Reviews for To The Journey
yenyen76 chapter 59 . 11/20
Still enjoying. Looking forward to more.
Trekke1 chapter 59 . 11/8
So, I can't help but be curious. There's a couple of plot points that you made in this and in Big Doors that I noticed you've left open-ended and haven't exactly closed up yet, and was wondering if you were going to. The first one, Chapter 38 - Burdens of Command in Big Doors, was leaving Ensign Sito alive, and the second, in this, to do with General Makar and Sela after Sela found out that Makar had actually WANTED them to escape. I was curious if you intended to leave those open-ended, to readers' imaginations, or if you had plans for those in the future. Or even if you'd completely spaced on them, as I know how long you've been working on these and it makes that entirely possible.
Guest chapter 59 . 10/24
Espero con muchas ganas la continuaciĆ³n
trance47 chapter 59 . 7/1
Re-read again. Always nice to see Lwaxana! And of course Tasha couldn't stay mad at Data. He's too sweet and loveable! Now where's the next chapter? LOL
Celgress chapter 59 . 5/22
Thanks for another great chapter. I best liked the scenes between Tasha & Data and the Trois.
BenRG chapter 58 . 5/14
I think that it's sad how mad and self-destructive Shinzon was. He was clearly a genius in some ways but he didn't have the mental stability to focus that on a realistic goal. In the end, he just wanted to kill as many people as possible in revenge for his own suffering. I suppose you could argue that he was as much a victim as the thousands of innocents he slaughtered in his rampage.
trance47 chapter 58 . 5/13
I wonder why it makes me nervous when Tasha says "We need to talk." LOL
Celgress chapter 58 . 5/9
Thanks for a very touching chapter. The scene between Tasha and her "father" Tuvok was my favorite. :)
turbomagnus chapter 57 . 4/27
Interestingly enough, the Star Trek Online novel "The Needs of The Many" has a post-'Nemesis' B4 making a somewhat similar decision; overwriting his own memories and personality with the downloaded copies of Data's, effectively sacrificing himself to bring back his 'brother'.

Will there be any chance of seeing Juliana's reaction to B4's discovery and death? Considering the possibility that he was the 'first attempt' at a stable positronic matrix that she mentioned back in "Big Doors" chapter thirty-six, the one that came 'before' Lore, and all... - for that matter, there's also Lal's suddenly having and losing an 'uncle' to think about...
Celgress chapter 57 . 4/17
Thanks for another great chapter. I really it the twist.
NaginiFay chapter 57 . 4/17
I like how you handled this!
GriffonSpade chapter 57 . 4/17
Hah. Can't help but feel this is how the movie SHOULD HAVE ended.
Pyeknu chapter 57 . 4/17
Yeah, it is kind of sad that they went and killed Data off in Nemesis and left just B4 behind. At least you corrected it here in this story.
trance47 chapter 57 . 4/17
It definitely makes sense that B4 would make that sacrifice. Thank goodness Data didn't die! Also, loved the scene with Tasha and Captain Picard! Well done.
ljs1138 chapter 57 . 4/17
Very cool take on Nemesis, especially given all the backdrop for this AU. I look forward to more.
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