Reviews for Of Phantoms and Friends
Faiakishi chapter 1 . 10/9/2011
I am a big Kayashima fan, so I'm always happy to see our favorite Ghostie Boy get some love. (why has no one reviewed this yet? It's much better than a lot of other stuff I see get five million reviews...)

Anyway! I really liked this. I like how you gave a bit of a backstory when you described poor Kayashima getting beat up. This was really short (which I never like) but I guess it wouldn't really work if it was much longer. So I applaud you on not rambling aimlessly. (like I do...often...)

What I didn't really like was the use of Japanese at the end. I feel like it just confuses life. Though that's more of my own opinion, so you can ignore that comment. :P

Overall, great! One of the best Hana Kimi thingys I've read here.