Reviews for Many Things the Characters of Pokémon Shouldn't Do
QUEENSPELLER67 chapter 7 . 5/17
That was interesting.
QUEENSPELLER67 chapter 3 . 5/17
QUEENSPELLER67 chapter 2 . 5/17
I wonder why they look alike.
true fan chapter 7 . 1/15
awesome agian perhaps ryouga later?
ScholarFox chapter 7 . 10/11/2014
Omg, number 28 for Bianca. I personally believe that they're siblings (maybe even twins o3o) and that one of them was put in foster care. Anyways, this fanfiction is hilarious. Why has it been so long since it was updated ;;
pinkdogtags chapter 1 . 8/23/2014
Some ppl to list: Pikachu, Cilan, Iris, Iris's Axew, Trip, May, Max, Jessie, James, Meowth, Dawn's Piplup, Brock, Officer Jenny, Nurse Joy,
pinkdogtags chapter 7 . 8/23/2014
So I've read the lists and I have to say- wow. That is so crazy and it really makes the characters seem closer to my age, which I appreciate. So far, my favorite lists are Ash's, Dawn's, and Bianca's. I haven't seen every episode of the anime and I have no idea where to find the manga, but whateves, still luv the fic! Sorta feels like when a kid gets in trouble and they have to write "i will not..." over and over.

I will now request some people. I'm sorry if they have already been requested, but I think I might have some interesting people. Okay... Misty, May, Max, Nurse Joy, Brock, Pikachu, Iris, Cilan, Dawn's Piplup.
Guest chapter 7 . 8/6/2014
Oh! One last one! Barry, I just feel like it would be hilarious.
Guest chapter 4 . 8/6/2014
I actually have some requests myself * ahem* ll pulls out list ll

Mew/ Mewtwo
Red ( origins )
Guest chapter 1 . 8/6/2014
Man I loooove these so much! I really hope you continue, because they are hilarious!
CarmelMoon chapter 4 . 8/3/2014
Could you please do a Yellow and Lance "List of Things They Should Not Do" please?
Ninja227 chapter 7 . 3/13/2014
OMG all of these a SOOOOO funny please make one about Brock i know you can make a LOT of people ROFL with things he should not do.
Teesha chapter 2 . 3/13/2014
Awsome and funny i hope to see more of these.
P.S. please make one about Brock it'll be hilarious.
PaloozaChu chapter 4 . 11/28/2013
Oh wait, Red's already requested. Oh well.
Something PokeSpe!Black (There's a chance you might get confused for Pokemon Golden Boys) shouldn't do? LIKE YELL OBNOXIOUSLY?
Or maybe we can add some other hotheads like Sapphire, Gold and Pearl? Gold shouldn't hit on anyone and Sapph sould stop 'flirting' with Ruby, while Pearl.. I dunno, think of something that isn't him smacking Dia, it's all for manzai.
PaloozaChu chapter 3 . 11/28/2013
Is there something game!Red shouldn't do?
Or PokeSpe!Red?
Or any of the Pokedex Holders/Their game counterparts? (Save for Rald and Yellow, they're original)
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