Reviews for Dear Fanfiction
Qwertywerido chapter 191 . 9/17
Uh, Percy speaks more that three languages
Qwertywerido chapter 148 . 9/17
Qwertywerido chapter 134 . 9/17
Emily is awesome
Qwertywerido chapter 112 . 9/17
No, it a love rectangle.
Guest chapter 51 . 7/20
Me:Shut your pie hole Athena. At least he is giving her the support she needs. You were no help at all to least Poseidon visits Percy,even though it's breaking the law his brother made. Just take a few days to spend time with them. Plus Percabeth went to Tartartus for each other though Percy could have just let her fall don't break them up or you will face the wrath of million s of confirms and Aphrodite.
Athena:I'm a goddess you insolent fool!
Me:I'm the goddess of Fangirls,Shipping,and Otps/Brotps. Percabeth is my main ship.I will ship it till I die, which s never. So the wise close would be to leave Percabeth alone.
Athena:/ fine but one day they will break when they do I-
Me:Percabeth will never break up so shut up before I make Pothena happen.
Guest chapter 51 . 6/30
Oh you so wrong Athena (don't kill me)
Guest chapter 37 . 6/30
Uncle rick your not that old.
Guest chapter 17 . 6/30
Preach Annabeth
Trixy chapter 117 . 6/30
This was beautiful!M
Socially Misunderstood chapter 39 . 6/20
ahem, Magnus Chase Jack the Talk Sword
beh chapter 134 . 6/20
emily is awsome
Random Fan chapter 211 . 6/19
I FREAKING LOVE THIS FIC! Update soon plz : )
Ogygian Spring chapter 134 . 6/18
Emily is Awesome? Sorry I'm late to the party! I like this concept.
Guest chapter 152 . 6/9
EmmaTheHPJOnerd chapter 143 . 6/9
OOooH! I know what percy and annabeth's song is! It's...

Fight Song, by rachel platten

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