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skyler Williams chapter 1 . 8/29
I think that you should write a spin-off of let me in with owen hunting vampires it should be called let me in 3 attacking bloodthieves
Guest chapter 1 . 8/29
For pets sake couldn't you have a happy ending but the rest of the story was okay
skyler chapter 1 . 8/29
Let me in 3
Guest chapter 16 . 8/10
I want to scream and cry and beg for more, for something else, for life and hope and joy. Actually, I *am* screaming. So much beauty and pain. Not a knife but a scalpel. Not a burn but a cauterization. Not a culling but a pruning. I am not what I was, before I read this story. Now I must carry that burden, to be what I was not.
Mikallein chapter 1 . 7/13
The first chapter of any story is arguably the most important as it needs to draw in the reader and hold their attention. Convince them to keep reading. I felt that this chapter did that very well. Here are some of the ways I think it did so.

1 . Realism / Consequences

It is important for any story to play by the rules of the world which it takes place in. Not doing so breaks the immersion of the reader. LMI2 takes place in the 1980's United States, in our world. We know how our world works. Now as emotionally satisfying the pool scene may have been for the viewer and possibly Owen, them simply getting away Scott free is not feasible in our world. When four fully dismembered kids turn up on school property and no one knows anything, there is no way it's not becoming a federal case. Now it would have been fine to make the first chapter about Owen and Abby's train ride,but I feel this serves the story much better. Because of this we have tension and conflict right from the start. This task force is a consequence of actions taken in the movie,and the fact that Abby and Owen have to deal with it makes this story all the more makes the reader feel that it IS our world because it's reacting to the actions of our hero's the SAME way ours would.

2. Alvirez

My favorite newly introduced character in this story. I guess this sorta piggy backs off of the realism I just mentioned, but I feel that Alvirez is very well written for his role. I practically feel that I am reading a detective novel or watching CSI Los Alamos as Alvirez and his partner survey the crime scene. The logical way different methods that the victims could have been killed are discussed and ruled out,plus the creation of the time line shows that Alvirez is capable and up to the task. Which in turn continues to build tension for the reader,because the reader knows that the hero's have been sloppy,and if they are not careful this Alvirez guy and his task force will catch them.

3. Cliffhangers

I generally don't like cliffhangers. However this story uses them quite effectively to help convince you to keep reading. I can't remember if all the chapters end like this, with the final sentence enticing you to read the next chapter, but I feel that they do and like I said it's effective. I guess really that's just good story telling. Perhaps cliffhanger is not even the right word to use. Oh well. The chapters that stick out the most to me for doing this well are chapters 1 and 15. But as I continue my second read through I will no doubt be looking for them in other chapters.

All and all a great start to a great story.
Aang chapter 16 . 7/11
I loved your ending it was so interesting and it kept me coming back for more but i disliked many parts in the story. First off the ending wasn't how i thought the story should have ended i wish she would have turned him so they could live together forever. The story portrayed abby as distant and depressed for the whole thing which i didnt like it would have been better if you portrayed her as she is in the movie and this story should have had a happy ending but instead at the end i was angry at the ending you chose I'm deeply upset with the ending.
Mikallein chapter 15 . 7/6
(I'm new to this site and did not know about the "only one review per chapter rule. Please read this comment after my comment on chapter 16. Ty)

I also wanted to thank you Lee Kyle.

A week ago I did not know that these movies or characters existed. But a youtube video sent me on a Rollercoaster of an adventure that ended with your novel. I feel that your story did just as much if not more to endear these characters to me then the movies did, characters that I will now remember and cherish for the rest of my life.

Also, I would just like to mention, in response to your statement about the fandom dieing's 2015, five years since the movie this is based off of came out, and 4 years since you finished it. And in large part thanks to you, the fandom has a new and permanent member.

Thank you
Mikallein chapter 16 . 7/6
Short review: This is one of the greatest if not THE greatest stories I have ever read. If you are a fan of either versions of the film I think you will love it too.


