Reviews for Bound & Touched
Uchiha Misaki chapter 78 . 7/29
Haha cute chapter
JarJarBinky chapter 78 . 7/26
Short, sweet, and just enough of their 3 on 1 or whatever it is, to make re-read everything alll over again! Dattebayo ;) (my fav word recently)
loveitasakuxx chapter 78 . 7/26
Oh.. welcome back. It's been long since you updated. It was nice to see you work again. Thanks for the update. It was awesome. XD
ForgottenAutumnReign chapter 78 . 7/26
I love these stories. Thank you for the update
MystikalFaery chapter 78 . 7/25
This is still one of my favorite fics of yours, I'm just so sad about you rushing the long-awaited lemon in the earlier chapter -_- but thanks for updating anyway, I know it's hard when you lost interest, so I (for one) appreciate that you still continue to update xxx
clestourgeon31 chapter 78 . 7/25
Sweet and simple! I could read Touched forever! I do hope you choose to update again soon! Especially touched! Love it
Such a great idea, and only the hottest guys for Sakura!
ThatPageantGirl chapter 78 . 7/25
So protprotective. I love that!
angel897 chapter 78 . 7/25
fun to read as always, thank you for updating again
guets chapter 72 . 6/18
that's probalby the most horrible and disgusting pairing you created. hope they won't last and be unhappy with each other.
monie21 chapter 76 . 6/19
omgosh, im loving inoXnaruto more and more. such a unexpected pairing but love it. thanks for the update, sorry i take so long to check up. but I hope this is still going. all the pairings are interesting to read play out
ForgottenAutumnReign chapter 77 . 4/29
These stories are amazing
rikichancute chapter 77 . 4/20
Nice AU. Hope you can continue
HipstaGurl1 chapter 77 . 4/19
Waah *heart eyes* the last chapter made me swoon because it’s a little moment that we can all imagine in real life. It also reminded me of Pretty Little Liars ahaha.
Lynnai chapter 77 . 4/17
Why not post this in a separate story?
tiffanycr chapter 77 . 4/16
Seems specialspecial
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