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wtchcool chapter 17 . 3/26/2012
Hey, it's up! :) You're quite welcome, IA.

'Tsk, tsk. That's not candy, Peter! Poor guy, must've been scared half to death when he figured out the Cape's identity. I'm surprised he paid any mind to the stock prices at all (especially if he could just buy back the shares...)

You mean they're not putting the kid's illegal operations in trust, too? Lol. Oh well. I guess Scales'll manage somehow.

AW. :D Deveraux and Peter living together in England, how perfect!

Well, Dana couldn't kill him in front of all those witnesses, obviously. She's smarter than that. Lol.

Oh Travis. You just don't have a chance in hell of getting together with Dana in our fics.

Oy. *winces* Assassination attempts? No wonder he moved to England. Poor guy does have a lot of enemies, doesn't he?

And you said Scales' answer to everything was violence? What about Rollo? *sighs* I suppose it got the desired result, though...

Scales saved Vince? Ouch. Forget Peter, Vince is the one who is going to need therapy.

And Dominic Philips became a soccer player, huh? *snickers* I suppose that makes sense. :)

Well, of course everyone didn't get what they deserved. I wouldn't want Peter to get what he deserves, would you?

Great story and lovely ending! Give yourself a pat on the back.
Gotham Siren chapter 17 . 3/26/2012
Really? It's over with? *is very sad*

Well, I guess all's well that ends well. I like how Scales had a chance to get a better childhood; he did deserve that. :)

And I suppose Orwell's happy too, and Vince.

Lovely way to end the story! I really enjoyed sticking around with you. After all, what are best friends for? :)

Gotham Siren chapter 16 . 3/22/2012
Yay! Another update! But it's the last before the epi... *is sad*

Very good opening. I thought that Philips and Vince were frogs too, lmao! Hey, I would kiss a Vince!frog if he would turn to a prince! ;)

Haha, Deveraux got a new main squeeze! xD

And Fleming is pretty screwed, no pun intended with that one.

Looking forward to the epilogue!

wtchcool chapter 16 . 3/21/2012
Go Deveraux! :D

*sighs* "The Cape" may not be a very creative moniker, but I'm sure Vince would prefer it to "red eye tree frog man". I do hope Deveraux is just disappointed because he wasted his time trying to figure out which was Vince.

Aww. Deveraux/Peter is epic. :) (Even if they're both nuts...)

Well, of course that would disappoint Peter. He thought Deveraux was blowing him off after sex; totally not cool.

Alas, poor, he should've seen that coming. Pity that Peter had to get his hands dirty, though.

Fleming doesn't know the Jackals. What did Peter do? ...Ah, never mind.

Hey! Who is Philips calling an asshole? *grumbles* Vince could've dropped him off a higher bridge...

*stares at the kids on the sofa* Um, that's cute and all, but I hope it's just a phase they're going to grow out of and not portents of a future pairing.

Lovely chapter.
Gotham Siren chapter 15 . 2/28/2012
Yay! It's an update!

Really enjoyed this chapter. Loved Philips' and Vince's interactions, Max's annoyance, Deveraux's mindless flirting, and definitely Trip and Nicky playing. :)

Somehow, I doubt Max is wrong about Deveraux winding up in Fleming's bed. Woo, that would be insane.

And, hmm, Philips and Vince refusing to go on with the game? I think that they'll both be turned into frogs and *then* some.

Looking forward to more!

wtchcool chapter 15 . 2/28/2012
*sighs* So it's not so much that Deveraux and Max don't like mortals getting killed, so much as they want to keep their secret. I shouldn't be surprised.

*Gasps* You ended the ARK Towers scene there? Just when the fun was going to start? :( Now that is evil.

Seriously? Philips thinks they can hide for five years and then it'll be okay? *smacks forehead* He doesn't really understand the concept of immortality, does he?

And apparently neither does Vince. Guess they'll make good friends, after all.

Hard to say which friendship is weirder, that, or the one between Trip and baby!Scales... but I think it's the latter. *stares at them*

And Ruvi is always a jerk, isn't he?

Now honestly, how can they compete if they're frogs? And how can Max interrupt Deveraux while he's busy at ARK Towers? (Btw, "into Fleming's good graces": That a euphemism now? Lol.)

You would have to leave us wanting more when you know RL is going to slow down the updates. *sighs* Oh well. Frustration of being left hanging aside, it's very good. :D
Belladonna4 chapter 15 . 2/28/2012
I love the interaction between Nicky and Trip, it's just so much fun and so sweet!

Slightly worried about therepercussions that Vince & Phillips will face tho', this will get interesting ;D

Great work, as always, but I must ask one more time... PLEASE can I take mini-Dominic home with me? I'll take really good care of him, honest!
wtchcool chapter 14 . 2/19/2012
Hmm. See, FFN cooperates for you. It's me it doesn't like.

Why does the chapter title sound familiar...? ;)

Aw. It's so cute when Deveraux is being maternal, albeit probably frightening to whoever he thinks is threatening the kids...

And I love it when Deveraux schemes. :D

OMG, poor Jamie! *crosses fingers* Hope she doesn't wind up with MPD.

Oh. New OC. Interesting.

