Reviews for The Blba Tree
Keewok chapter 1 . 9/29/2011
While this provides a backdrop quite different to the one I might have envisioned for my own "version" of the exile and his (in my "version"/playthrough, heh)story, or I should say history, with the jedi masters, it definitely paints a very interesting picture of the times of turmoil leading up to Revan's legend. And I'm not very familiar with Mical as a character (I know he was playable, but I never really 'went' for him) but I will admit I'm compelled to go back to the source material (the game, heh) and explore that seemingly unique relationship for myself.

The details of the ever-growing discontent were well placed without taking center place, which I thought was expertly done, considering that, jedi or not, this is a bumbling awkward teenager we're seeing the world through.

And now I am reminded that TOR doesn't come out for another 3 months...damn.