Reviews for Nightfall
Weirdshipper chapter 153 . 8/29
read boku no hero acadamia or shokugeki no soma. Tower of god or god of highschool are pretty good manhwas.
KakeruPB chapter 132 . 8/27
Hmmm let see... Naruto is impulsive, Sasuke a psychopath, Sakura is a lovesick girl for the psycopath, Obito is crazy, Madara is well I don't how to describe him, and Hashirama is an idiot using the Bijuu's to balance out the world as weapons. So I have to say, no.
KakeruPB chapter 131 . 8/27
Ouch at least it's done now.
KakeruPB chapter 130 . 8/27
I think it's the latter to be honest since he did it to save everybody.
KakeruPB chapter 129 . 8/27
I don't know but I am tired of that psychotic emo ass. He really needs to die, all he has done is create chaos. Seriously the guy needs to die. I have to agree with what you said about Madara. Seriously, I don't even know what to say about him.
KakeruPB chapter 128 . 8/27
About canon about Sasuke being able to use Senjutsu. He does to a certain extent cause of Juugo. Seriously the Uchihas needs to die. Here and in Cannon Sasuke only won cause he could use Amatersu if he didn't have that the bitch would be dead if it wasn't for Karin damn healing him giving him another chance to survive again. Seriously those eyes are BS.
KakeruPB chapter 127 . 8/26
To be honest Minato is repetive. All I see him due is Hiraishin for the win and the odd rasengan. Seriously that's all I see from him to be honest. Seriously Hiraishin is broken. Plus I call BS when the tag doesn't fade after 16 years.
KakeruPB chapter 125 . 8/26
cant blame now that I think back. Plus those are all good points you pointed out. The fodder shouldn't even be their and leave the ones who can actually damage it their. Their just losing their life by being their. Also I feel the same with Minato being able to control the other half of Kuruma chakra like that. It's complete bullshit.
KakeruPB chapter 123 . 8/26
I have to agree with the plot focusing more on Naruto. Seriously we see more of the Uchiha than the Main Character sadly. They could've done some much more on Naruto and make his character better.
KakeruPB chapter 119 . 8/26
Yep, I couldn't have said it better myself involving the Uchihas. I also like to add they are mentally insane or have mental problems. Considering the crazy shit they plan. Their plans are so far-fetch its hard to believe they even stand a chance against the world. Unless it's Madara himself, now that's just whole different can of worms in itself. Seriously that guy is broken.
KakeruPB chapter 118 . 8/26
Just be glad it's over now. Cause I am, as much as I love the series it also pissed me off as well.
KakeruPB chapter 117 . 8/26
Spoiler for anyone who hasn't read the manga or caught up on the anime:

I can't believe Sasuke was never killed off! He should be dead after everything he did, not be left off the hook! That is bullshit!
Arion Kagano chapter 35 . 8/26
Okay so since you've asked for constructive criticism something to keep in mind for future fics: girls should be characters first and romantic interests second. I've left an earlier review on all the things I like and I said I liked Akimi at the time. But since she started becoming a potential romantic interest I have lost some feels like both she and Fuu have lost all aspects of their characters outside of rival romantic interests. I'm glad you want to avoid harems but I feel like o want to see Fuu developed more as well as more of the original Akimi as opposed to all I care about is being with Naruto Akimi. Also on Naruto's part so far we've seen nothing that has changed in a way to make him look romantically at Akimi in the long term. Sexually in the short term, sure. But right now it seems like he's going to be interested because boobs and while that might spark a relationship it's not something that is likely to last. Then again I haven't gotten to him being interested yet so that might change in the future. Also personally would have preferred more of Gaara and Fuu because jinchuuriki ftw.
KakeruPB chapter 115 . 8/26
Lol love your comment as always, so on point.
KakeruPB chapter 114 . 8/26
I have to agree with your statement but I also like to add that I hate that Sasuke gets a sticking power up when he doesn't even need it. Seriously the only Uchiha that has some what of development is Itachi.
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