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Guest chapter 46 . 5/3
What happens to Tayuya?
PugTheMagician chapter 122 . 5/4
i liked the creation of naruto's sword but i have to ask, is he actually going to take up kenjutsu now or not because otherwise i guess it would be better to give to akimi. i did find orocimaru's pet experiments abilities to be pretty cool. i especially like the way that you had orochimaru circumvent naruto's human path by sealing its soul within itself. i like how the fight with orochimaru went as well as how naruto found out about pein and danzo's file. i liked how fuu's fight went against hiruko, it kind of emphasised that she relies on the nanabi too much in her fights so far, especially how that aburame sacrificed himself to stop her berserker mini bijudama from killing anyone else. i thought the way that you had zabuza's dead body continue to try to kill kisame after death was just all levels of bad ass right there. i also think asumas fight against konan was pretty good too, especially how you had her have pieces of a seal on her pieces of paper as a mobile seal trap. i loved the rasen tensei attack, that was soooo much more awesome than any gravity rasengan i could think of. now i just have to figure out what a doton one would be like, a portable earthquake/avalanche? i like how you had naruto and nagato use the human path on eachother as a way to truly understand eachother. i think my favorite in the last 30 chaps though are the raikage fight and the training naruto did to best accept his darker side. it was all kinds of bad ass to see naruto stop playing around with his opponents and actually destroy the raikage in a fight. i hope he stays like that because if madara ends up reincarnated in this story he is gonna need it. i thought your version of the test naruto went under was much better than the canon version. the scratched out eyes in the engravings was a nice touch. i also like how you forced naruto to see what would have happened to his friends and family if he had chosen to forgive the kumo ninja rather than kill them as he had. i love how you had akimi be able to meet naruto's parents, that was a nice touch. i also think it was good that you made naruto use his human path on his own parents and his sadness afterwards because as he said, it was as if he was killing them himself. i wonder, am i about to see your own version of RTN next chapter?
Wawv chapter 72 . 5/2
Wow Itachi really does trust Naruto with his life, letting himself be killed just to demonstrate the resurection jutsu...
Guest chapter 150 . 4/29
It took me two weeks to read and I'm glad that the size didn't scare me off. I was afraid that you had made Naruto too strong but nice save with Madara. Kudos for Bee's dialogue, those rhymes must be hard to come up with. I really like your OC Akimi and her development. My one problem with this story is the few grammar and spelling mistakes. For example in one chapter you said something like Kisame removed the bandages from Kisame when you should have said Samehada. Overall, though amazing story. Thanks for writing!
Tengoku no Arashi chapter 132 . 4/30
Actually, if you take the time dilation into account, they would be in the jutsu for something around 20,000 years...
hi chapter 30 . 4/28
A true review chapter 100 . 4/27
I've read I lot of fanfics but this is one of the best I will continue to read your work
Akaryu no Ikari 5212 chapter 150 . 4/28
First thing's first, I don't think I've ever read a Fanfiction this long. Took me a week to catch up from the start. Man you sure do have some serious motivation to write.

As for the story, I can't point out any flaws. Everything is perfectly logical although Naruto was a little overpowered at the start but Madara's arrival amended that. To be honest, your story gave me inspiration for my own work.

I can't really criticise you on anything. I suppose the only thing I can say is that I'll be waiting for the next chapter.
Guest chapter 4 . 4/26
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RyuuKirigaya chapter 1 . 4/28
Great writing style
iamsixpaths chapter 1 . 4/26
U should make a twist where naruto dumps akimi and tells fĂș to leave him alone. It would be funny
PugTheMagician chapter 90 . 4/28
first off, your lemon scenes are very good so far. decent amount of foreplay (some writers seem to forget about that), not over the top hundred orgasm sex marathons (thank god) and actually having emotion to them. onto the three tails arc. i honestly think you had naruto get over his first defeat too quickly for character development, but it also showed just how mature he is. i liked that little tidbit about the rinnigans powers growing the older it is, that coupled with the uzumaki longevity is quite formidable without being unbeatable in the younger years. i also like how you had akimi realise her need for stronger jutsu when fighting against hiruko and her undertaking elemental training with naruto. i thought it good that you made elemental training at least somewhat difficult for naruto. thought the rasentsunami was a good move. i wonder, since you called them naruto's elemental rasengans, i wonder what an earth or gravity rasengan would be like? i mean the chibaku tensei seems like a gravity rasengan to me but you might have something different. i like that you had pein take naruto seriously by hiding his naraka path body. i thought it cool how you had orochimaru have a base solely for keeping hard copies of his information on all the elemental nations but i do fin jiraiyas reaction to it strange. sure orochimaru has done horrid things but that room just seemed like a information bank something a spymaster like him should apreciate. i guess it was to do with the DNA samples he took. lastly on that time period i like that you made the sages necklace not only make paths thought activated but also increase their strength to the point of overpowering peins gravity manipulation techniques. now that i think about it, i wonder what woul happen to pein if naruto used his soul removal move on one of his puppets. anyway onto Iwa. i thought the reasons behind the non agression pact were reasonable, considering naruto himself had done nothing to Iwa. i like that it was specified as a truce of sorts, not an alliance. i like that you had naruto use the same teaching etho kakashi used in shippuden to show kurotsuchi her faults rather than instant win. i loved the showcase fight between naruto akatsuchi, kitsuchi and irian. i liked most that they actually made him struggle as before pein it had seemed naruto was getting too OP too soon. i am glad it seems there was just a lack in quality in his opponents instead. i thought your invention of the oogal clan was very good, sort of like a hole clan being able to use that telepathy thingy the allied forces used in the shinobi war. i especially liked how you had the twins using it to creep people out, that's excellent. anyway, i like how irian used it to locate naruto using his clan members. and i absolutely LOVED the fight against jiraiya, that shit was amazing. i especially liked naruto's new jutsu. i especially like that you gave it a crippling weakness, otherwise again it would be too OP. i can't be too specific on my likes of the fight because it was just too much awesome to write about. i did however like that you had naruto win by using his brains rather than a simple my jutsu is stronger than yours type scenario.
Cerulean Knight chapter 150 . 4/27
Oh shit, that could've gone better but it also could've went worse. I wonder how they'll get aid from Nadeshiko though.
Guest chapter 7 . 4/22
Holy ducking hell I just relied when the latest chapter was posted shit! I thought this fic was completed good on you
Cerulean Knight chapter 149 . 4/22
Those last few scense were pretty funny. Gai and Naruto competing and Jiraiya dropping that bomb.
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