Reviews for Set My Lost Soul Free
Debbie Hicks chapter 1 . 10/26/2014
Chapter 2.
it happened my own married sister and brother with husband wife with child as all but it happened their screams too late who were driving with families of their own to see their families with their own it happened a terrifying with the rest of my own as all of them suddenly gotten Roped but Brutally Murdered with Abbie my niece Suddenly all of with the more and more of the Got trapped went Thump! Too late with as all of them reverted as teenagers again but all the sudden the bones were kept but the grieved families we unification of murdered but Killed people later begun a new race of our own all of the sudden the Grieving faming from as all of the homes all of the sudden with grandparents all killed with as from Around the world more monstrously but more massively as all of the killed with as very tribazillions or more as all of them then it went very too wrong very wrong then the decacying bones as all of them suddenly went snap the Curse of death was set and the very as all of the Shattered went a break it forbid us to cross over but doomed to haunt our own home and theirs as Ghosts yes ghosts then all the sudden the breaking resumed but all of the sudden it turned into all dust and ashes then all the sudden the very as all of them suddenly forged as more monstrous but a all powerful but the biggest but the More Largest but the more massively but hugest city and all of the sudden the bodies as all of more many as all of them all of the sudden a more monstrously and all of the sudden it suddenly went KER-SNAP! Here we are stuck in Heaven I turned 17 years old thank goodness but the damage was done Lindesy was 16 years old my parents they reverted as 23 21 years old of age they all died of murder could not cross but it happened we did cross over but it happened a new age for us Angels and but the ghosts forced to live here but the other grandperents suddenly were all killed but all of the sudden as very far around the world Killed by someone but all of their own homes and all of thehe former homes burned it suddenly magically Exploding but with the wholliest all High schools all of te sudden magically Appeared but all of the sudden with the Cars it had a name the true Judgement City but it was overcrowding like crazy then it violently snapped but broke free of the it's making but both went Bang! ourselves were clad in the bodysuits guess formed long flowing robes how embarrassing to dress in Heaven jeez well Everything's done but now what the ball od light floated as very all into married couples it slammed but right head strong into their growing children diffrently it was over my own sister reported it is over reincarnated found Corpses it had changed back we decided to become the Guardians of Death with a strange but mysterious group destroyed were the Vulcans killed by a rock had joined us but all of the sudden their newest houses all of replaced the others it really happened strange things erupted their children born Gifted suddenly Bit their own parents that the trouble started they suddenly were us/then aged then stopped in seconds the parents felt renewed but their own eyes were Crimson became a new breed of their own: Vampires they had hybrids of the both traits could eat and sleep but their parents never eat and sleep hunt for blood of animals became Vegetarian suddenly the grandparents remaining suddenly were lured they as all of them suddenly had them Killed but So Brutally murdered but had their blood drained of theuiir bodies with my own grandmother felt so strange looks young then it happened her late husband looks young but the bodies of us/them suddenly were drifting but they suddenly drained with as all of the bites were way all over and all the the seering Agonizing but terrible pain then all of them very tribazillions or more them then suddenly eternally ended us but all the sudden a alien transformation of as very all suddenly sealed the Finalilation but all of the sudden crunched free as a Real Anel with Vampiric DNA But my hair flops but longer but it went snap both bodies I look young but stopped growing up but remained youthfu but I have a serious problem it broke my True Wings of a Angel my mouth ripping a Screech but began trilling differently ugh sounds like birds what happened to us you have evolved but they vanished you have a mission Susie Lindesy Ruth you young people must go undercover act human but feel like humans bring your Vulcan friends what is it my throat hurt it is first hunt Cool like Bella Cullen so that was it our first hunt was a very fully complete but finished but suddenly the bones all of them but suddenly screamed but it was all dust Burp! Excuse me had blood on her mouth oh ugh Blood Momma MIA! We are immortally young but it went too wrong very wrong the curse made us Completely restless but finalization for the last time cracked opened but reemged as a Adult Angel with the DNA Of a Vampire yikes I look Ancient like Aro of the Volturi hoo boy he sure rules his kingdom he was very tall and Muscular built like a Wrestler made my brother shake in horror but fear in his eyes of Golden bulged HELP! fled like a person terrified you are from Vulcan it is hot and harsh world whew it is Endless Summer it's murder on the nerves this man is HUGE! Over here handsome oh man cut it out who he my deceased brother chicken of Commander Strom looks forty-four years old fit as a Le-Matya strong and powerful we died with pets they are noisiest Holiday chased a cat Abby got so Allergic has Cat Allergy problem her nickname is Booger your brother love movies and everything we are here at long last finally jeez we are different from them.
Searching For Wonderland chapter 1 . 12/21/2012
Oh my goodness you need to update! There's no way you can stop there - please update soon! Your story is just great :-)
KAnders4198 chapter 1 . 8/17/2012
Write chapter 2. What's going to happen?
LoveLikeElena chapter 1 . 1/19/2012
Aloha! This chapter was really good! i too have seen the movie and now I'm reading the book. This story was good so far! I can't wait for more! Susie's niece is so cute!
Marco A. Salazar chapter 1 . 10/26/2011
This is a very interesting first chapter. I hope that you continue this fic-I wanna see what happens next.

Poor 'copy' Susie. The poor girl is gonna get one hell of a shock when she finds out that she has been dead for almost 15 years.
huffyblonde chapter 1 . 10/11/2011
Love it! Update soon!