Reviews for Blue Sky
GuyOfMany chapter 15 . 8/9
I don't think I could phrase the praises of this book any better than previous reviewers, so I'll get straight to the point and say that this was one of the best fics I've EVER read.
GuyOfMany chapter 8 . 8/4
The plot thickened so hard and I love it.
GuyOfMany chapter 6 . 8/4
I like that you're hinting at the idea that the cores, or at least, some of them, used to be actually people. Also, I like the possibility of the co-op bots becoming antagonists for the story. Kinda flips it on the head since one most often thinks of playing as them in game.
GuyOfMany chapter 3 . 8/3
I really love how you've preserved the inner conflict with Wheatley. It makes sense that he wouldn't be totally changed just because of being stranded in space. He had to be presented with the opportunity to actually put his desire to be better into action.
GuyOfMany chapter 2 . 8/3
I absolutely adore the characterization of Chell in this chapter. There's the complexity of the conflict inside her over the affection and anger she has towards Wheatley, and also the reasoning for why she returned for him. Absolutely love it.
GuyOfMany chapter 1 . 8/3
You absolutely nailed how unsettling Glados is when she speaks. Well, actually, you nailed all parties. Love this so far.
Bourbonsox chapter 15 . 8/2
Absolutely beautiful.
Bubbl3zdaSeaOtter37 chapter 1 . 7/2
I know I’m definitely, like, the thousandth person to say this, but this was AMAZING! I’m only on the first chapter and can already tell this is going to be quite the journey.
Zabbie Q chapter 6 . 6/27
Garret is one of my favorite characters in this fic :) To this day, I would use him as an example of how to add OCs to a fanfic. He is important to the plot (including Wheatley's emotional arc). He has his own goals and interests, and he doesn't have to be in spotlight in every chapter. He even has some good lines/jokes. He certainly *adds* to this story and draws out good things for Chell's and Wheatley's characters. You started writing this 11 years ago, and he is still a brilliant OC, one who's stood the test of time, imo. Great job :)
Guest chapter 15 . 6/4
Amazing story! I love Portal and this was a really cool FanFic about it! Also, THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING CHELLY
Panjason chapter 15 . 6/4
Holy crap! I didn’t expect such levels of characterization. Portal is a great game.
Wheatley’s supposed final act was friggen badass!
Guest chapter 15 . 5/23
I need to leave a review is really an amazing fanfic that I just stumbled into and I can’t leave it unfinish… like literally- I didn’t get to do a review for my test… Anyway, I really enjoyed it and it’s the very first portal fanfic I’ve ever read and it’s amazing. The story is just so well done and just the story of portal and lore behind it is amazing and I love it so much that I wish there was more but, things atleast end in a good note… again, an amazing well made fanfic.. I hope wherever u are your doing well and that I hope u became an author cause that was just amazing and a wonderful experience.. I honestly do want more but u did amazing here and u probably need rest. Again, love, amazing, splendid, wholesome story and take care out there….
Guest chapter 15 . 5/17
absolutely beautiful story, ive read it 4 times now and cried every time.
Omck4heroes chapter 1 . 4/10
Oh my god, you write these characters so incredibly well. I can hear their voices reading these lines, that's how good it is!
bee 3 chapter 1 . 3/26
nice bro
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