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Harvey Harrop chapter 15 . 9/23/2017
As a fan of both portal games this was brilliant to me, amazingly writing, diverse and charming characters, and such a beautiful love story, if you like portal your bound to like this
Guest chapter 15 . 9/22/2017
Why does it end?
GUEsT chapter 15 . 9/22/2017
William Cook chapter 15 . 9/21/2017
Great I Want to know about that new turret opera
VoguishThrone chapter 15 . 9/16/2017
.Ever. Love it
stargazerRuby chapter 15 . 9/9/2017
Whoa! Can I just say WOW this story is amazing? I've never been entranced by a story on Wheatley like that before, 10/10 for creative work! (Also, on a slightly related note, is it all right if I find a way to "ponify" this? I'm asking you since you're the creator of the story and I've been working on an MLP Portal Story. It will have all the characters from Portal, ponified, and I'm using my Pony OC Stella Moon as Chell. Just thought it would be fair to ask. :) )
Chrissy chapter 1 . 9/8/2017
This fanfic is so much better than it has any right to be. Loved the literary references, character development, the fact that it's competently written... In short, it's amazing, and I normally hate fanfiction, or even real books that are like this but I couldn't put this down. I mean it's not perfect, but it's not like there was an editor haha. It's better than a lot of published books though! I wish I knew the author's real name so that I could read more of their stuff!
Tara chapter 15 . 9/6/2017
Holy. Frick. I loved that sO MUCH

It actually made me cry at one point, and I have a hard record of feeling but expressing no emotion, quite like Chell to be honest.

This was just,,, such a masterpiece. It was. .
1224chrisng chapter 1 . 9/5/2017
this is amazing
Kelly chapter 15 . 9/4/2017
Truly, from the heart, from my heart, with emphasis, bold it, italicize it, underline, all caps, first thing on the list with a bullet point, whatever-have-you, everything and anything that makes these words important and honestly portrays my emotions - which, at the moment, if you wondered, are completely torn apart and reassembled in a way that somehow allows me to continue living by sustaining me on tears instead of blood, because my heart has completely, absolutely stopped because of this story - because I really, really mean these words:
holy SHIT.
Kelly chapter 10 . 9/4/2017
DashOfPeppers chapter 15 . 9/3/2017
Have you ever had that moment, sitting in the midst of your bed, chair, or wherever-as long as you're sitting, because standing would just be weird-when you're now in the aftermath of one of those experiences that you just know you'll never forget, and you take the longest time to sit there, absorbing the noises around you as your mind is entirely blank, and the only word you can properly formulate that could express the fullest of your emotions is, "Damn"?
Because... well, damn.
I'm going to let you in on a little secret: I've never played Portal in my life. (I plan to NOW, of course, because, well, how could I not? There's a whole mass of lore, of characters and machine and STORY that I'm missing out on. Anyways-not the point.) I would have never entered into the realm of Portal fanfiction because... well, why would I? I've never played Portal.
Strangely, enough, I came across this through YouTube. I needn't give you the whole backstory, but I'm certain you're familiar with YouTube's bizarre recommendations it offers to you, blissfully oblivious to the fact that perhaps 5% of what is suggested to you actually suits your personality and search history. Well, blaring at me through this little feature of YouTube's, there's a video titled, "The Greatest Portal Fanfiction Ever." Of course I click it because, honestly, there's nothing better to do on a Sunday afternoon than watch an obscure fellow go on and on about a game I know nothing about, talking about a FANFICTION, which doesn't really have the greatest track record of top-quality writing. But, what the hell? I've time to waste.
I probably lasted 45 seconds. Maybe less. It featured a mate doing a voiceover during one of his Portal playthroughs, giving far too long of an intro which already bored me by the time he even got to the intended content. I exited the video.
I clicked the link, though, to the original fanfiction, which was in the description. Your link.
I looked at the title. I looked at the number of reviews; didn't bother to read the description (it's best to get into the meat of it, that way, then waste my time). I did see the favorite count. And, I thought to myself, "Perhaps this is actually good."
Chapter 2 rolled around the corner and I demanded that no one bother me for the rest of the night.
What do I say about this? What CAN I say about this? I've never even played Portal! I don't really know Wheatley, though I remember seeing a brief video about That Horrible Thing he did in Portal 2, and I remember thinking to myself, "Yeah, I'll keep myself away from that emotional turmoil, thanks."
But... bloody hell, I'm just not quite sure what to say. It's brilliant? I love it? I love everyone in it? It's well written, save for a minor error I remember seeing but now don't and I'm not going to bother to writhe through what I've already read to find it. I'm always prone to make a critique when I ever write a review, and so I'd say that you go on... and on... and on with description. It's quite fascinating, but I found myself skipping over a few paragraphs because I could work it out for myself in those dull moments when nothing particular heart-pounding was happening.
But when those did come-those terrifying, "Oh my gosh, is someone going to die?" moments-I read every word. Every syllable, every conjunction. Everything was important in those moments, and those I loved the most.
You made everyone memorable. You made everything happen organically. You made an outsider enjoy a story, and you just might have encouraged her to get the game. Bravo to you, mate. Just... bravo.
Guest chapter 14 . 9/3/2017
I love this chapter where Wheatley takes down Glados, crowing moment for him here.
Guest chapter 15 . 8/30/2017
I really loved the story and you made an amazing job writing this.
TMC chapter 15 . 8/27/2017
This has been a great story! I hope you continue this story!
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