Reviews for Sins of My Past
Guest chapter 89 . 2/10
Ok , that made me cry ... X
Guest chapter 89 . 2/9
Thank you! I love this story and am so glad forCarlie and Seth's happy ending.
Guest chapter 89 . 2/9
What a fantastic surprise !
I find myself reading this at 4 am uk time , when I should be asleep before work .
Your stories are the ones I return to time after time and love everyone of them .
Thank you xxx
Nikki chapter 89 . 2/9
Guest chapter 88 . 2/9
What utter bullshit!
Reinbeau chapter 1 . 2/11
Slam Dunk!

I will keep my fingers crossed that we will see more from you. Love your writting!

Hope you had a very happy birthday.
polyphany chapter 89 . 2/11
Love it!
Kksmum chapter 89 . 2/11
I have read Sins twice. I may have to read it again now Loved this update. So sweet. Thanks.
ChasingAfterADream chapter 89 . 2/11
DAMN IT! I cried. I've read this story years before (about 20 times) and saved it on my kindle (I couldn't take the chance of you pulling it out and it being lost forever). I always wondered how Carlie and Seth's relationship (and other characters) would pan out so it was really a great update. Thank you for this story.
madisonbelle chapter 89 . 2/10
This was sweet. Thanks for this
oliver2429 chapter 1 . 2/10
is this story ever going to be like "Harvest Moon" and "Full Moon" , and be able to add to a kindle?
please let me know.

email me
thank you,
wanda oliver
woosh48 chapter 89 . 2/10
Made me teary! What a great proposal! Thanks for writing!
twiclare chapter 89 . 2/10
That was lovely, I really enjoyed Aro and Sulpicia's pleasure in doing something for Carlie and Seth.
The two girls speeches were so sweet and moving and Seth is such a sweetie!
Debbi84 chapter 89 . 2/10
This was a wonderful Valentine's Day gift. Thank you so much.
Purradox chapter 89 . 2/10
Sobbing. Like. A. Baby.
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