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KHARAKI TAKAN chapter 150 . 4/21
Madara/Tobi/Zetsu appears before Jiraiya like that and kills him. Haha, first thing I thought of while Jiraiya was tied up like that. Would have added Sasuke but just can't see that.

Interesting history with Hayate on Nadeshiko Village.

Ooh Sasuke and Madara sparring. More like Madara beating Sasuke into the ground.

Haha I found that hilarious confiscate the Yin/Yang ability.

Haha poor Tenzo.

Haha awesome Naruto and Kurama thinking the same thing.

Nice chapter.
IamZerokun chapter 150 . 4/21
I've read the entirety of the work so far, and I must say, I am impressed. That being said, my one critique is that there seems to be sooo much filler! The kidnapping shinobi storyline, plus the land of kuniochi arc doesn't seem relevant. Don't get me wrong, I'm enjoying it. Its just... I don't see how it matters. In the war, there will only be around twenty to forty named characters mentioned, and you have at least fifteen of those already. It would be easier on you, and your audience when reading to add to the author notes a little note about what arc it is. For example, the anomalies, would be part of calm before the war arc. It would make the organization easier, and it would also allow a person to skim. I know that word is sketchy. By skim I mean, quickly read thru to see if anything happens that seems important. At the end of an arc, summarize what happened. For example, the Invasion of Akasuki. "With Pein defeated, Tobi's plans must be modified. " this sums up the arc, and then sets up the next. Just an idea.
PugTheMagician chapter 62 . 4/20
the kumo attack arc was very entertaining but it does raise my worries that you might have made naruto too OP too soon. then again when you have the akatsuki as strong as they are that's to be expected. i just hope for longer death battles between him and his opponents. i really like how you had naruto and akimi become a couple especially the little back story it was pretty cool in my opinion. i thought the reason assasins couldn't get to the mizukage because of automated weaponised water fountains was pretty inventive, kudos for that. i think itachis new doujutsu is pretty cool, especially the tsukuyomi becoming so realistic. i wonder whether naruto would be able to realise he was in it with the whole uperior doujutsu thing. and for that matter, i wonder if his really is a superior doujutsu or more on equal terms now. i think your backstory for kakazu was great, i really enjoyed reading it since he was my favorite akatsuki member.
gregford117 chapter 150 . 4/20
Entertaining chapter. Looking forward to the next

Update soon please
R1pp3R chapter 150 . 4/20
Cliffhangers? I freakin' hate em' : !
Many Faced Mage chapter 150 . 4/20
And the Face Of Today is? Ninja dragon!

Well this is a fine mess they are in. Also they made the mistake of making Naruto mad. Things are about to go nuts. I would take cover. That is all for now and I wish you well.
Battle neurosis chapter 150 . 4/20
You ended the chapter to such a cliffhanger! !
Skelo chapter 150 . 4/19
Dude do a universal pull choke slam and causes the ground to crack. That will always be one of the most bad ass scenes with Pein. More!
Tempestuous God of Valour-77 chapter 150 . 4/19
Nice chapter.
roboguy45 chapter 150 . 4/19
LOL Naruto plays by nobody's rule but his.
Chrisfragger chapter 150 . 4/19
Poor Poor Shizuka, You haven't a snow flakes chance in hell...

Though I think herded was a more appropriate word then hoarded.
Omnipotent Anomaly chapter 150 . 4/19
ending right before the fight, you literally might aswell kick my nuts... actually, don't do that, even though they feel the same
Shikoi the God of Death chapter 150 . 4/19
Use Rinne Tensei on the lover. Sagiri was his name, wasn't it...? Using life force of a Biju instead of his own is quite... A good thing for Naruto...
SkyRage chapter 150 . 4/19
I'm pretty sure I saw this in the last chapter but I didn't say anything because I thought it was just a typo. You do realize it's "Maito Gai" not "Miteo Gai", right?
Sakurada Kiritsugu chapter 150 . 4/19
Those Nadeshiko are gonna freak seeing how untouchable Naruto is.
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