Reviews for Nightfall
Kyle37 chapter 142 . 7/7
Good chapter, I like the way you are actively involving Madara rather than leaving him in the back ground for 20 years then bring him in to start a killing spree. Looking forward to seeing what you have planned for Naruto's training and Madara's plans. Also it will be interesting to see where Sasuke fits in to the story this time round. Great work as always. Also I think this is review #5000 so congratulations! Do I get a free Ice cream or something?
Kyle37 chapter 140 . 7/7
One hell of a cliffy, if I was reading this when it was first updated I think I would have cried,
Kyle37 chapter 137 . 7/6
Some messed up shit goes down in the Elemental Nations sometimes.
fanficreader123 chapter 150 . 7/1
Great story plz update
Kyle37 chapter 123 . 7/2
I remember you saying in one of your AN's in a previous chapter that you were thinking about using the RTN movie as a basis for an arc. I am glad that you gave it a shot, looking forward to see how things will change this time around.
Kyle37 chapter 121 . 7/1
Random fight scene was for lack of a better work random, but I cant blame Naruto for wanting to show off a little bit. He worked had for it I think he deserves a break for a chapter or 2. Great work.
Kyle37 chapter 120 . 7/1
Great chapter here, the showdown was done fairly well. Looking forward to seeing how things move from here on out.
Kyle37 chapter 119 . 7/1
Even though I was prepared for this cliffhanger at the end it didn't change anything.
Kyle37 chapter 116 . 7/1
It is much more satisfying to see Nagato and Konan get their revenge/justice than Sasuke.
Kyle37 chapter 114 . 7/1
I really hope that Danzo does not escape and finally gets what it coming, but somehow I doubt it.
Kyle37 chapter 113 . 7/1
Nice little moment with Yugito and the younger generation there that I liked, also good to see Neiji in here even if it just for a few lines.
Kyle37 chapter 112 . 7/1
Great chapter this one, I had been wondering about Naruto's reasons for not fighting seriously myself.
ahd chapter 150 . 6/26
Wr is 151?
Guest chapter 150 . 6/22
New chapter plz it's really good
Kyle37 chapter 50 . 6/16
So far this the first chapter I have reviewed and overall I have to say this story so far is amazing. Cant wait to keep reading, great work.
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