Reviews for Dear Fanfiction
The Ancient Phoenix chapter 208 . 4/22
I waited til ythe end cause you haven't posted in a while to comment. I read every single story this afternoon, blast HW (with lightening, of course). I was waiting forever for you to comment on the chaos Percy fanfics, it just bugs me, and you also told me about a lot of different kinds of fanfic since I'm new and started like 2-3 weeks ago. Thank you and plz keep posting, and I'll keep reviewing
Azeka11121 chapter 83 . 4/5
Second actually remember the Fury
blackheads chapter 208 . 4/4
Oh god i love it, love it, love it.
RiptideFTW chapter 37 . 4/2
So using that line, BAM! You just got owned by an old guy! Classic!
RiptideFTW chapter 33 . 4/2
Does arty need a hug? Having a bad day becuz Apollo is way awesomer than u? Mad at me cause I said that, I'm sorry arty but the truth hurts.
RiptideFTW chapter 30 . 4/2
Best one, Lol. Sorry uncle Rick, but the best writer of PJO goes to Anaklusmos14... I'm sorry it's true.
Guest chapter 208 . 3/29
I'm laughing so hard (on the inside - I'd get funny looks if I burst out into maniacal laughter right now)
Holy - I can't believe I just read this whole thing. No regrets.
Keep up the awesome. (Especially liking Leo and Percy)
Guest chapter 208 . 3/24
UPDATE! AND PUT IN SOLANGELO! I'm still crying too.
Guest chapter 179 . 3/24

Guest chapter 146 . 3/24
Are you still working on this? And Emily is awesome.
Guest chapter 134 . 3/24
Emily is awesome.
ziw chapter 142 . 3/22
then how did they read fanfictions to complain about them

funny story
ziw chapter 59 . 3/22
who is this
I am a huntress of Artemis chapter 208 . 3/15
Oh Percy - you figured it out now? The last bit killed me MajorGodComplex - well done for making this story interesting. I know the plot is rather overused but this one is so funny it makes up for it.

- Huntress
aviendhaphiragon chapter 148 . 3/10
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