Reviews for Seeds of Discord
Mark Nisbet chapter 1 . 10/12/2013
Needs moar clopping.
Jonny Manz chapter 3 . 11/11/2011
Haha, I suppose it is as they say, "Great minds think alike." Because I too have thought, ever since the Discord two-parter, that he might've had something to do with Luna's transformation into Night Mare Moon. However, I was also kind of relieved when I saw that your idea was slightly different than mine (because I'm planning to do a FiMfic that, among other things, goes into the history of the Royal Pony Sisters, but that's neither here nor now).

I must say, in the first chapter, one of the things that stood out to me was that Discord really doesn't seem like the type to swear. Especially since he wasn't angry or anything. However, it was just one instance, so I didn't let it affect my enjoyment of the fic. I must say, however, other than that, Discord seemed nicely in character, and with how Discord's statue form looked before he escaped in "The Return of Harmony, Part 1" compared to how it looked at the end of Part 2 (where he obviously wasn't expecting to be imprisoned again), it would stand to reason that he was expecting to be imprisoned, and so decided to strike a pose for it. I like that part of your fic, it makes a lot of sense. Also, the whole thing with the shadowy energy makes me wonder if Discord knew about it, and intentionally weakened Luna's mind for it, or if it was just a coincidence. I wonder if the shadowy energy and Discord could also be somehow related. I'll be intrigued to see where this goes in the next few chapters.

I also liked what you did with the Everfree Forest (or as it was called back then, I guess, the Everspring Forest). And also with the Grand Galloping Gala. I must say, I enjoy this fanon. While it's not my favorite, it's definitely towards the top.

Also, it's kind of funny reading this again after seeing "Luna Eclipsed" but I suppose that's unavoidable. You're not gonna go back and have Celestia and Luna speaking in that archaic English (plus the Royal Canterlot Voice), are you? Is the reason why you haven't updated in a month because you're doing that? Or have you just been busy? Because I like it better this way, since you've already started. And hey, fanon/canon; there are always things the fanon does just a little bit differently from the canon. And either way, I understand (I've been pretty dang busy myself over the past couple of weeks, hence why I'm only getting around to reviewing this now, haha. Hey, better late than never, right?)

Anyways, I wonder when the shadow (unless you're gonna come up with a better name for it [perhaps "The Nightmare" or "The Night Mare"?], that's what I'm calling it) is gonna make its move, and again, if Discord has anything to do with any of this besides his initial taunting of Luna.

My (tentative) rating is a 4.75/5, and I can't wait to see more chapters, so I can review again, and re-evaluate this. :)
XNULLX chapter 3 . 10/11/2011
Very nicely done. A great improvement over the last two chapters, which were already quite good. You nailed the pacing and character interaction, and Nightmare Moon's logic and invasive jabs were all very convincing. This is more or less exactly how I think it would have happened, if we go with the canon of Luna becoming jealous due to being unappreciated. I love the way that you write both sisters, and will definitely continue to follow this. I pray you get more attention, you really deserve it!
NoRatCat chapter 3 . 10/11/2011
I am liking this entity all the more. It keeps playing on Luna's feelings and insecurity. It wants her but it knows to be stealthy so the sister's don't catch it. You are really doing a great job with this story and I am hooked. I wonder if this will just be a one shot prequel of how Luna became Nightmare Moon, or if there will be a continuation involving the mane cast? Well in any case I will keep reading.
XNULLX chapter 2 . 10/2/2011
Even if the chapter was shorter and more description-based instead of progression-based, I quite enjoyed it. Seeing little Luna so unsure of herself and beginning to break down is heartbreaking. Celestia's efforts to comfort her may not be enough in the end, but it is nice to see her try. I really do believe that Celestia cares and does mean well, but I could understand that being harder to see for Luna as time goes on. I'm interested to see what Nightmare Moon itself is in this story, and I like that it seems to be its own being that is actively following Luna. Nice work again!
XNULLX chapter 1 . 10/2/2011
This is an interesting take on the situation of Nightmare Moon, and I definitely agree that Discord was probably involved in Luna's possession. Your descriptions are wonderful, as is your character interaction. The way that you handle Discord's personality is spot-on, while your interpretation of Luna's insecurities is extremely believable. I love seeing how others write minor characters with only hints of an official personality, as the author gets to run wild with them and mold them to better fit their story. You've certainly done that with Luna thus far, and I really love how she is in this chapter.

The overall issue and presentation of the problem was done very well, and I really do want to see where you go with this. Though we know how things will end up, the journey has been told several times in many different ways, and your version so far seems very interesting. Celestia was very true to herself, and I do love that you didn't make her infallible, which will also serve to make this more interesting. Great work so far, and I'll definitely be watching where this one goes!
NoRatCat chapter 2 . 10/2/2011
Another great chapter addition. Shorter but it still held some great characterization. This entity intrigues me all the more. I mean you hinted it's worse than Discord and Discord was a chaotic reality warper. I would hate to meet this new creature. Yet I am interested in its reveal all the same. Keep it up. You have me interested.
Iron-Mantis chapter 2 . 10/2/2011
Awesome story thus far, can;t wait to see what else you have plan.
NobodieZ chapter 1 . 10/2/2011
Nice story ttt
NoRatCat chapter 1 . 10/1/2011
Well, this is certainly very well written. You kept everyone in character, especially Discord. My favorite bit was the ending. From what I gather, Discord planted the seeds of bitterness within Luna and another entity took advantage of that. Am I right? Well I will make certain to keep updated on this.
Orochigin chapter 1 . 10/1/2011
A very good first chapter. i cant wait to read more.