Reviews for Little Brother
mpwtl125 chapter 16 . 6h
I loved this story!
But here I am crying cause u haven't updated in a super long time

Please update soon!
Myth689 chapter 16 . 7/22
get me caught up in a story only for me to see you have abandoned it... how inconsiderate of you.
Hiss hiss mofo chapter 16 . 7/18
As a slytherine i aprove so much on the whole dinamic you have going. Pointing out the reason why slythrines are such a tight nit group, the systems they have to set up to just walk through the hallways, and the actual DANGERS to a slytherines own person and friends that peoples illogical hate and fear of slytherine causes. (I always felt that Dumbldor was so obviously playing favourite with gryfindor. it almost physically hurt)
I love how you showed that harry and malfot would be different *cough* better *cough* people when they are frieds. if harry had just tried to help malfoy ignored his bigotted friendship handshake at the beginning but not labled him as an enemy right off the bat. (XD batman) Malfoy might have been a very useful allie and probably wouldn't have had to be part of the dark lord stuff if he had friends like that to help him (like the weasleys getting him out when they find out whats really going on in that mansion) Though i really like how you made the malfoys a lot better just as people in general in this.
I also adore the werewolf "remus-joining-pack" thing. I love the light notes of fluff you weave into this otherwise aweful situation. (and i can't wait to see a little more "remus-isn't-living-with-constant-fear-and-is-now-somewhat-happy")
Happy writing!
cant wait for the next update!
Guest chapter 16 . 7/13
I love your story and I know it's been like three years and I'm way behind the loop but if you ever have the time I would love to read more of it. :)
Guest chapter 16 . 7/8
Update please
Ohlivia.smith chapter 16 . 7/7
Update please this is great please please continue soon :)
paskinmath chapter 16 . 7/5
I really love this series, and can't wait to read more. You have the most plausible 'odd alliance' I have had the pleasure of reading.
Mimi chapter 16 . 6/29
I absolutely loved little one and this one too! Please please continue the story. Will Albus be caught and Harry and Snape find peace?
babesbraves chapter 16 . 6/26
It's a crying shame to waste such a good book by not finishing it! Please rethink and finish.
HarryPotterServerussnapeLover1 chapter 16 . 6/16
Please continue I love this story!
SimplyA9315 chapter 16 . 6/12
I really like this story so far...keep up the great work! Oh and maybe have Karma kick Dumbledore soon-ish? Maybe just as little?
meromero chapter 16 . 6/12
OMG! I love it! When are you going to update it? I'm eagerly waiting for the next chapter. Maybe I not write a review in all the chapters but I follow your stories faithfully until the end. Greetings :)
Sherlock's Pipe And Hat chapter 16 . 6/8
Someday, maybe you'll update again...

Also, why isn't Remus teaching History? I thought Binns finally faded away? But you have him back and Remus off with the werewolves...

This really is an awesome story. Please come back someday.
Guest chapter 16 . 6/7
Guest chapter 14 . 6/7
i thoUght remus was teaching history?
and didn't Binns pase on into the afterlife?
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