Reviews for Sins of My Past
Guest chapter 89 . 10/8
This is a soap opera, not a novel.
Blistful2006 chapter 8 . 10/5
Hmm i have to say in all this I wish Edward and Bella didn’t get together. I wish for once someone went a different direction on this I mean I get where he’s coming from but what they did had 15 years of devastation all around and Bella was so innocent. Lost so darn much. I wish she got her happily ever after elsewhere even though clearly she’s hung up on him and it’s not going to happen that way. He definitely needs therapy for sure.
Guest chapter 61 . 9/20
In response to your authors note at the beginning of this chapter: this is the first story I have read that you have written. To me, it reads more like a book than a story. And, with the added outtakes, it could be a precursor to a screenplay. I think you’ve done a great job. It has been slow to get through the past so that we can be happy for their reunion, but I think it was necessary. You’ve done a great job and I thank you for sharing your talent with us.
Zveka chapter 89 . 9/14
Rec'd by Rita on RobAttack blog on comments stream

Great story; thank you for sharing your words
HarukaSempai14 chapter 14 . 7/27
Edward was the vilain of his own story, and only he can change his situation.
HarukaSempai14 chapter 13 . 7/26
I really feel sorry for the Cullens because they were manipulated by Tanya and while she's living a happy life, they're living in hell!
HarukaSempai14 chapter 12 . 7/26
I'm glad they all received Carlie so well.
HarukaSempai14 chapter 11 . 7/26
It seams Bella has decided to give herself another chance.
HarukaSempai14 chapter 10 . 7/24
It's very interesting to see other characters perspective.
HarukaSempai14 chapter 9 . 7/24
Honestly, it's beyond wrong to have sex with a drunken woman! Shame on him!
HarukaSempai14 chapter 8 . 7/24
I can't deny that Edward actually had reasons to question his relationship with Bella and believe a long time friend.
HarukaSempai14 chapter 7 . 7/23
I'm not so sure Carlie will want to meer her grandparents and aunt after Edward speaks the truth.
HarukaSempai14 chapter 6 . 7/20
Edward will have a very long and rough way to get his redention.
HarukaSempai14 chapter 5 . 7/20
Tanya was a bitch, but Edward didn't trust Bella in the slightest bit and is harvesting his bad decisions
HarukaSempai14 chapter 4 . 7/20
Actually, It would be the sins of Edward's past. Bella was no more than a victim in this hole situation.
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