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InternetMyLobotomy chapter 17 . 2/7/2020
Which causes more damage to the human psyche: killing, or being killed?
A classic question but explored through the eyes of a child. Kyle's unique take on this psychological dilemma borders the genius. Few authors understand, at a deep level, the human condition. Few men at all, in fact. How adult one must be to understand a child! And Kyle does just that, writing characters who act and think in plausibly childish ways. How then to progress the very adult ideas of Let Me In? As Kyle says in the postscript, Alverez provides the adult intellect necessary to propel children's minds into adult conclusions. And how satisfying the conclusion Owen reaches! Heart-rending, but Right. Owen joining Abby in a life of suffering and misery and despair could never heal the infinite hurt of taking a life. Adding death to a heaping pile of gore won't clean the ground. I see remarkable selfishness in Abby. She will never make him a vampire. She would never inflict the life of a murderer on the man she loves. But actually, she will. She's only interested in one murder however: her own. How good a thing it is that humans don't live as long as Abby did. I think I'd be suicidal too.
kurumiikari chapter 1 . 8/19/2019
Movie leaves so many unanswered questions. So really like this fic beginning right after ending.
Guest chapter 1 . 3/25/2019
very moving i felt what Owen was going through
Akuma the Puma chapter 17 . 2/8/2019
Let me in 3
Spartan Altego chapter 17 . 1/12/2019
I’ve come back to this tale time and again over the years, but only recently did it occur to me that I’d neglected to share any kind of feedback. That’s rather rude, given your work inspired me to submit my own bit of fan fiction to the LMI/LtROI pool on “We, the Infected.” So here I am to rectify that.

Something that many fanworks within this sphere typically neglect is the urgency and tension of living a life in hiding, an element present in all versions of the original LtROI narrative: this can only be intensified after the dramatic events at a school location in which several children were violently torn apart and another kidnapped. Throughout the story you consistently maintain that one slip, one mistake too far, can bring the law thundering down on our protagonists, and start off strong with the first chapter being Alvirez-centric and shortly thereafter leading Owen to confinement. Stability is fleeting, but present enough to let readers catch their breath before resuming forward momentum. Good work. Sometimes I criticize authors (myself included) for making it so obvious when a character is meant to be their direct messenger. I probably ought to here, but Alvirez is pretty fun, so I don’t think that’s worth a mark against you.

There’s a lot to be said for your treatment of Abby, too, which does some marvelous work taking the film’s sparse hand-outs and Moretz’s strong presence to create a character distinct from the other Eli/Elias portrayals, down to the differing nature of her vampirism, mannerisms, and especially the parts of her history shared via dialogue and visions. She’s charming, frustrating, frightening, and pitiable without remaining locked in a single state. Let Me In did well showing why Owen would leave with her - your sequel gives some good reasons why he would stay with her.

Owen, unfortunately, is the weaker of the three leads despite having the most focus and narrative importance. A lot of the insight into this rendition of Abby comes from Owen absorbing the lessons given to him by Alvirez and applying them to his relationship with her. The problem, however, is that Owen is 14 - even with all the pains taken to accelerate him into something approaching maturity there is just too much disbelief to be suspended when he’s making some incredible insights and showing more social awareness of his partner than people twice his age. He doesn’t feel all that much like the boy depicted in film, even from the beginning, and I don’t buy that juvenile would accelerate a growth to pseudo-maturity so much as stunt it. It’s not always over the top, fortunately, as Owen does make a fair bit of missteps in his management of Abby’s emotional needs. Just enough to make his other successes a bit more tolerable. He fails to see Lisa’s warning signs and pays for it with her suicide, then has a very self-centered reaction to it. So he’s at least shown as being capable of mistakes and even exhibits some negative personality traits to compensate for what could otherwise be a “fix-it sue” character.

But seriously, though. I don’t think you understand how hard I laughed when you presented the image of Owen Wheeler whipping out a shotgun and going “I’ve got buckshot, bitch.” It’s so absurd as to be hilarious. But still, not quite enough to turn me off the character since thankfully the New York arc (which is without a doubt the weakest series of chapters) comes to a close and with it such shenanigans. I love laughing when I read a story, but not if I don’t think the author didn’t intend for it.

And at the end of the day, the “solution” he discovers to the problem of Abby’s unwellness costs him dearly. It’s much easier to accept that than if he’d found the silver bullet to cure centuries of malaise. Which leads into my next observation: your ending is quite strong as well as definitive, which is very fortunate because it could’ve easily invalidated the entire effort of participating emotionally in the events otherwise (looking at you, “Traversing the Needle’s Eye”). It’s sharply bitter with the primary comfort being the hope that Abby indeed got what she wanted, the knowledge that she’ll be responsible for no further deaths, Owen’s ability to actually have a human existence rather than scurrying in the dark with her. It hurts because you made the reader care about the Abby and Owen you gave in your writing, not just relying on the goodwill of the film, and it says a lot that I can’t think of a happier ending that wouldn’t feel cheap or gilded. And, honestly, fanfiction is overrun with indulgence pieces that sacrifice credibility for surface joy without understanding that the sacrifice undercuts their intended effect. If you can’t write a joyous end that I can buy, it’s better to write a bittersweet or tragic end I can believe. Another reason I keep coming back.

