Reviews for Nightfall
AJGuardian chapter 145 . 10/15
Many things will stay unanswered. And you were right with the pairing...half right. Either or.

And was something after that.
AJGuardian chapter 144 . 10/15
At the end it happened in like three chapters...Kishimoto was rushing the end like a motherfucker.
Waldo Santiago chapter 151 . 10/15
Yeah, Naruto went to shit. Hell I barely liked anything after the Kage summit. Fights scenes were okay. Amazing chapter. Glad Naruto handled the Kunoichis safely. Hype to meet Bee.
Blake Tourdner chapter 7 . 10/14
I think since akatsuki use black cloaks with red clouds you should use white cloaks with blue clouds it can be seen as the opposite of akatsuki in everyway but I know I would be to late to suggest the cloaks
AJGuardian chapter 141 . 10/14
Power up PlotShounen Manga...that's how it is.
AJGuardian chapter 140 . 10/14
Neji is dead. He lives on in their hearts. How can you miss that point?
AJGuardian chapter 139 . 10/14
Your rant about Anime is grounded in fact. I agree that it's a pain in the ass.

But Madara didn't actually have both halves assume that because Black Zetsu has Kurama, means Madara automatically does so, too. Very wrong.

So much wrong... I look forward to seeing your point of view to the ending chapters. The salt will be delicious!
AJGuardian chapter 137 . 10/14
About what you said in your Author's Note. A lot of stuff has happened without context or explanation.

You wrote this before the manga was finished. So of course some things wont make sense in hindsight.
Guest chapter 151 . 10/11
Been a while since I commented I thought he was going to put a discontinued on the story. Nothing to say other than yeah I heard about some things in baruto apparently naruto became a horrible father I'm pretty sure he's worse then mines.
AJGuardian chapter 126 . 10/13
Plot no Jutsu, that is all explanation we need.
AJGuardian chapter 122 . 10/13
...oh, god. "Tobi" doing his thing in Konoha instead of that motel/inn place from the manga...hheheeeeheheheheh. Okay.
advice chapter 1 . 10/11
Don't have your characters state the obvious
LoudSTS431 chapter 151 . 10/11
Great to see your back. Kishimoto made Naruto a horrible father.
Omnipotent97 chapter 151 . 10/11
I share your thoughts about the ending. We don't even know what happens in the end, whether naruto becomes a noun in or not or even why the traitors were forgiven.
ClothesOptional chapter 7 . 10/10
I want to know if it gets better... it has so many reviews it MUST be somewhat good... but these beginning chapters are sooooooooooooooo bad holy christ.
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