Reviews for The Perks of Being a Telepath
Kureiji-Kurai chapter 57 . 3/14
This was sad, amazing, touching, and confusing! I lived you working the older Erik in. I also have always been curious how their Fassy and Mcavoy selves could be honestly so close even when they are mad at each other, and then have Erik be so utterly cold when he watched Charles die. I mean, yeah, he got mad at Johnny and talked about his one regret...but it was still so cold! He was worried when Charles was dying but cold about it...and it really WAS his fault, in my opinion.
I digress. Anyway, good chapter, hope things actually go better for the little group. I was glad Hank ended up kind of saving them. I felt rather bad for him in future past considering all he went through. He was the only one that stayed by Charles and yet the guy just kind of treated him badly. He mourned the loss of everyone else and just totally forgot the one person who stuck around.
Kureiji-Kurai chapter 56 . 3/14
This was super! Loved ever second! I will admit, Onslaught and Charles working Cain over...that moment when Charles let him go! I was so happy! I know it is a horribly morbid thing to want, but I really want to know what went on from that end, the final interaction. Onslaught remembers the dude, he would just be spectacular against someone he hated that way. The monster turning on it's original creator, classic! Sorry, I'll stop now.
That part where Charles reminded Erik that he was "no ones puppet" was brilliantly touching! Loved that, hope Erik fights for his memory.
Thenidiel chapter 58 . 3/12
Really enjoying this - please update soon!
Kureiji-Kurai chapter 42 . 3/8
I find myself wishing Onslaught would grow up and just help Charlesbecause that would make them more powerful,a one man tag team. Lol and I secretly like your Onslaught as much as I dislike him. He could be do helpful if Charles could get through to him.
Though, that ending scene with Sean and Charles was so cute! He brought him coco! That is all the cute! And I like the maturing Sean. It was unfair he never got the chance to grow up in the movie.
Kureiji-Kurai chapter 34 . 3/7
"I thought, at the time,it was the only way to survive. I had thelives ofthousands of mutants' in my grasp and without Onslaught, I would have killed every singlelast one ofthem, instead of thethirty-threeI couldn't save."
How did Onslaught help him stop it? What did the two of them do to combat the machine? Did Onslaught control his powers for that time?
Kureiji-Kurai chapter 5 . 3/5
You're not a nerd! Charles did mention it in first class. He said he was thinking about his son, William, thus it was his son. They were different people. :)
And I love you're fic, it's amazing!
Nicole chapter 58 . 1/13
Holy crap. I have been reading this story for two weeks. I just got sucked in. It is better than any other Erik/Charles stories I have read on here. You just capture them in amazing ways and you weave in these incredible twists. You're original in so many ways that floor me. The banter is fun and so realistic. Unlike with most stories about these characters on this website, I could never predict you.

Please write more! You haven't updated in ages and I am mourning. :) This has been my favorite way to end the work day for going on two weeks.

And oh. One of my favorite parts of this whole story? When Charles jams his fingers against Erik's temples and forces the memories back in. It's just such a STRONG image. I can picture that happening, that desperation and you convey it perfectly. It could be right out of the movies.

I know you said you intend to weave this into the movies, but I still fully expect a happy ending!
Nicole chapter 13 . 1/9
I have spent the past three hour reading this story. You must understand though. I've read a LOT of the fanfics on these characters and yours is the best I have ever seen. You stay truer to who the character are and how they sound than ever I've seen. Even their senses of humor and their sarcasm-I loved that they couldn't interrogate Erik because he would just SIT THERE. And Charles' sarcasm, amazing writing, truly amazing.

But what really takes the cake and has my own writers brain spinning is your originality. I've read so many stories about this cast and they all write about the same things, Cuba, the aftermath, resolving the friendship of Charles and Erik, but YOU, you took this in directions I'm thrilled by.

Like the idea of mutants fearing telepaths, which makes total sense!

And even cooler (though heartbreaking) is the idea of HUMANS forcing a mutant telepath to use cerebro. I have to tell you, that is movie material. I want to see that on screen, because it would work. Once they got hold of Charles and some leverage, it would work.

You're amazing, but please stop being amazing so I can stop reading and go to sleep?
CommChatter chapter 58 . 10/1/2014
I have fallen in love with this story of yours. It's well written, and amazing.
That said, can you update soon, please?
timewaster chapter 23 . 8/27/2014
charles feels a bit too marysue
WhoPotterAvenge-X Kane chapter 1 . 8/9/2014
I love this fanfic, it's true to character, and it's simply wonderful - all it needs is another chapter ;)
time2read chapter 2 . 7/22/2014
great Ch!
time2read chapter 1 . 7/22/2014
great CH!
time2read chapter 58 . 7/22/2014
time2read chapter 57 . 7/22/2014
Wow that was some scene omg! poor poor eric!
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