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DayDreamer9 chapter 35 . 9/9
Ken cares deep down, even struggling against the corruption to grow close to Daisuke. I mean, look what he did to Jun for him. I think, like in the anime, that Daisuke's friendship will play a part if purifying/redeeming Ken :)
bobbyneko chapter 35 . 9/5
Max Velocity IV chapter 33 . 8/26
[continued from last review because 1.) lol length and 2.) lol FFN] or when the story concludes. (And given recent update habits, you probably will be updating this in the next week or so.)

I recognize that this is a REALLY long review, and so let me begin this conclusion by stressing how much I appreciate you reading this review in its entirety. It takes a LOT of commitment and a LOT of love for this franchise to continue writing a fic of this length over 4 years as you have. I am just awestruck by you in that sense. This fic single-handedly rekindled my interest in Digimon fanfiction, both as a consumer and a writer of it (although I wind up hating everything I produce myself).
Max Velocity IV chapter 34 . 8/26
Hi there! I've been following your fic for a VERY long time; this fic was recommended to me on the TV Tropes page way, way back after Reunion first aired, and I was hungry for some Digimon fanworks to satisfy my huge itch for more content. So I read what was available through November 30th over 3 days, and I have waited eagerly for each update since then. After this most recent chapter, I thought that it would be time to leave you a review at last.

Because I've been reading this fic for so long, I'm going to be focusing on the totality of what you have written so far, rather than each individual chapter. At a very high level, I'll start by saying that this fic's greatest strengths are the worldbuilding that you have done so far, as well as your excellent characterization. However, this fic is not without its areas for improvement.

In terms of worldbuilding, this story has taken extreme steps to build upon the setting of Digimon Adventure and expand it through copious infusions of the franchise's lore into it. The concept of the Digital Gods, and how they fit into the hierarchy of the universe, as well as your expansion of the role of the Crests, all coalesce into a really rich mythology that drives a lot of the intrigue of the story, such as speculating about Daisuke, Miyako, and Iori's crests as well as the identity of Miracles, Darkness, and Pride (all of these have been revealed to the audience gradually over time, except Pride and Passion). You've created a rich, vibrant mythology to explore here in this fic that suffuses so many aspects of the character development as well as their interactions with each other.

Speaking of, your characterization of the cast is also commendable. At this point, every character almost has a unique cadence ascribed to them in their dialogue, where they each feel like distinguishable, truly individual characters. Iori's formal, stern dialogue, Daisuke's childishness, Koushiro's polite technospeak, Miyako's attitude, Hikari's gentleness... I could go on and on, really. Even side characters like FlaWizarmon and Witchmon have distinct, unique personalities that emerge through their actions and dialogue in this story that make reading each scene very enjoyable. You are tremendously talented when it comes to indirect characterization, whether that be dialogue, internal monologue, how they speak, how they dress, etc.

Personally I love the idea of Ken becoming the Kaiser as vengeance for what the Sovereigns did to Ryo in the Wonderswan games; it's a concept that I've flirted with writing a fic about myself, and I credit you with reminding me of that wrinkle in the mess that is the Zero Two canon, and doing some research into Ajora's translations of the Wonderswan games to familiarize myself with them. I love the idea - as Hikari herself articulates in this chapter, actually - that Ken's virtue of Kindness has been so perverted through the trauma he experienced into believing that the ends justify the means. It makes for a much more compelling antagonist or villain protagonist. I do think that you've written one of the most complicated, complex portrayals of the Ken Ichijouji character, as well as his Kaiser persona, that I've ever seen in fandom

The Factory Town mission was, to me, the absolute highlight of this fic. Already armed with meager resources - 4 usable Digimentals, 1 Adult level, and 2 partnerless Children, not to mention only half of the original Chosen have their Digimon - the team ventures into enemy territory where they quickly are sprung into a trap. Naturally, everything goes to hell. They meet some compelling side characters (FlaWizarmon and Witchmon); important future plot threads are introduced via the theft of Miyako's partner (Hawkmon?), Takeru is exposed to the darkness, we see what horrors the Kaiser is really cooking up his sleeve, and the threat of Millenniumon is introduced for the first time. Although the children eventually thwart one of Ken's plots and escape, it is so clear to the reader that the children are way, way out of their depth - much more so than the initial missions to recover Digimentals had been. I was thrilled the entire time, and could not wait to keep reading more afterwards.

However... the more time I spend reading each new update, I find myself growing increasingly alarmed at the lack of momentum in the narrative.