Great work, LK. I’m not quite a fan of Constance, but I’ll definitely read more of her tale if you should ever return to it. You have a talent for this setting and that’s exceptionally precious when the pickings are so slim. May you continue with confidence and vigor in your work.

Jesseblackhawk chapter 1 . 10/13/2018
because of you I'm gonna be sad all day.
still. a really well done story though.
BelliceOTP chapter 17 . 10/11/2018
Sweet on the deleted scene. But why cut it? So get what you say was happening in the movie what she was wanting. have to put it on youtube
Anomaly chapter 17 . 7/24/2018
Man, that ending made me sad. But nevertheless, it was a very good story. Hollywood worthy. You should send this to Hollywood and see if they could make it happen. Although, they'd have to use different actors now.
Marco chapter 17 . 5/12/2018
Thanks this was good tear jerker, hope to read more stories like this.
Notsae chapter 17 . 4/1/2018
Hmm, well written. While I do not like tragedies, and can't say I agree with Owen's decision, I do think this was quite good. Personally I would have preferred a happier ending, Owen getting turned (perhaps even Chuck in the process of killing Lucy) and a lovely little "Happily ever after" ending; but I understand that not every story is happy and tragedy has it's place. This was a well made cup of tea, just not the kind I like.
Arniox chapter 1 . 2/22/2018
I don't really know what to feel about this story...
I'm posting from 23/03/2018
Long story: I watched Kick-ass and absolutely loved it, I found out about kick-ass 2 and watched and absolutely loved Chloe Grace Moretz in it so I started watching all her movies (some of them). After watching Carrie (which I loved as well) I watched Let me In...
Probably both the best and worst choice I've ever mad. It is beyond my favourite movie of all time and I could not stop thinking about it. I eventually found my way here to this fanfiction, and even though I usually hate fanfictions for ruining things, I gave this story a go...

I could stop there, but there are some qualms I have with this story... I loved the beginning but I honestly didn't like how he was captured and imprisoned. I think either the American prison system was/is way too harsh because at least in my country, at that age, you wouldn't even go to Juvie...
After he was released, the whole Manhattan section was also kinda annoying and I didn't really like it. I wish there was more Abby. After that, for me personally, it was really good, but at the same time, I hated it because I specifically enjoyed 'Let me In' for the childlike romance and this story made it way too adult and real.
By the end of the book, I was enthralled and I enjoyed it mostly, even though I felt at odds with how the story evolved. But the ending... Probably the saddest thing... I won't give spoilers, but I really wish Lee Kyle hadn't done that. He didn't need to do that and it kinda ruined the whole mood of everything. He also didn't need to create the idea that Abby was held back from talking...

But that's all IMO. The book in, of itself, is very, very good. But I personally don't find it follows the movie very well...
Guest chapter 1 . 10/22/2017
Kenny's brother was called Jimmy
enzo90 chapter 17 . 7/16/2017
Great story... unfortunately I skimmed through it quite a lot. Things were predictable, and I didn't necessarily fall in love with it. I was even more upset with the ending.

I don't believe Abby ever wanted to die after she met Owen- here's why:

Abby was initially a very lonely soul. People came and went, and she welcomed their company. The same was for Thomas, who she never truly loved the way he loved her, but she realized she needed company. When she meets Owen, she tells him they can't be friends- for fear that he would end up in the cycle of her past protectors. But as she goes on, and realizes how lonely Owen is- how similar to her he is, she begins to fall in love for him the same as he falls in love with her. Unfortunately, this hurts Thomas, who realizes it and asks her to stop seeing him. She essentially broke Thomas' heart, and she regretted it after he was caught and asked her to kill him. By this point, Abby has become very upset with herself. She doesn't know if she deserves anybody else after this. Nevertheless, she and Owen grow closer.

It isn't until the pool scene, where we see that Owen almost drowns and when she goes back for Owen, that we realize the relationship the two have. The two who once had nothing, now have each other. Thus, Owen is the only likely person she'd want to turn into a vampire. He's the only one who truly understands her as she is. The only one who has found her heart.

It would make sense that despite her regrets over being a vampire, she would become whole with Owen.

We particularly see this in the book "Let The Old Dreams Die"- which contains a short story sequel to "Let the Right One In", the Swedish book/movie version of "Let me In". Oskar (The Swedish version of Owen), becomes a vampire, and the two are chased by police. That is the last we see of them in the short story, but we know that the two are happily together.

It would only make sense for the same to occur with Owen and Abby.

But this is your take on the story, and I actually liked the ending. I guess it's just too depressing for me to really read through the entire thing. Sorry, lol. Hope you understand.
The Captain X chapter 5 . 6/14/2017
Wow just wow that was crazy and I loved every moment of that, this should definitely be movie kudos to your brilliant story so far.
Vincius Muniz chapter 17 . 1/18/2017
I just fell in love with the story of Abby and Owen, it's a shame they have not produced a sequel movie. I know that Owen will continue to age, while Abby will remain forever aged at 12. But how good it would be if the two would love each other completely sentimentally and carnally, that they could make love (sex). I think I'd be content if Abby transformed Owen when he was 17, so they were together forever, despite the difficulties that would have been greatest for them to feed. Beautiful story of the two. I miss you Abby and Owen.
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