One week ago, I was perusing through my youtube subscription box. I saw that the channel film theroy had uploaded a video on horror films that dealt with movies that had exceptional skill for conveying horror without showing it necessarily on the screen. I had never heard much less seen any of the three movies that were talked about(horror not generally being my thing) however one of them intrigued me. A 2008 Swedish film by the name of Let The Right One short synopsis that was given in the video, and the brilliant cinematography of the pool scene had me fascinated.I watched it that night and loved every second of before had I wanted so desperately for a movie to continue. I fell asleep that night thinking of what might happen to the characters next.

The next day I found myself still thinking about the film and characters. I showed the pool scene to a friend of mine on you tube. After watching he pointed out to me after looking at the suggested video's that there is apparently an American version of the film as well, made in 2010. I was skeptical at first. I felt that there was almost no way that Hollywood would do the original justice. However, I was still thirsting for more from this amazing story that had gripped me. So that night, I watched Let Me In and was pleasantly surprised and slightly astounded. This was a true remake! While the stores do diverge a fair bit, the remake keeps VERY true to the core of the story . A lot of the scenes were simply re shoots with a different location and actors, but the lines would be the same. The body language and facial expressions of Eli/Abby were just as good in both movies. I decided that I loved both films and now they both inhabit a spot on my top 3 movies of all time list. Just as with the original, I enjoyed every moment of the film,and the ending left me just as hungry for more as the Swedish version had .

On the plane as i drifted in and out of sleep, I found that I was making my own stories for Abby & Owen / Eli & Oskar, making my OWN fan fiction. I decided this had to stop. I had to get these characters out of my system and back to some form of normalcy. So that night, I cracked open my tablet and started reading Let Me In 2, a 16 chapter work of literature that does in fact fall under the category of fan fiction, but I see it as a novel that is FANTASTICLY well in I promised myself that I would read the first paragraph and if it was crap I would stop wasting my time. It was not crap.I binge read the entire thing over the corse of roughly twenty hours. None of the characters ever felt like they were acting strangely or in a way they wouldn't in the movies. This was a TRUE sequel, picking up right where the movie left off,as the FBI investigate the pool massacre. The story held me from the first chapter all the way to the final sentence. And I cherished every minute of first I was upset and at Abby's death, and the cruel hope that maybe Owen or Charles Alveirez would throw the tarp over her at the last second,only to have that hope yanked roughly away, but I'm at peace with it now and agree that this was sadly and tragically the only way Abby's story could end. I can't stress enough how fantastic this Novel really is one of the best stories I have ever read, hell, probably one of the best that I will ever read. It's so good that it has spoiled me. I refuse to read any other LMI fan fiction that follows a differint story line. From now on, every time I watch LMI or LTROI and the final scene on the train comes to an end,I'm always instantly going to think of this story as what happens next. It's that damn good.
Chrisgocountyjr chapter 16 . 2/25
Wow, this really grabbed me and pulled me in. I was a fan of both the European and American versions of the movie, and this was an amazing continuation. Thanks for sharing with all of us!
Guest chapter 8 . 2/9
Urban environment in 7, does not work. Middle of nowhere in 8, does not work. By implication nothing in between would work either. Merciless logic, applied mercilessly. They're screwed no matter what.
darren.singletary chapter 1 . 1/24
Let me in 2 coming soon to theaters
Ryan singletary chapter 1 . 1/24
Let me in 2 is a sequel to let me in the 2010 movie and this time it's about Owen and Abby and they will still be 12 years old like from the first movie.
Guest chapter 1 . 1/24
Let me in 2 is a sequel to let me in the 2010 movie this movie will be a 2015movie Owen and Abby will still be 12 years old in the upcoming movie
Like its a year later.
Let me in 2 chapter 16 . 1/24
Let me in 2 is a sequel to let me in movie from 2010 now
Let me in 2 is coming out this February to theaters for this 2015.
Guest chapter 16 . 1/21
Great read.. love movie "let me in".
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