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Guest chapter 39 . 2/16
I hope That bella Will have the respect to keep her touchy feely behaviour with her Many potential suitors to a minimum. Okay i understand That Jacob us just her friend, That Said i feel like it is still not appropriate to flaunt this behaviour in front of edward, especially since it were images of this kind behaviour That were part of the misunderstanding. The actions of the other men are even more dubious, Why does she let demetri flirt and touch her in such a manner? Not even a week ago everyone thought They were a couple.! Okay she told it was not true but did,They not contemplatie on being friends with benefits? I really think she is acting with double standards, has she forgotten the way it felt when she Saw edward with dr paschal? Were er exact thoughts not? " Why would he think this is okay" and they were only laughing together? Not fair bella. Edward is really trying and considering her feelings? What has she done? Only made him jealous with demetri. I think she can start with confessing her affairs now, like she Saïd herstelf, she has been no angel. I really don't like this bella very much. Okay she is strong, but she should not be unfair!
Guest chapter 89 . 2/15
This chapter caused me to spend the past few days rereading this great, great story! Love this family you created, especially love the respect you showed to the Jacob and Leah. They are usually so maligned in FF stories but you wrote a wonderful storyline for them. Great Seth - just the best characterization ever. Love how you include your obvious passion and love for children who've been hurt and neglected - love, love that! And the Velathri's - what a great group to get to know shining in the light you cast on them - can hear Bella's ringtone, that Jacob secretly set on her phone for Aro, in my head right now! And, love all the rest of the Cullen's and their brood - they were not cliche or caricatured, but their SM personalities showed through, again in natural ways. One of the best Carlisle and Esme I've read - perfect! All the auxiliaries were great too - Jane and Felix, Demetri and Elizabeth (5 daughters!?), and what a great Caius! Just a wonderful saga about a great big blended family!
lesuse chapter 80 . 2/15
I love how you are so poetic about family and love. . . Edward's feeling ' a protective instinct as old as time flowed through me', and Demetri talking about the centuries of breeding of protecting the family. . . I love Carli in this story - wonderful original character. I wouldn't change anything about it. It was your story, in your heart and mind, how could we do anything but just go along for the ride?! I hope the remaining chapters give us a glimpse of the families in the future!
Guest chapter 19 . 2/15
I think its only fair Bella lets Edward explain things to her, afterall he gave her the opportunity all those years ago. Oh wait he ignored her and let Alice push her down the stairs. Seriously they all suck.
Guest chapter 18 . 2/15
The Cullens are supposed to be so smart, but obviously gutless as not to give a 17 year old girl they apparently loved like a daughter and sister even a moment of their precious time to hear her out. Jasper may be being honest but he is just putting Alice's happiness first and his own. Their arrogance is astounding. As usual Bella will relent.
SiriuslyPink chapter 77 . 2/16
This is like my fourth time reading. I like to reread stories when I have nothing else. Anyway, I don't understand why people feel the need to be mean. Who cares if you had anon reviews disabled? Even if it weren't an accident, who cares?! Make an account and comment that way, for god's sake! In fact, if I actually wrote somethig on here, I'd probably disable anon reviews. That way, if people want to flame, they can stop being cowards and actually attach a name to the flame so that I can reply and refute. (Most anon reviews are flames and if they're not, they're negative in a way. Or they're just like 'this story is great' or 'update'. Rarely have I seen a positive well thought out positive anon review containing what the author did well and what he/she should work on.) Of course this is like a fairytale. It's fanfiction! Hardly any of these stories are realistic. If she really feels this way, I have NO idea what the hell she's doing on this site... Because there are hardly any good realistic fanfictions posted here. For any fandom. As for your Bella being pathetic... I don't think so. She held out long enough, and even so, when he was close to death, she realized she could lose him at any moment so why not stop being miserable and bitter without him and start being happy with him? It takes a lot to forgive someone. She's not pathetic. In fact, I have strong views on characters cheating and then whoring themselves around when they're so clearly in love with someone. But even I'm all for Bella forgiving him and I'm someone who holds grudges. Which says a lot.
lesuse chapter 89 . 2/15
I just spent the last few days rereading this great story after receiving Seth's outtake! Such a fabulous story - loved that Jacob and Leah and their folks were treated so respectfully. They were wonderful characters in this fic. Best Carlisle and Esme ever - and love how your obvious passion for abused and neglected children was showcased. Sweet little red haired green eyed girls that were saved by C & E. Incredible Bella, yet still so real - giving Edward heck during her pregnancies - so funny! Wonderful Edward - so tortured and unsure of how Bella would take him back after all that happened. Loved the forgiveness and understanding of the missteps and missed cues. Poor Alice and all she went thru and that witch Tanya, preying on everyone's pain to try to get her way. Best Emmett - loved his Bubba, and great Rose. The Cullens you gave us were not cliche, but carried their canon personalities over to this AH fic in a reasonable and believable way. Your talent brought them to life. And, how about the Velathri's and company - so, so good - loved them all! Enjoyed it again - you're an excellent author!
Guest chapter 11 . 2/13
Hmm, weird! As I understood, Bella was incapable of moving on from Edward! Now, in one week ( after being confronted with the truth, which by no means excuses Edwards behavior, but should answer some of her questions and settle her doubts) she goes from examining her " feelings" for Felix, to accepting dimitri immature proposal? What is she thinking? Is this wise bringing a new man into Carlie's life when she just met her father? The so called life of Bella's life? Not very believable? This Bella is ?
tululah chapter 89 . 2/15
Just reread this story and thoroughly enjoyed it again. Loved Seth's POV and proposal. Thanks.
lmc123 chapter 89 . 2/15
ahhh, loved it x x
Princess Mishawaka chapter 89 . 2/15
Thank you for this chapter, it is magical. I love Seth and Carlie and they are truly meant to be.
Seth had a lot of help finding the stones for the jewelry he is giving to her. Expensive is their names and Seth has been saving all his life and it's a good thing.
I also think that there was magic in the air when the two little girls got up to speak and everybody there went wild clapping because these girls went through hell but lived and are recovering.
Good time all around. Hope Bella keeps some food down.
deadliestdistractionRN chapter 82 . 2/15
I know this is an Edward /Bella story, but I love me a predatory Demetri.
lesuse chapter 77 . 2/15
This is the second time I've read this story and I love it! I love that your Bella was able to forgive Edward and the rest of the family. I wonder if your two "reviewers" - term used loosely here, seemed more like critic wannabe's to me - had ever been betrayed by someone close or made terrible life changing mistakes as your Edward did? If so, they would understand the concept of remorse, regret and forgiveness. I think you portrayed the main characters in a very believable manner. It's funny that they didn't seem to be concerned about a young Bella and Edward believing they were in love forever, when we all know that's the only fairy-tale element in all fiction. But, the tale you wove of the trauma and anguish of Alice's attack by a supposed friend, and the emotional aftermath to the whole family, and then being betrayed yet again by a friend, Tanya, who made Bella out to be a monster of the same sort as Alice's attacker. . . well, with years to grow up and mature and then to come back together. . . forgiveness is the perfect way to completely heal from the past. Forgiveness is truly a divine gift God extends to us and enables us to give to others. And, is FF here, but you gave us wonderful themes to take in to our spirits for how to treat those who have wronged us. And, you are an EXCELLENT author! Love all your work!
lilmstran chapter 89 . 2/14
loved it
Rita01tx chapter 89 . 2/13
You just had to make us cry one more time *sniff!* Such a lovely endin' to a fabulous story! Thanks and HUGS!
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