Reviews for Nightfall
Khavix chapter 153 . 2/13
When is the next update?
Leroy-San chapter 153 . 2/10
Another excellent chapter. I can not wait for future updates. Great job with this fanfic so far!
Thanks for the great read,
Ps- I hope you continue to update your story Price for peace, I really enjoyed that one too. Now I'm off to read your other story. Anyways thanks again for the great content.
Leroy-San chapter 143 . 2/10
Wow very cool this chapter was yet again great. I have really enjoyed this story so far.
Leroy-San chapter 140 . 2/10
Another great chapter. I look forward to reading more.
Leroy-San chapter 126 . 2/9
That was quite interesting. I was wondering how that was going to play out, you made your Tobi quite clever. This should be very interesting indeed. Another great chapter.
Leroy-San chapter 122 . 2/9
That was a great chapter. I can't wait to read more!
Leroy-San chapter 109 . 2/9
Lol oops not comment 6000 my math is definitely sub par.
Leroy-San chapter 107 . 2/9
Another great chapter. Woohoo comment #6,000
Leroy-San chapter 96 . 2/9
Another good chapter!
Leroy-San chapter 76 . 2/9
I'm interested to see how Iwa reacts to naruto. Good chapter.
Leroy-San chapter 73 . 2/8
Good chapter. I am excited to see how the situation in Tea Country plays out.
Leroy-San chapter 72 . 2/8
I was kinda hoping Sakura would have ran into the field of elemental manipulation. Sure Sakura wasn't as bad in shippuden, but God damn did kishimoto make me hate her until then.
OriksGaming chapter 2 . 2/8
Everyone seems to be singing this story's praises. I'm really not seeing it. Supposedly, it's great because it's a Rinnegan fiction. Don't get me wrong, I love Rinnegan stories- but this one sucks. I skipped ahead a few chapters and the writing is about just as bad there too. The spelling, grammar, and punctuation are all terrible, and the dialogue is completely contrived and poorly formatted. This story isn't worth reading.
Leroy-San chapter 69 . 2/8
Good fighting scene in this chapter. Keep up the good work.
Leroy-San chapter 63 . 2/8
Good chapter. That scene was long awaited heh
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