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Fierce Naga chapter 7 . 7/1/2015
Omg this is really interesting. I absolutely adore Oshitari, and the amount of good fics of him is minimum. This is basically a God sent for me. Thank you.

Keep updating!
Guest chapter 7 . 12/6/2014
what a unique person.
terrorofthehighw chapter 7 . 3/22/2014
I found this fic really cute! I really liked how prickly Akiko is.
Nanami.Hiyoko chapter 1 . 12/28/2013
Ahh, I do hope one day this story gets finished or at least an update! I really love Akiko's character, despite all her faults and harshness I find her lovable in a way! I loved this chapter, haha I laughed at the probationary friendship
A Midsummer chapter 7 . 1/5/2013
I noticed (yes, nosy bastard that I am) that you write this kind of personality well. Probably with lots of practice with Fujioka and familiarity with Shizuku if I have to hazard a guess. The other OCs aren't intrusive as I imagined (dreaded) them to be so props for that.

I commend on the fact you didn't waste your breath describing Akiko's outward appearance. Bravo! Most authors make a horrible mistake of concentrating their efforts in proving an image for their OC that the personality falls flat. If there ever was one at all. Most of us don't care for that fashion stuff. Well, I don't. (not women's fashion anyway)

I'm not interested in reading a paragraph dedicated to her dresscode for the day or her makeup provided by her very own fairy godmother. I thank you for sparring me the torture (since fashion jargon is way beyond me).

On a much more lighthearted note, Yuushi is such an adorable creeper. You had now endeared him to me beyond my impression of the-romanticist-weirdo-who-wears-glasses-because-it-made-him-look-smart-and-cool.

I'm a slightly pleased and a little disappointed since the current chapters stopped at 7 (which is a very awesome number by the way). No more chapters until you write another one. *sigh*

I'm looking forward to the day you continue and finish this.
Animefan111 chapter 7 . 9/7/2012
I hope you continue this is such a good story and FINALLY they're getting along and you dont update! *cries* I like your OC shes very interesting shes not super OP like some ppl make their OC she has her ups and downs she easily fits in with PoT world thats for sure xP

I admit Im a atobe fangirl but my god yuushi Im a BIG TIME fangirl for him (god damn kansai accents are freaking sexy big time) xD then again all the hyotei boys are worth drooling over for xD

anyways cant wait to see this story being updated!

PaperHeart chapter 3 . 8/8/2012
How could this fanfiction receive very few reviews? Your OC and the situations she got herself into are, IMHO, one the most believable in the POT fanverse.

Things I like about Akiko:
No fake dating here.
No proclamation of being in a rivalry towards a tennis team member.
No long lost sister or cousin or some distant relative no one cares about.
No shy wallflower who's actually purrty if she did her hair or threw away her glass.

I found myself smiling the whole time whenever Oshitari and Akiko conversed, and really how can this story not get a lot of love?

You /must/ continue. Wait, phrasing it like that I sound like a depraved reader... which I guess I am.
Neon Genesis chapter 7 . 3/30/2012
Awww they're friends! Wibble, wibble. _ Their discussion of what they should call each other was very cute. And they run together! That's awesome. Makes me actually want to start running.

Hahaha, no.

But anyway. Glad that they're progressing. One thing was that the chapter started off super slow, even though it was the whole reveal of the whole running-thing. Just, all the extraneous information about the scenery and the other people and basically Oshitari's entire thought-process. I didn't really need all of it, and it distracted from the coolness of the whole scenario.

Still, though. Super excited to see where you're going with this! :D
Tora3 chapter 7 . 3/29/2012
Her obsession with etiquette is funny

I have no idea how "this" between them will turn into a friendship or something more. :D

Please update soon!
cappy chapter 7 . 3/25/2012
Ahh, that cleared quite a bit up! I especially loved the last part; the whole exchange on what they should call each other was very cute 3 Can't wait til the next chapter!
nemesisswan chapter 5 . 3/13/2012
Sorry. So late review. I really had no time to sit and write a good comment. :(

