Reviews for Lake Lessons
Lisa Jane chapter 1 . 11/13/2011
I'm going to review all three of your Broken Sky stories here, because the same review applies to all of them.

Your short fan fictions show potential but on their own and without explanation, make no sense (possibly would make more sense if you reversed the perspective to be from Macaan's POV rather than your OC, but without any further information, I don't think it would).

Who's the OC and what's her background? Who is she in relation to both the Broken Sky world and Macaan (assumedly a lover of some sort, but that poses more questions)? Is this set before or during the Broken Sky books? If it's set during, then Macaan seems a little OOC but that's also difficult to tell because of no information on his relationship to your OC. The stories feel like they've been taken from random points of a larger story and posted, with all the necessary answers and descriptions left in the larger story.

They're good beginnings. But as they stand on their own, they make little sense.