Reviews for Nightfall
QueenOfShades chapter 155 . 2/5
waiting for next chapter
Dante siegfried chapter 1 . 2/5
Dante siegfried chapter 1 . 2/5
Many Faced Mage chapter 155 . 2/4
And the Face of Today is? Ninja dragon!

It was nice seeing Garra talk to his mother. Now the team is going strong soon the final battle will start. Hopefully they can win.
troutman30 chapter 155 . 2/4
It helps to humanize her, most writers ignore her and focus on the mad monk or just work with Shukaku. Good job!
naruto chapter 155 . 2/1
great chapter keep it up
shapeshifter340 chapter 155 . 2/1
Really great story looking forward to more chapters
WindyCitySlayer1 chapter 155 . 2/3
Awesome chapter
Can’t wait for more
Please continue
Chrisfragger chapter 155 . 2/2
I think you did well with Gaara's mother... It was a very emotional scene.
Meow382 chapter 155 . 2/2
I am glad that there is finally some Closure for Fu in this chapter and the last one. I am glad you are updating this again.

I do have a suggestion for a future plot device you could use that I thought would work well with this story in particular. Part of the uses of the Edo Tensei was to tie up powerful ninjas in battles that were personal to them. And to hopefully make them lose focus and such.

Like Hiashi Hyuuga vs his brother, and the Ino-shika-cho team fighting their dead sensei Asuma for example. Had Tsunade not had to fight Madara her fighting Dan would have been possible as well. Some of the members of the group you put together would be targeted by that easily. Kabuto is evil and heartless enough to pull out all the stops to put Jiraiya's group through as much emotional pain as possible. Like for example Zabuza fighting his dead team mates from the 7 swordsmen. Raising Haku's mother to fight against Haku.

Itachi was the hard one to think of. But the recent novels and the anime (novel was better in my opinion) gave the perfect person someone would use to make even a ninja like Itachi get emotional. His lover Izumi Uchiha the only Uchiha that night killed by one of Itachi's genjutsus. The first person killed by Itachi that night. The woman that he put his all into making her last moments alive happy ones. As he made her think that she had lived her entire life with him in an instance. Even someone like Itachi would have a hard time fighting against that.
Lorien Legacy chapter 155 . 2/2
nice chapter
KHARAKI TAKAN chapter 155 . 2/2
You wrote 'Gaara was froven', instead of "frozen".

That was awesome how you brought Gaara's mother into play.

Great chapter.
RunDownLord chapter 155 . 2/2
RunDownLord chapter 154 . 2/2
this is the first fan fiction that I ever favourited and one of the first I ever read. Nice chapter and I love that its been updated!
Just one thing and thats the flash back... I don't think it was necessary but I guess it was interesting to re read someone I read years ago ;)
AJGuardian chapter 155 . 2/2
Tanuki raccoon dog. Not raccoon. They are different.
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