Moving onwards from Factory Town, then the discovery of Ken as a Chosen (but not the Kaiser - more on that later in this review), followed by the release of Gomamon from the Kaiser's control all seemed to suggest that the major story arc of this fic would be that the Chosen Children would build up their forces over time by acquiring the missing Digimentals (by my reckoning, Knowledge, Purity, Honesty/Reliability, Light, Kindness, Miracles, plus all the ones invented for your fic) one or two at a time, free Piyomon, Gabumon, and Agumon, and eventually get the new kids (including Ken) to reach their Perfect levels. Maybe even Ultimate level would come into play for some or all of Mimi, Jyou, Sora, Koushiro, Takeru, and Hikari. They would slowly but surely regain the power that they lost in the prologue enough to challenge the Kaiser, and later Millenniumon.

Sadly, that prediction of mine seems to have been unsubstantiated as each new update has gone by. There have been hints over the last couple chapters that Birdramon will be appearing soon, and so perhaps Piyomon will return to the good guys sooner than I think.

But, going back to my comment about lack of momentum - that's not to say that nothing is happening at all, and that each chapter is fluff. Far from it, actually - the last 5-6 chapters or so have been full of important character developments (Sora's handling of her bullies, Hikari asserting some independence and leadership on the team, Iori's acceptance of having a partner, etc.), and a ton of backstory and worldbuilding have been established for the reader. But the plot itself has not moved forward. The last couple of chapters seem to be following a template of "Chosen travel somewhere, meet a Digimon, Digimon provides exposition, Chosen process the exposition, and go home". If they aren't getting information from the source, the Chosen will hang out at either the Yagami or Izumi residence and speculate about the Kaiser's ultimate goals. Character development, or at least an important character beat, occurs during those segments, but to be honest with you, my great frustration with the story right now has been the absolute maintenance of status quo.

The Chosen are not getting stronger. Normally Digimon correlates character development - power upgrade, so there are a couple of characters who would be due for one right now, but even with the addition of Gomamon to the roster, without a usable Digimental for him, the team is about the same capacity they were before they stormed Factory Town some twenty chapters ago. At the same time, the fic reinforces over and over and over again how much smarter, more powerful, and capable the Kaiser's operation is than the Chosen; they really are a ragtag bunch of misfits against him. So even if they can't get any stronger, why aren't they at least trying to slow down his operations or diminish his resources? Why not mount a serious investigation for Miyako's stolen partner? I totally could see Miyako, Daisuke, Takeru, and Hikari sneaking off to try and liberate it. But in the end, I suppose the Chosen would have to understand the Kaiser's ambitions or motivations in order to do anything meaningful, and he's not telling.

So, there really hasn't been a lot for the Chosen to do except learn about the nature of this conflict they find themselves increasingly drawn into between the Powers That Be in the Digital World, the mystery of the Digimon Kaiser, and the ever-lurking machinations of Millenniumon. That's what I mean when I say that "status quo" has reigned supreme for a while.

The twist where Ken is exposed as a Chosen and decides to secretly spy on them as he wages his war against the remaining Sovereigns, and how it has been handled in-story since then, encapsulates a lot of the issues that this story has with momentum. When Ken and Daisuke first met, and then Chibimon discovered Wormmon and nearly outed Ken as the Kaiser - honestly, that was a stroke of genius. I was so excited about where you were going to be taking this fic next after that chapter.

And then... nothing happened. Not really, anyway. Ken became a member of the group but as far as the reader has seen, he has not done anything with the knowledge that he's gained of the Chosen as he's gotten to know them. He's financed a beach episode for the group and forged Jun's STD diagnosis. His in-story reasons for that oscillate from not really viewing the Chosen as a threat to him (which, for the moment, is a fact), and somewhat unintentionally becoming attached to them as people, especially Daisuke. But the Chosen Children aren't any closer to discovering the Kaiser's secret identity, which is becoming increasingly annoying as a reader. If Ken were the sole main character of this story, and it was told from his perspective, than it would be much more tolerable - actually, let me take that back. THAT would be an incredible story to read, if the Kaiser was trying to play the Chosen by using his Ken Ichijouji identity to spy on them. But because the reader knows Ken's identity as Kaiser coming into the fic, it dilutes so much of the dramatic tension that was achieved when this setup first entered the narrative.

