Reviews for Christmas Miracle
DezoPenguin chapter 2 . 12/7/2011
*pauses laughing at the omake; thanks for the shout-outs, by the way*

Yes, I think the No. 1 reason why reviews have been minimal is that being in the crossover section, few people know the story even exists. Not being a fan of crossover stories myself (this one, I note, is really more of a "fusion" story than a true "crossover"), I rarely look. Thus, it's largely word of mouth, advertising (if you cross-post links on other websites dedicated to one or both of the series), other people's Favorite Story lists, and Author Alerts...and of course, this is your first story on this site so you wouldn't have built up a regular readership. ;;

Now, the story itself. Sei and Hikari/Himeko is a cute and unexpected friendship (that line about "Lillian can't have two weepy ojou-samas around" is so Sei!). Otherwise...well, our heroines have met, and it seems they do have that ghost of past lives within them, so you'll get the chance to play with the mythos and not just the personalities, which immediately bumps this story up an additional rank in my estimation (doing Chikane and Himeko in an AU is easy; doing them with them still being themselves is much more difficult indeed). I'm interested in seeing what happens next, which is, after all, pretty much the point!
DezoPenguin chapter 1 . 10/3/2011
So, it's a story in which two filler cast characters from MariMite are going to be reincarnations of Himeko and Chikane. It certainly sounds interesting so far!