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Guest chapter 4 . 4/10
Fem Kyubi buz i suppose i am too late eh
liked chapter 149 . 4/8
In your fic Jiraya mentioned that there were other things on scroll toad Gamatora's stomach other than the key to his seal so he can learn Hiraishin from there and I hope that you won't use the same concept as in your Toad Sage's Apprentice since it didn't make much sense.
Thank you for the new chapter I'm interested in how you well write Naruto's and Shizuka's meeting.
Guest chapter 149 . 4/7
I remember Jiraya mentioning in your fic that on Gerotora's abdomen scroll were other things aside from his seal's key so why the Hiraishin's formula can't be inscribed there as well?
SlnfuL chapter 149 . 4/7
So, I have two questions.
1. Are you going to go through filler arcs now? I mean the Nadeshiko Village and who knows what?
2. Are you going to use the Reincarnation aspect from canon since that was essential to the plot. If so, is Naruto going to be Hagoromo's reincarnation cuz I cant see him being Ashuras' or Indras' for that matter.
SlnfuL chapter 147 . 4/7
Doesnt Naruto have Minato and Kushina's memories alongwith their Fuuinjutsu knowledge? Why have him start from the basics again when he could just go through all their memories properly once and for all. He would even gain knowlege of Chakra Manipulation Seals and Space-Time Jutsu such as the Hiraishin as well as Kushina's extensive knowledge of the esoteric art. He would also gain the ability to use the Shinigami Mask or atleast find out what it does, so he could secure it somewhere safer. Just seemed like a waste to me.
SpiffySage chapter 146 . 4/5
You said that Naruto didn't have a jutsu that was powerful enought to stop a regenerating Edo Tensei. Didn't he incinerate an immortal Hidan who would regenerate with his upgraded Katon Rasenbomb?
mountainwizard chapter 18 . 4/5
Good story, good ideas. However, learn the difference between there, their, and they're. other than that, I like it!
Ciel Moony chapter 149 . 4/4
Guest chapter 149 . 4/2
Well this is really getting good so keep up the good work and update soon looking forward to the next chapter.
Guest chapter 149 . 4/2
Ah dude why are you so cruel I thought after such a long awaited update you wound do something intriguing though I have to say I really want to see Naruto's meeting with Shizuka.
I hope he still develops Hiraishin by himself but without the limitations being as harsh as the one in your Toad Sage's aprentice story at you give him Kushina's Chakra Chains.
Thanks for the update keep it up.
derpderp25 chapter 149 . 4/3
The best story in fanfic just got updated! We appreciate it :) another great chapter. The nadeshiko developments are def interesting. Looking forward to the next update!
theaceoffire chapter 2 . 4/3
Uhh... is anyone else getting a "YEAH MY FAMILY IS DEAD :)" vibe in the last few paragraphs?

. Just not quite the right emotional tone really.
Reichenfaust chapter 149 . 4/2
Ahahahahahaha, the truth finally comes out! Jiraiya you sonufabitch!

Well, I guess this means that Naruto will fight Shizuka soon.

I dunno if Naruto will pickup Hiraishin... But that may be the edge he needs against Madara.
Tempestuous God of Valour-77 chapter 149 . 4/2
So, Yugao replaced Raido or whatever his name was. And they are going to Nadeshiko village. I can't wait to find out how Naruto will handle Shizuka. Keep going.
idea.getthe chapter 149 . 4/2
Poor naruto... Poor jiraiya..,,,
Poor their little brother...
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