Reviews for Sins of My Past
Atwiggs chapter 56 . 6/21
I really enjoyed Seth's POV! I've always loved Seth, especially yours!
Atwiggs chapter 55 . 6/21
Oh goodie!
Atwiggs chapter 54 . 6/20
Well, hmmm, that just happened! ;)
Atwiggs chapter 53 . 6/20
Ahhhh, such a beautiful story! I loved the football game! Loved Carlisle and Sam, Elizabeth and Demetri and Bella and Edward interacting! Thx!
Atwiggs chapter 52 . 6/20
Oh, come on. This story is wonderful and I'm sure we all love it very much!

Bella is beside herself that Elizabeth and Demetri will soon be together!

Poor Carlisle, I know that he feels bad! This little girl has already attached to her soul to him...
Atwiggs chapter 49 . 6/19
I really enjoyed these outtakes!
Atwiggs chapter 47 . 6/18
Awwwww! Emmett is The Man!
Atwiggs chapter 46 . 6/18
Atwiggs chapter 41 . 6/18
So far I noticed no "writers block ". I wonder if it's happened to you yet!

That dinner and afterward was heavenly! Thx for that!
Atwiggs chapter 40 . 6/18
Wow, this story isnt even halfway through yet! That's ok because I love them long and juicy! Woah, did I just say that?
Atwiggs chapter 39 . 6/18
These two have both been through hell! I'm happy that Bella was able to tell Edward how she felt, what he made her feel and in front of all those students. I'm glad he took back all the horrible things he said.
Atwiggs chapter 38 . 6/18
Wow that was intense! I'll say it again. You are an amazing writer! So intelligent! You must write real fiction, you are brilliant! I hope that if you want to write, that you will. I don't know what you do for a living but you should be writing!
Atwiggs chapter 37 . 6/18
And what you write is readers heroin! Hehe! God that was so hot!
Atwiggs chapter 36 . 6/18
Awww boo-boo. I really miss when mine were babies! It was hard having to work 50 hrs a week, but my husband and I shared our time with them. They are over thirty yrs old now! Life flies!

I'm glad these two are getting ready to fight for their love!
Atwiggs chapter 35 . 6/18
Oh that was just heartwarming and lovely! *sigh*
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