And flemingcest makes its appearance, or hints of past flemingcest. Glad Chess put a stop to it. Probably for the best that Peter hasn't figured out why the psycho made that particular threat.

No, no, no. Chess has it wrong. He's a walking corpse in OWAT, not in TA.

Lol. I also happen to love Chess' insight. :D Yes, Peter, Chess does have a point. Listen to him!

Aw. Peter gets to see his daughter again; and he doesn't even have to become Vince to do it. :)

Peter's eyes? He meant, like, in terms of shape, right? 'Cause the color is totally different.

Totally rad chapter. It appears Philips is under the impression that the gun can be used to kill Deveraux. He doesn't know Deveraux very well, does he?

(You never know. Parents can be very cruel.) Hmm. But at least the movie was good for gazing at the actor... :)
Gotham Siren chapter 14 . 2/19/2012
Great chapter, hun!

Phillips, you better be nice to Vince! *shields Vince from the rifle*

Poor Orwell, too. She needs some hugs. I'm sure pregnant!Orwell and your Orwell can testify to some of the same bad luck.

Deveraux is still very interesting. I really like him as a character. He's unique and puts on one hell of a show.

Chess is amazing and snarky as ever. Him and his perverted thoughts. *snickers*

I really enjoyed this chapter, and I can't wait to read the next!

Gotham Siren chapter 13 . 2/11/2012
Well, Deveraux is a mystery himself; I don't think anything he mentions is supposed to make a lick of sense, anyway.

Very good chapter, all in all!

I believe Vince needs to have more patience with little Dominic. (If he really wants to, he can come babysit the twins sometime after they're born. That'll really give him a headache! Or better yet, sick the terrible trio on him; maybe the dynamic duo?)

Poor Dominic, too. *huggles him*

I liked the ending of this. Hmm.. I wonder what kind of game will go on between Jacob and Vince. Color me intrigued!

Can't wait for more. (By the by, the very last line? Epic.)

wtchcool chapter 13 . 2/11/2012
Good for you, Philips! Don't let yourself die intestate!

Dear god, you even managed to make Vince feel sorry for Scales. *stares at you* McClintock really is asking for it.

Lol. Wait, Vincent's way of turning out to be magical wouldn't happen to be his surprisingly thick skull, would it?

*sighs* Oh well. Maybe if Max didn't drink all the time, he'd have remembered that faster. Mind you, he was trying to do Deveraux a favor... (or maybe not. My money would be on Vince over baby!Scales, but that's a moot point if Vince is playing surrogate father to the kid).

Well, I already know where Sir Gregory came from, although I suppose you might want to share that info with the rest of the readers at some point.

Lovely chapter.
Gotham Siren chapter 12 . 2/1/2012
What's this? An update! Yay me! (And I'm really sorry for doing this so gosh darn late! *headdesk* Stupid current events.)

And huh-oh? What do we have here, plot twists? *nods* I likie! :P

Poor Dana, though. And *takes a deep breath* even though I'm not a Dana/Vince shipper, Vince worrying about Dana was sweet. Still no shippy, though. *huggles Vinwell plushies*

I really like the interactions between Trip and Dominic. It's really nice to see the two of them getting along so well. Those two need all the friends they can get. *hugs them both*

Deveraux is awesome as ever, even though he didn't flirt with Vince this time around. :P

Curious as to what will happen next!

Wonderful work, sweetie.

wtchcool chapter 12 . 2/1/2012
Yay it's up!

Real life did what?

No, Trip. The kid's going to be stuck with that accent forever.

Why was Vince feeling guilty?

Well, I would want to know more about the previous contests, but thanks to you I get the demon reference.

Ah, the scenes with Deveraux are so touching. :)

Lovely chapter, overall. (Philips is the proxy, huh? What sparked that?)
wtchcool chapter 11 . 1/20/2012
Couldn't there be some happy medium between them becoming friends and them killing each other? What the hell kind of an influence would baby!Scales be on Trip?

Sweet lord. Dominic thinks the Cape would have a ten-year old sidekick? Where would he get that dumb idea? *remembers Batman and Robin* ...Well, fortunately, Trip's mother is still very much alive and would chop her husband into little pieces if he thought about that.

Speaking of Dana, I do hope Trip's fear about his parents getting divorced was just speculation. I know she's furious (or would be if she was awake), but she doesn't need to be too hasty, right? (Especially since there's not going to be Pence in this fic.)

Motorcycle: cool; tights: weird, huh? Glad we got that straight, lol. And yet the tights didn't seem weird before Trip knew who was wearing them.

I can't believe ARK kicked Vince out of his cave. First Orwell loses her place and now this? Hideouts don't grow on trees, damn it!

So overall, awesome chapter. :) (If it was bad, would I really have sent it back to you for posting?)
Gotham Siren chapter 11 . 1/20/2012
Well let's hope that Trip and Dominic become friends. The both of them seriously need some.

On a second note: Vince, move in with Orwell for the time being. Woo, won't that be fun?

Onto the actual constructiveness of this review thingy:

I really liked this chapter. Nice flow of events and wonderful plot. :)

(Is Raia looking sad at kid!Scales an allusion for April Fish? :))

I really don't know what else to say about this chapter, everything was great! I can't just pick and choose!

Just leave it at this: I really loved this chapter! And I cannot wait for more.

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