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scrapalicious chapter 11 . 3/13/2012
Bella's rambling was priceless. It so reminded me of someone dear to my heart (hint, hint). Don't get all the song references but it doesn't stop me from loving this story. I do hope there isn't a long wait...even though I know what's distracting you. Hurry back. Smooches, Scrappy
thricecursed chapter 11 . 3/13/2012
Squeeeeeeede when the phone rang! Perfectly planned ringtone :) This was an excellent chapter. The JK jokes were brilliant btw. I adore your Angela, too! 3 3 xc
thricecursed chapter 10 . 3/13/2012
Great day at the swan residence, eh? It makes terrific reading anyway! :) xc
thricecursed chapter 9 . 3/12/2012
Hehe I've read this chapter a couple times now and still giggle at what a nob Mike is..flick your pea ;) phahaha This chapter was just pure fun and I love it so! 3
Vampgirl79 chapter 11 . 3/10/2012
Oh my gosh, when I got the email for this update I almost squealed, hee. I missed this story so much! As always I love, it, f-ing love it. You ladies rock my socks! Damn what a great chappie! Poor Bella i sweat that poor girl just cant catch a break. She cracks me the hell up too with her cranky self, hee. I loved her visit with Ang. Ang kicks ass. I would love to have a bff like her. Shes real and honest, loving too. Plus has a great sense of humor, she has to be my fav Angela in all of the ff is read, hands down, love her! I am glad Bella had a chance to talk to her, get all things out in the open. I am not surprised Bella finally realized shes in love with Edward. I cant blame her one bit either for being worried he may not feel that strongly about her. I mean with his rep and all. I will

get more to that in a sec. I thought all the texts hes sent her were so sweet! Anyhow, as always too I enjoyed Bella Charlie's interaction, they crack me up Charlie is hilarious in this fic! Typical, man/father too, not wanting to really deal with a daughters troubles, especially if it has to do with a guy, haa. Oh so I had a feeling Edward would finally call esp after the last text Bella sent. Oh my gosh, damn, so it seems Carlisle is keeping Edward from seeing and talking to Bella, why? I dont get the big deal with them dating? And oh it seems Edward has very deep feelings for her too, woo hoo! I am getting so worried here though. I have a bad feeling about all this. I feel for Bella. Awesome chappie hun! Love it, cant wait for the next, xoxo
AstridGreenEyes chapter 11 . 3/10/2012
I love it great chapter!

BTW great song!

Thanks for the update. :D


Vampgirl79 chapter 10 . 2/22/2012
Ladies! First of all I have to say how happy I was to see an update! I missed this story tons :) Okay, now on to reviewing. Oh boy it seems that Carlisle let things slide about his knowledge regarding E & B. But how embarrassing for poor Bella, *sigh* That poor girl cant catch a break! And hmm about Carlisle's warning I guess he even knows how much of a player his son is and how he breaks girls hearts. Too bad Bella didn't get this warning sooner :( I loved Ang picking on Mike and kicking his stupid butt for being such an ass. Here is my fav line! "Sorry, Mike. It's that damn twitch again. You know it flares up when I'm around stupid people." That was funny as hell and thats why your Ang is nomin in the Sunflower awards, i love your Ang she is so funny and a great friend to Bella! I really loved this line too, made me lmao, "Jess, shut the hell up before I stab you with my spork," Too hilarious! And just when things couldn't get any funnier they do. I really enjoyed Bella and Charlie's interaction, Charlie cracked me up with his quoting the Faculty. I love that movie btw. Oh poor Bella I had a feeling that when she texted Edward he wouldn't text her back. Oh man what a freakin jerk :( She was having a shitty ass day with the truck, then her foot getting cut and Edward not replying back. I am trying to hold on to this glimmer of hope that maybe he got busy or something happened. Oh man does he have explaining to do! Oh and I lmao again when Charlie said, "Go take a happy pill or something." Too great girls! Anyhow really good chappie as always, though I wish Edward was in it. I have a feeling a lot of things will happen in the next chap. LOVE this story so much, excited for the next update! xoxox
AstridGreenEyes chapter 10 . 2/22/2012

An update! Yay!

Good chapter, poor Bella her day off it wasn't that great I hope things get better for her.



P.S. Good luck at the Sunflower Awards!
TantalizingTwilightFan chapter 9 . 1/6/2012
I'm dying to know what Carlisle says!

I love this story so much!
TantalizingTwilightFan chapter 8 . 1/6/2012
Ooh Edward almost makes me weak at the knees like he does Bella!

Fabulous as always!

scrapalicious chapter 9 . 1/1/2012
I so loved this chap. A little romance. A lot of attitude...but the ending my oh my, that's just wrong. I felt the cringe through me. I'm not feeling James/Mike though they straight annoy me. I do hope you don't bring them back to haunt me. You know what I want...but I'll be patient. Smooches, Scrappy
OCDE chapter 3 . 12/30/2011
Confident motherfucker. Lol.
Vampgirl79 chapter 9 . 12/30/2011
Oh my gosh ladies! First of all I was so happy to see a chappie ;) I so love this story and I missed it! Second what a great chappie ;) I loved how the staff all hung out before going around the park and they shared stories about Edward as a kid. Too funny. James sound creepy for sure but thats not surprising, haa. I thought Bella's reactions to Edward holding her hand and giving her pda was a trip. So funny! I was really shocked that he was all mushy with her in front of everyone. I thought it was so very sweet. I wonder has Edward turned over a new leaf? No more being a player? I really think hes truly into Bella. I hope so anyway and that is all for real! I loved Angela's comment to Edward after the first ride they went on ended, that was hilarious! Hmm so its obvious Alice knows whats going on with Bella and Edward. I am sure everyone gets it by now, lol. I really loved the bumper car scene that was freakin funny. I swear i really felt like i was right here with them. I enjoyed that a lot. Thats why i adore this story. I love amusement rides and games its so fun! Again i cracked up when Alice and Edward caught Bella watching them. I thought that was priceless, haa. Poor Bela can never catch a break. I laughed hard again regarding Bellas thoughts about the roller-coaster. I feel the same way. I am so not into them at all either, lol. I am too chicken! God that was so sexy the way Edward sat behind Bella while she was watching the coaster ride and what he whispered to ear and was all touchy feely. I loved it! Bella says, "You dont own me" Edward's response, "Not yet." God that was hot, hee. And i really freakin laughed when Edward tells her he wants to hold her and she says, you have to catch me. What was that about? I think the girl is so confused. Poor thing she is really into him, wants him but yet she tried to keep him at arms length and is scared of him. In a way i cant blame her. Then i really thought it was sweet the way they embraced each other, aww. Hmm i wonder what that was about Edward going to the office. And I swear Mike is such a ahole douchebag seriously. I mean how nasty was that, what he said to Bella/ Hes a freakin ass! I cant believe he got Bella to admit that way aloud like that. I felt so bad for her. Like no joke i was blushing along with her. Poor girl, *shakes head* Then Carlisle hears it all. Oh man, how come i have a little bad feeling about it all? You left us at a cliffie noo, lol. Again loved the chappie and cant wait for more! xoxo
AstridGreenEyes chapter 8 . 12/22/2011

This is a great story, please update soon.


scrapalicious chapter 2 . 12/11/2011
I love the unique vocab of Bella. And a pervy Carlisle...what's not to like!

Getting greeted by Victoria, Jessica and Mike, that's a triple whammy. Well handled Bella.

I feel for Bella though...Kiddie rides that's just wrong. Smooches, Scrappy
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