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Snowy Winter Tales chapter 4 . 3/2/2005
I adore these little vignettes, I can't possibly believe I have never stumbled upon these before - with my unhealthy love for the Marauders Era and the Marauders themselves.

The way the characters and the story fit. They just /fit/. The words they say, the way they act, the way the plot unfurls and reveals another face of itself - I love it. I believe that you are a very good writer. And, contrary to believe, some people actually do read profiles :9

I'm particularly fond of the travelling actors chapter - it's my favourite. I could really see Remus doing that; walking up and kissing the man - as if it's nothing.

Anyway, since this review is already utterly long, I do hope you update soon. And if not, I hope you update sometime :o)

P.S. All the one-shots are magnificent too, by the way.
CurlieGirlie chapter 2 . 5/16/2004
You are one of the most incredibly talented writers I've ever read, and I'm crying right now cause the emotion in your story rocks.
Go you.
Margarita chapter 1 . 7/12/2002
Great story! Just one thing I noticed. Lily's friend is Arabella Figg, right? Well, if you're referring to the same person who is Harry's next door neighbor (you probably are, b/c JK Rowling herself said that Arabella Figg is Harry's neighbor, then shouldn't you change her last name? Harry's neighbor is MRS. Figg, so she needs to have a maiden name. Just a thought, anyway! :)
bitch3 chapter 4 . 5/25/2002
This is incredibly good. I don't understand why you don't have as many reviews as I thought you would! You have an incredible, original plot (which I was tempted to take, but I'm too much of a good person, _~) and it's so well written!

Plust, it keeps drawing me back to it somehow. I'm flipping through fanfictions and I just *had* to read this again.

Anyway, if you don't keep this up, I'll personally make sure to smack you all the way over to my place so you can finish! _

Jinkies chapter 4 . 5/24/2002
Well, I pledged my support and I intend to follow through! Another excellent day and I *like* the fact that it's darker. A lot of L&J fics are all happiness and light and prancing through fields (mine included - *guilty smile*) and I really do like the realism here. Admittedly, Sirius and Peter both deserve to be bollocked, but I think this is great. Awaiting more!
Swirly Head chapter 4 . 5/23/2002
Thanks to Demeter for her very spirited review - yes, Sirius is a prize jerk - or at least, he used to be. And I'm whoo-hooting that I made someone feel sorry for Peter - yay!

Thanks again. :o)
Demeter1 chapter 4 . 5/23/2002
I'm sorry, but I have to get this out of my system.

Fuck Sirius Black. Fuck him. He could go to hell for all I cared. I had thought I actually could *like* the stupid bastard. But this just clinched it. I will never, ever, ever be able to like him. Because he's the Gryffindor Golden Boy. He thinks everything he does is right, and everything anyone else does is wrong. *gags*

He wasn't... he didn't even act all that sorry about the Shrieking Shack incident! God, what a messed up man. And Peter! Good god! Peter was just trying to help! It's words like that... *sniffles* It's like that that might have forced Peter to do something he otherwise might not have done in bitterness.

Gawd. Anyways. It was an excellent part, though I wanted to strangle Sirius Black. _
buckbeakbabie chapter 3 . 5/15/2002
I love this fic! please write more, pretty please!
thistlemeg chapter 3 . 5/14/2002
*sigh* haven't we all...

another great day! can't wait to see more of these!
sCHEm chapter 3 . 5/14/2002
hah! cool stuff!
kiss me i'm irish chapter 3 . 5/14/2002
Hey... I REALLY like this story~ i hope that you'll continue!

CalbeeQueen chapter 3 . 5/14/2002
OMG, it is absolutely criminal that you don't have more reviews, this is a GREAT story! And a welcome break from all the usual L&J stuff up here. I hereby pledge my support to your story in the form of reviews for every single chapter you post ;)
Sunkist chapter 3 . 5/13/2002
That was incredible. you have an amazing talent, and I appreciate your love for James and Lily. I dedicated half a summer to a story on those two, its incredible how you start to love the characters. This is terrific, keep up the great work. And if you ever have a Harry Potter fanfic craving, feel free to read my stuff. Its devoted to them. : ) Always - Sunkist (Aly)
yasaman009 chapter 3 . 5/13/2002
I really love this chapter! I think you've done a great job of capturing the mood of a lazy summer day. Remus's little...kiss...was hilarious! And I wanna steal James and Sirius for my own...James is so sweet! I wonder though...when will Lily find about Remus being a werewolf? Anyways, keep up the good work! I can't wait til the next chapter!
Almah chapter 1 . 5/9/2002
Eeee! More, swirly!
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