Reviews for A Technological Singularity
Sebine chapter 16 . 10/15
This shit is hilarious
Sebine chapter 6 . 10/14
Some grammar fuck ups but minor Breathe has an E, dominant not dominate, etc
Sebine chapter 2 . 10/14
starts off slow but FUCKED UP
I like it
TotallyNotAlpharius chapter 14 . 7/20
Wait . . . Isn’t Klendathu a planet that one of the Starship Trooper movies takes place on?
TotallyNotAlpharius chapter 14 . 7/20
Hello Star Wars reference
TotallyNotAlpharius chapter 13 . 7/20
Wait Terra Nova? That planet wouldn’t happen to have mutant dinosaurs on it, would it?
TotallyNotAlpharius chapter 13 . 7/20
Burt Gummer?
TotallyNotAlpharius chapter 10 . 7/20
. . . Thurgood actually had a good point at the end of the chapter.

Truly, the End Times are upon us
TotallyNotAlpharius chapter 5 . 7/20
I think Thurgood might be my favorite character, simply because of how random he is
Guest chapter 22 . 4/20
This story is cool, the last few chapters were fine, I'd love to read more.
scyfly chapter 13 . 5/23/2020
why is element zero so groundbreaking if you can manipulate gravitrons
scyfly chapter 12 . 5/23/2020
take this teleportation device of yours, its basicly an atomic assembler which would revolutionise production. yet you seem to miss this
scyfly chapter 7 . 5/23/2020
why would a space elevator be 23.000 miles long...
scyfly chapter 7 . 5/23/2020
plasma is not a laser.

this is so full of bullshit it honestly looks mpre like a crack fic most of the time. the geek in me really liked your idea but practicly there is so much obvious things you are blatently ignoring i just cant take this seriously
scyfly chapter 4 . 5/23/2020
i dont understand this immortality part, the brain is a computer that is now linked together, if one computer dies there is nothing to connect to thus your mind dies. unless there is a central storage for data that can match a human brain, ppl would still die.
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