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TheVillageOfBree chapter 35 . 2/22/2015
This was a masterpiece. From beginning to end, you did so well capturing the aftermath of Cullen's torture and you made me love Jowan, a feat I thought would never be possible. I was worried that his love for Amell would feel forced or just like an extra subplot but it was written so beautifully, so tragically that I feel the story would have lacked without it. I'm so glad that we got to hear what was going on with the Wardens even when the protagonist was parted from them, everything was seamless. This is the best Cullen/Amell story I have read to date and I would like you to know that you have done a brilliant job.
Loverofallfiction chapter 1 . 12/28/2014
I loved this story. It is one of many that I reread often.
SwomeeSwan chapter 35 . 2/2/2013
I absolutely loved the story, thank you so much for post it! :)
redtrouble chapter 35 . 6/30/2012
To the guest asking about Merrill, Fenris, and Aveline: Because this was not Hawke's story, it was Enaara and Cullen's, I chose to emit a lot of content that was irrelevant to their tale. While I'm sure Merrill, Fenris, and Aveline had a friendship with Enaara, they were - for the large part - Hawke's friends. They were there, of course, but there was too much to address to give everyone a spot in the lime light (that's what your playthrough was for, right? :)). As far as Jowan, he was captured and put in the Arl's dungeon awaiting Arl Eamon's judgement. In my version, the Arl sent him back to the Circle. I mentioned in the first set of letters, I believe, that Jowan's escort back to the Circle was attacked and Jowan escaped. No one knew where he was. That is how he wound up in Kirkwall looking for Enaara.
Guest chapter 35 . 6/30/2012
Cool Chapter for Dragon Age II, but where are Fenris, Merrill, and Aveline? Aren't they suppose make an appearance during the last straw quest in Act 3? What happened to Fenris, Merrill, and Aveline? How is Jowan still alive and is able to make an appearance in Dragon Age II? Wasn't Jowan in Dragon Age Origins sentenced to death after Arl Eamon was revived in that the warden had either kill Jowan or turn him over to the Circle of Maiga to be executed?
Amora Rains chapter 35 . 4/15/2012
This story was so beautiful. I couldn't stop reading until it was over. You have a real talent for detailing and descriptions, your writing form is really amazing. If you don't write professionally, you should.
Bert8813 chapter 35 . 11/30/2011
Beautifully written I am so glad I stumbled upon it! I loved seeing the progression on amell and Cullen's relationship. Also loved how you tied in the other da characters
Suilven chapter 35 . 11/21/2011
Great story and I'm glad you kept the fluff in at the end. :) Thank you so much for sharing it!
Snarkoleptic chapter 35 . 11/21/2011
This was vaguely creepy, having just written the climax of DA2 for my own deal.

The way you slid Enaara into it was seamless, and because of Cullen's connection to her, adding in his worry for her while he's trying to fix things.

The interlude with Varric couldn't have been done any better. Right down to his use of her nickname to put himself in the story.

Sorry as I feel for Jowan playing third wheel, I had to grin a bit at seeing they'd adopted him, as well.

Congratulations on finishing, and thank you for sharing an excellent story!
melgonzo chapter 35 . 11/21/2011
LOved it!

LOved it!

LOved it!

Thank you so much for sharing!
Suilven chapter 34 . 11/19/2011
What a great chapter! You had me laughing out loud with this:

"He smiled and turned back to the cakes. "But you still haven't gotten back into that templar's pants, have you?"

Enaara suddenly went several shades of red. Jayda, you minx! she thought. You told him, didn't you? Andraste's ass! Alistair was laughing, thoroughly amused with how well he had delivered his quip, and Enaara knew it was revenge for her ploy earlier.

"That's not funny!" she blurted, but her whole face felt hot. "I… I don't… th-that's not funny, Alistair, stop laughing!"

"Oh, c'mon, you should see your face!" he exclaimed. "You look like a tomato."

"Alistair!" she howled, punching his arm. He flinched away as though it actually hurt, holding his hands up in surrender even though he couldn't stop his laughter."

Then, Cullen proposing was so sweet... and then, steamy. ;) And, the scene at the end with Jowan was utterly heartbreaking. My heart just goes out to the poor guy.

Awesome update!
Snarkoleptic chapter 34 . 11/19/2011
Even after everything you've written, all of Cullen's reflections on exactly what Jowan has done for him, I can't help but have a little seed of doubt as to whether he was sincere in his warning that people were starting to suspect. I really, really want to believe it's true and he's being a decent man by giving the guy time to get away, but...

MAN, this story's tugging on me in all sorts of unexpected ways. Every time I wanted to squee about the proposal, I got all conflicted. Because, you know, SQUEE if he was being genuine about Jowan, but so much conflict going on if he wasn't.

"But you still haven't gotten back into that templar's pants, have you?"

I SO cannot wait for the next time she sends letters to Jayda, knowing what her letter-writing voice is like.
melgonzo chapter 34 . 11/19/2011
This is so good! I love your Cullen LOL but I still feel bad for Jowan. Alistair was funny too hehe.
Suilven chapter 33 . 11/17/2011
Interesting... I like how you've given them both a decent amount of time to heal. After what Cullen went through, I don't think you could expect him to just get over everything in a month or two. While I'm looking forward to their potential reconciliation (*cough* smut *cough*), I worry about how the friction between the mages and templars is going to... blow up in their faces. ;)

I still feel badly for poor Jowan, too.

Looking forward to more!
Snarkoleptic chapter 33 . 11/17/2011
I was excited enough for an update when it hit my inbox, but having read it.

Wow. The way these letters are written, the voices are so distinct. Even in Ena's reply to the three younglings, the way she addressed each of them I could hear a definite difference in what they must have had to say to her.

Connor wanting her to wait for him? Adorable.

The pregnancy and the birth all through Ena's letters, and covering such a timespan, with her humor throughout, was brilliant.

And then reading Cullen's writing in a voice that's so perfectly HIM and so in tune with the letters Ena was writing.

The whole thing just carries such a hopeful feeling with it. An amazing read!
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