It reminds me the moment I've met my boyfriend. It was some competition in my school about fantasy books. People who've read (optionally watched movies) all books of Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and Narnia could participate. It had couple tours and there were many questions. I participated in it and so did he. Earlier I didn't really know him. A year older than me with hair a way too long and even thought he had good grades and teachers liked him he spent every free moment with his classmates laughing and joking. As you can imagine back them people who were laughing on pauses instead of revising before classes were stupid for me. ;) I didn't really know but I was enough childish to "know" I don't like him. On this contest somehow I always ended up next to him - doesn't matter if we were standing waiting for questions or sitting. Of course I tried to ignore him with all my might. I was even a little rude to discourage him but no, he still was talking to me. *laugh* There was one time when some girl his age was staring at us for a long moment and said loudly "Sth is definitely happening between you two." I blushed and said sth that there is no way for me to have anything in common with a guy like him. She smirked knowingly and he laughed. Now I also laugh when I think about it. :) But back then I was really angry. And it didn't really help when I realized he is the only one who can actually beat me and win this competition. In the end I've won but I couldn't feel as a winner coz he was also happy and congratulated me - for me this competition was a serious matter, for him only a way to have fun. Contest was ended but he still was getting terribly on my nerves talking to me on pauses or when I was waiting in long queue in school cafeteria to buy myself snack I loved when suddenly he appeared in front of me and gave it to me with a big grin and said: "I knew you wanted to buy it so don't wait here anymore." I was angry, embarrassed and there was no way he would accept money. Now when I think of it I must say I was so stupid back then. I don't know when and how exactly but one day I tried to do some make up before school (sth new besides foundation cream) and find it nice. I started to get angry when we was not in school or ignored me in the corridors. I realized I prefer guys with longer thick hair and despise shaven ones. I guess when he realized I matured not long time passed and I had no time to revise before classes. I remember I felt like I was flying when he screamed to his friend openly in the corridor "Wait, I have to tell sth to my girlfriend!" Stupid, right? *laugh* It was two years ago and now when I stopped being so idiotically strict and perfect I can fell pity for myself even more. Thanks to him I learnt how much I love going to the cinema (I rarely miss any movie) and doing different things than studying and reading books. ;)

Sorry for this long story. I'm not talkative about private things but reading about Akiko makes me compare her life to mine from the past.

I've overslept only once in all my school career and when I woke up I had less than a half hour to make myself ready and be on time for a math exam (last one in a school year). I haven't eaten any breakfast. Good thing I take shower every evening means I was clean and my hair perfectly fresh. And I also prepared elegant black dress I wear for exams so it was a matter of 20 minutes to make myself ready with make up and everything. But I wouldn't be able to walk (even less run) with high heels. When I was getting ready I called my uncle and he had to drive me to school. I was right on time but my class still noticed it's not like me to be so late. "

Ouch. I feel really sad for poor Yuushi and have terrible deja vu I was not really better for my boyfriend at the beginning when I was still thinking like a brat. _

? Who is that girl? I mean this one from water battle? Does she has any deeper meaning in this story?

I like your sense of humour and funny moments you added in Atobe talking about Oshitari and this moment when Kisaichi-sensei entered infirmary with "a bottle of tea". ;)

Ahahaha! You know, when I was writing this review I was reading Chapter 5 in parts so when I started writing I had no idea how it will end. I started to laugh when I read about Yuushi bringing her food. ;D

But Yuushi named it well. It truly is "commoner food". I can't picture Atobe eating any burger food with fries and drink in can. *hard laugh*

Still have to comment your 6th chapter. As I'm angry at myself for forgetting about this story for so long I'm a little happy I will be able to read new chapter without waiting. ;) If I will be lucky you will add new one soon and I will have two more to read. :)
reichimassu chapter 6 . 3/5/2012
'I jog with you every morning.'

How come Akiko doesn't notice Oshitari? Next chapter please! First time to read this fic and I wanna read more! Good job. :)
Neon Genesis chapter 6 . 2/25/2012
Ending chapters randomly is the story of my lifeeeee. XD

So dude I don't even know where to begin. Um. Okay. First of all, being the only unpaired/ungrouped person is the WORST. People look at you like you're a leper. You feel like you're the sole population of an island of loserdom, staring out at a sea of pity and derision... But yeah. Anyway. You nailed that feeling.

So this Hayashi girl. I'm wondering why she wants to be Akiko's BFF. 'Cause apparently Oshitari didn't actually ask her to berfriend Akiko, and she seems too nice to actually have it out for Akiko because Oshitari likes her (right?). Then again, she might be a super good actress. Or hoping Akiko's Oshitari-likability rubs off on her?

But anyway. Loved Oshitari's concern for Akiko. Also loved that she asserted her independence and whatnot. Though I do so wish she'd be nicer to him. Sadface.

... I'm not sure I've ever heard anyone use "invigorating" in conversation either. XD

And then Oshitari intervening for her again. Great how he called her out on vomiting up a thesaurus when she's uncomfortable/unsure. But man, Akiko holds a grudge! It doesn't really seem unrealistic, though. Like, you just get that one little thing that defines the start of your relationship with a person, and if you don't nip it in the bud, it snowballs and consumes you and becomes a big reason that you can't get over. Or something.


And then. "I just with you every morning." WHAT? That broke my brain. Does he just mean he's noticed that they jog at the same place and time every morning? And that he purposely synchs his schedule to hers? And that he watches her while she jogs? And then follows her into the - nevermind. Can't wait for his clarification on this.

Fantastic chapter. :D
iSayumix3 chapter 6 . 2/24/2012
'I jog with you every morning.'


iSayumix3 chapter 5 . 1/24/2012
...I don't to know what Kisashi sensei was doing. o_o
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