny. I love how you included Elyan in the group of five. As the reader, I felt like I got to know him better in this fic. My hat goes off to you! And now, seeing as its almost midnight, I'm off to bed. However, I am looking forward to reading your next story :)
Lunar191 chapter 28 . 2/16/2013
Awwwwww so bittersweet at the end. I really really enjoyed reading this. You did a fantastic job!
Also, I too would love if there was a sequel. A continuation of this story would be amazing.
Lunar191 chapter 16 . 2/15/2013
Aww this just makes me all warm and fuzzy inside while kind of wanting to weep at the sad sweetness of it all.
I wonder if the knights are actually sleeping... I can imagine them all just lying there and listening in.
Lunar191 chapter 7 . 2/15/2013
It's kind of hard to read this story without praising you every so often, at least. I would do so more, but I get a bit distracted with the actual reading and that lovely little 'Next' button. But this was amazing! Incredibly well written and had me completely hooked!
Lunar191 chapter 1 . 2/14/2013
Well, that was just amazing. And the prologue? I was reading it in Merlin's voice even before I could determine it was him, which I find incredibly impressive.
BarkingMad98 chapter 28 . 2/11/2013
*stunned silence as I finish, having no words to describe how much I love this.*
This is the best fanfic I have ever read, and I have read a lot. I love the feeling and depth behind each word, and the character conflict that echos in real life.
You also described Merlins heart perfectly! the guilt, the sorrow and the sharp pain of loss was very vivid, and it got me a bit teary eyed...just wow. Beautiful.
I have never felt so much emotion in a fanfic; amazing :D
*wipes eyes and gains composure, trying to get some control over the feels*
I love it so much I can't really put it into words, so I'm sending you a cyberhug*hugs through internet*
I spent the last 6 hours reading this and every minute was worth it. Thank you for writing this and making my day, and I'm sure many others who have read it :)
Zephyre chapter 28 . 2/9/2013
Right. Wow. That was phenomenal. How you came up with that plot is beyond me. Just literally read this in one sitting. So. I thought it was brilliant and will am now going to ignore sleep and read the rest of your work.
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