Reviews for Sins of My Past
Guest chapter 11 . 2/13
Hmm, weird! As I understood, Bella was incapable of moving on from Edward! Now, in one week ( after being confronted with the truth, which by no means excuses Edwards behavior, but should answer some of her questions and settle her doubts) she goes from examining her " feelings" for Felix, to accepting dimitri immature proposal? What is she thinking? Is this wise bringing a new man into Carlie's life when she just met her father? The so called life of Bella's life? Not very believable? This Bella is ?
tululah chapter 89 . 2/15
Just reread this story and thoroughly enjoyed it again. Loved Seth's POV and proposal. Thanks.
lmc123 chapter 89 . 2/15
ahhh, loved it x x
Princess Mishawaka chapter 89 . 2/15
Thank you for this chapter, it is magical. I love Seth and Carlie and they are truly meant to be.
Seth had a lot of help finding the stones for the jewelry he is giving to her. Expensive is their names and Seth has been saving all his life and it's a good thing.
I also think that there was magic in the air when the two little girls got up to speak and everybody there went wild clapping because these girls went through hell but lived and are recovering.
Good time all around. Hope Bella keeps some food down.
deadliestdistractionRN chapter 82 . 2/15
I know this is an Edward /Bella story, but I love me a predatory Demetri.
lesuse chapter 77 . 2/15
This is the second time I've read this story and I love it! I love that your Bella was able to forgive Edward and the rest of the family. I wonder if your two "reviewers" - term used loosely here, seemed more like critic wannabe's to me - had ever been betrayed by someone close or made terrible life changing mistakes as your Edward did? If so, they would understand the concept of remorse, regret and forgiveness. I think you portrayed the main characters in a very believable manner. It's funny that they didn't seem to be concerned about a young Bella and Edward believing they were in love forever, when we all know that's the only fairy-tale element in all fiction. But, the tale you wove of the trauma and anguish of Alice's attack by a supposed friend, and the emotional aftermath to the whole family, and then being betrayed yet again by a friend, Tanya, who made Bella out to be a monster of the same sort as Alice's attacker. . . well, with years to grow up and mature and then to come back together. . . forgiveness is the perfect way to completely heal from the past. Forgiveness is truly a divine gift God extends to us and enables us to give to others. And, is FF here, but you gave us wonderful themes to take in to our spirits for how to treat those who have wronged us. And, you are an EXCELLENT author! Love all your work!
lilmstran chapter 89 . 2/14
loved it
Rita01tx chapter 89 . 2/13
You just had to make us cry one more time *sniff!* Such a lovely endin' to a fabulous story! Thanks and HUGS!
Guest chapter 89 . 2/11
How cute. Loved it. Thank you.
lesuse chapter 38 . 2/13
Holy Smokes Batman - Aro is the devil!
breakingdawn57 chapter 89 . 2/12
So sweet and perfect for Seth and Carlie! You have such a gift to pull people into your story!
Thebestnana chapter 89 . 2/12
Just one word to describe your story - PERFECT!
Cullenfest chapter 89 . 2/10
Ah yes, well worth the wait. What can I say? Beautiful. Thoughtful. Compelling. Giggle-inducing. Wistful. I'm forever a Content1 fan. You are where my journey in TwiWorld fiction took off. Your writing always leaves me wanting more. A lovely Valentine gift for your fans. A love I now truly understand (if only we had the Cullens' wealth!).
Guest chapter 89 . 2/10
Still love this story was thinking about it just the other day.
Nikki chapter 89 . 2/10
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