Now, eventually, the Chosen will learn about Ken's secret. That much is given. And I'm sure the fallout is going to be incredibly painful - especially for Daisuke and Miyako, who have gotten quite close with him - when it finally arrives. There's a very good chance that my concerns regarding Ken's inclusion as a cast member will wind up being for naught in the next arc, or when the
Guest chapter 34 . 8/22
Great job! I can't wait to see what happens next!
Cheerful.Rainbow chapter 34 . 8/9
Good story. About Miyako's crest. I honestly see her having passion or pride. Even though K-chan said she doesn't have any pride I think she does. To me she is a very prideful person even though she's passionate about her friends,family, and anime. When Mimi complemented Miyako when she fixed Guardromon I think it was a blow to her pride because she knew she could do better. And when Daisuke said she was a teachers pet and would never accept what she has and was an overachiver that got me thinking that if its true and she is a overacheiver than she has a lot of pride because the way Daisuke put it even though she did good she wants more and wont settle for less. It would be cool if it was pride though. Most of the stories I read had Miyako with the crest of passion or empathy. And all that talk about sins got me wondering if you were gonna add the Demon Lords or not .And I know its lame and stupid and all but I looked up the definitions of pride and passion and to be honest they both fit. So in my opinion it could go either way. Or maybe i'm just reading way to in to this and it is passion.
San child of the wolves chapter 34 . 7/31
Lovely chapter. Lovely story all together! I really enjoy readying it. It's all so amazingly done! I love how you are doing all of the characters. I like how you are doing all of the crests, allowing the original chosen to keep their crests and giving Iori, Miyako and Daisuke their own crests! I love how Daisuke keeps Veemon and how Iori and Miyako get new ones!

I really like how you did Ken and the Kaiser and how you are making them both react and work both with and against the Chosen. I especially enjoy how the Kaiser reacts because of his corrupted crest.

I also really like the chat group they was going on with Koshiro and Miyako are apart of, makes things interesting. Although it was hard to figure out who was who on that chat site.

I love how Iori gets Futumon and eventually Ryuudamon! He fits so well with Iori and the crest of Honor! Just like how Daisuke keeps Veemon and gets the new crest of Tenacity. Or fits him so well. Just like how Miracles always fits better with Ryo. I like how Miyako is Passion, that fits her so well.

I hope that Miyako gets a new digimon and I really hope that her Digimon is a female instead of a male. A female partner for her would be so interesting. I can't wait to see who her partner is.

I really look forward to seeing who Pride is.

I really like this entire story. I like the prologue story of it too. It's so amazingly well done.

I look forward to the next chapter. Good luck with it.
Yay chapter 34 . 7/30
Pretty Good Story. I like the different take on the characters and liked the sort of transition of big fish in little pond to fish in a bigger and darker ocean.

Can't wait to see who is the the last Chosen. (Pride?) Though once the last Chosen is confirmed Ken's identity will be revealed.
Death.exe chapter 34 . 7/30
OMG really Fufumon, yes, it fits so well with Iori, since it kind of evolves into a samurai which also happens to be a dinosaur! This was so unexpected but well recieved on my part.
This makes me wonder though will Miyako also have a new digimon partner? And if so why not change Daisuke's digimon partner, is it because he already fits or something else!
Can't wait for the next update, I love this story so much I can't get enough!
Well, I can only say that this was a great chapter, as always, keep it up! See you next update!
DayDreamer9 chapter 34 . 7/30

The bond between Iori and Miyako is awesome. I love how deep it goes :)

That talk about the Crests was awesome ;-; True genius. And now I'm even more eager than ever to see what comes next.
Syanna.Clairyn chapter 33 . 6/26
I just can't stop reading
One of amazing story i ever read
Keep it up :)
Please update
bobbyneko chapter 33 . 6/20
This is so awsome!
Dusk Mind chapter 33 . 6/20
Bullying is a serious issue, brought by inmaturity. Sora being calm and even amused by the pathetic display of Ries attempts at psychological bullying was amazing. And then we have the extreme opposite: what happens to Jun is awful. She needed to be taken care of, but that is really awful.

I love the contraposition of both scenes as it shows two different ways to deal with a problem: one of a young girl who is maturing and seeing as how they really are; and the other one from a young man who is losing himself to rage and haterd, despite his good intentions. Amazing work.

The scene with the Kaiser was funny too. And having this kind of scenes really helps Ken appear more sympathetic, despite all the things he has done.

As always, great chapter. Keep it up!
DayDreamer9 chapter 33 . 6/19
It may have been cruel, Hikari-chan, but manipulative bullies like Jun are dangerous and if you don't go at them full strength, you end up in deeper doo-doo than you started in. Talking could have worked, sure, and maybe she'll be more receptive to it now, but with how well she's been able to talk her way to the top, who's to say she wouldn't have played the Chosen as well?

...wonder what'll happen when they find out that it was Ken who'd done it?

Things are now reaching the crossroads, where all the secrets spilled out in the anime, so it now seems that it is for the story. Will Hikari's diplomacy work? Will Ken listen to reason? Why can't he digivolve Wormmon? Is it the taint...or fear?

PS You tell'er, Sora! :D Epic comeback.
Guest chapter 33 . 6/19
(sorry my previous review got cut off partway)
...Give Ken and the digimental of darkness a very, uh, *intimate* introduction to each other.
Thanks again for the update, and I'm looking forward to what happens next!
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