Reviews for Realize
SnowGoose chapter 37 . 5/8
I love this story and I am so happy that you posted.
pauleen chapter 37 . 4/29
I'm glad to see a new chapter. I have loved this story fromt he beginning. And although the ending seemed, as you say all over thelace. I can appreciate it.
twilightnaley19 chapter 37 . 4/7
Wow! Alice is something else, how could she think all her family was in agreement. Can't wait to read more.
servantoftwilight669 chapter 37 . 4/7
I loved it & I can't wait until the next chapter & Bella & Edward to have their HEA together. Oh & I really don't like hypocritical bitch Alice.
zozotheterrible chapter 37 . 4/7
Wow, just wow! I completely devoured this fic in one hit and it is amazing. This story hits close to home. When I was 19, I was drugged and assaulted by my best friends ex. I was so scared when I realised I was pregnant I didn't got to the doctor until I was 5 months. I kept my pregnancy secret from my family but finally told my mum when she guessed when I was 39 weeks. I had planned to put my daughter up for adoption and when she was born I signed her up and left her at the hospital. Luckily though I changed my mind and decided to keep her after 5 days. That was 14 years ago and I don't regret a thing. She's my daughter and no one else's.

It took me years to come to terms with what happened. Sometimes were really hard and I suffered depression and anxiety while other times I feel like I'm normal. I'm lucky though that I really don't remember a huge amount of what happened, just flashes. My family and daughter keeps me strong and I'm lucky they're in my life.

Anyway, thank you for writing this. It really is an amazing story! I can't wait to read the HEA for our Bella and Edward.
Debbie White chapter 37 . 4/7
Great chapter! Please keep going can't wait for the next chapter! :)
Diamond Dia chapter 37 . 4/7
Alice is to selfish its unbelievable. Im glad Rose put her in her place. For me the stars of this chapter was rose and emmett. The best. Please update soon. And dont make soon 5 months instead of 6.
Ashmerlin chapter 37 . 4/6
Loving it! I think you might be being a little hard on yourself the chapter was great.
emeralgreenlove chapter 37 . 4/6
I really want some fluffy scenes of Claire and her three parents. Mind reminding me how old Bella, ed and Jacob are? Loved rose's characterization.
CoppertopJ chapter 37 . 4/6
Frankly, Rosalie and Emmett should raise Claire. Edward and Bella should not, nor ever be together. They are both to freaking selfish and immature. I wish you luck with the rest of the story. chapter 1 . 4/6
I can't stop laughing outloud about the baby moving.
JennBolden9598 chapter 37 . 4/6
Man Alice is a freaking bitch. I really hope things work out for both Bella and Edward. I'm glad Jake is being a great person and realizing that their daughter is better where she is.
hypocriticalcommunistfromspace chapter 37 . 4/6
AMAZEBALLS CHAPTER made me feel the feels please update soon and please get some Bella Claire action just once before it ends please!
Guest chapter 37 . 4/6
They both come across as incredibly selfish, not once during that conversation did they mention his/her daughter, all they talked about was what they needed. What about what the child needs, and that is two parents who are willing to put their own needs aside for her.
UpYourCupcake chapter 36 . 3/27
I think Edward really needs to learn to control himself. Bella is a victim of a bad case of abuse, it's no wonder she's fucked up. I think part of him is just being selfish in going after her. I also think Alice is a bitch.
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