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hanktalkin chapter 11 . 7/4/2021
Haha I thought when Atlas and P-body showed up they might get their own hard light bodies lol. And I loved that dancing scene! So cute!
hanktalkin chapter 10 . 7/1/2021
Haha I love how Wheatley’s ability to “hack” things by talking to them came back into play
hanktalkin chapter 7 . 6/25/2021
“Fear is a great motivator when you have nothing else, but a rotten substitute for self confidence” is such a raw line I love it
hanktalkin chapter 6 . 6/23/2021
Yes! Orange and Blue are back! I missed these little robots
Guest chapter 1 . 6/20/2021
That was a great chapter!
zed chapter 15 . 6/15/2021
At first i had thought the idea was dumb that the cores were transferred mental components and not simply copies of memories. The idea itself is strange and unreal, i mean what and how would you be transferring from the mind that wouldnt irreparably damage it? That being said, it also makes sense. Cave at the end did not say just to copy his mind but to 'stuff HIM in a computer'. It also explains why caroline was so freaked when they forced her to go through with it after Cave's death. It wasnt going to kill her like I used to think the process did, nor was it simply a violation of mind and memories in an attempt to copy stuff but instead they literally sucked her mind into a living disc. Also explains the 'Genetic Life' part of glados' name. These people were literal mad scientists who were ahead of their times in tech ranging from probably a century ahead of its time to possibly an entire millennia when you consider the the handheld portal gun and the teleporting ship. If anyone could boast being able to transfer the essence of a person to a machine and not just copy them, it would be those guys. Have to say, this is quality writing on the whole. Every character feels so inline that i can hear their voices in my mind. Even Chell... kidding. Im not sure valve could have done better. This is my new head cannon.
hanktalkin chapter 3 . 6/12/2021
Absolutely love how you point out that the AI have a habit of not applying the past to the present, I’ve never noticed it before but it’s totally true!
Chippen Kitten chapter 15 . 6/1/2021
i have not read many portal fics, but i genuinely think that was the best i've ever read and i completely wise to why this fic has its own fandom. i'm in simultaneously so much pain and so much joy, my standards for romance and character studies has been absolutely shattered. i ADORE caroline (and her sense of humor. she places a turret before a curled up wheatley which is kind of insulting him in italian ) and the concept of how the human in both Her and Wheatley never TRULY dies, i am head over heels for that ending frame, i'm p sure i've seen so much fanart w/o even knowing this fic existed for that ending paragraph ALONE, and the idea that i've come to the end of such a great, heaving, living THING brings tears to my eyes. i'm just. i'm so terribly in love with everything in this fic and i hope that wherever you are your days are easy and your sleep is peaceful. thank you so much for this gem.
Chippen Kitten chapter 14 . 6/1/2021
"I'm the world's most perfect generator of terrible ideas and I've got your number."






oh my god. oh my god? i love this so much? oh my god look at how far he's come i LOVE that differences in him, compared to the first chapter it's almost looking at a new person but just. Almost. He's still got thosd specific eccentricities and ways of surprising literally everyone that you just love him. I especially really liked the part where we got glimpses into other parts of the world and their reactions to the power drawback—I noticed that whenever something BIG happens, it's almost always described by the effects it has elsewhere, effects that pertain to and explain the damning depth of the actions that caused it. Like Chell's radio sputtering to life when Foxglove woke up compared to the EU Research Facility's satellites up and turning away from them. It builds the anticipation while also expanding on the worldbuilding! basically i love that technique so much now thank you for this

wheatley is so cool. he's so COOL and i LOVE HIM, that whole confrontation with Her when he admitted hat he was just "gonna do exactly what I was made to" made me feel so elated just to be reading him saying that. AH! i love your rendition of him SO much!
Chippen Kitten chapter 12 . 5/31/2021
lies down on the floor and screams oh my god i am in. Pain, so much Pain

like that's not all i can say, i can actually just go on for hours and hours abt how much i adore how you pick apart and write these characters, how clever it felt to watch chell's reactions to wheatley's words from his perspective ("making herself listen to a staggering truth" kills me every time) and how the HELL they're going to make it back, or make up, how this is all gonna end. but yeah i'm just in Pain

god i know WHY wheatley doesn't want to go back and i can't blame him for that, but they way he called them "test subjects" and was just...not necessarily fine but OKAY with leaving them there if it meant that he and chell could live. it reminds me of when chell was thinking abt how the robots have different perspectives of human constructs (mortality, time) which is why it made sense when she said "You're not human." i hope I'm explaining this correctly but it's like. to chell he didn't make any connections that were worth saving, and was fine with leaving them behind for Her. so yeah

i am vicariously imagining a movie play-by-play of chell going ABSOLUTELY IN on Blue's life, it is so refreshing to see her snap. YES GO OFF! OH my god She's in for a world full of SOMETHING when Chell makes it out of that portal. and i'm interested in how wheatley will get down there—is he gonna use the lake? I'm so excited! three more chapters left 'til it all ends.
Chippen Kitten chapter 10 . 5/29/2021
this fic is so GORGEOUSLY vivid, i feel the excitement and terror and anticipation of every scene. i ADORE the parallels between wheatley hooked up to GLaDOS compared to being hooked up to Foxglove, the difference between neverending animosity and indifference and obliging curiousity and celebration. gosh this like. i have no words? i have no words. i feel wheatley's joy at being able to Get It Right in the same way i feel Chell's pride at watching him get it done. i'm just—i'm just so happy for him! he doesn't have to prove himself, ofc, he never really had to in the way he thought, and in this moment he's the guy that just solved everything.

like...before, he had his function, did the thing, and not only did he fail st it but he failed and they left him alone. but now it's different! "just be yourself"and he did, and it worked. and i'm so happy for him

also, i am so in love with the ocs put into this fic. Aaron. Ellie. GARRETT. HOLDS GARRETT TO MY CHEST I LOVE THIS FUNKY TECHIE SCIENCE MAN. everyone has such a set personality that ties everything together. it really feels like, like a town.

i wish i could give your writing a hug i love it so much, i was REALLY intrigued at how you introduced Foxglove working, with the little bits and pieces of the town coming alive. i love how that establishes what happened while also adding character to the town and the residents as a whole.

also foxglove. i am hopelessly endeared by this communications tower that (seemingly, if i'm reading right) wrote new protocols for itself all cause wheatley struck up conversation. i am now vicariously imagining wheatley talking to it on a constant basis like a new friend

anyways this just might be my favorite chapter so far, and that's a hard bet bc i'm falling in love w every chapter, thank you so much for this
Chippen Kitten chapter 6 . 5/27/2021
"where walls stayed put and floors held you up, where the turrets never worked but the lifts always did, where it was breathtakingly, beautifully simple for her to work her way upwards- always upwards- after his guiding voice." i am so hopelessly in love w this fic, oh my god.
Lemo chapter 1 . 5/22/2021
Holy heeby geebies, this story has me up at 1:30 scrabbling at the last chapters of this brilliant work of art and on the verge of tears now that it's over, it is simply beautiful and one the best works of art I have had the good fortune of stumbling across. This has stuck so deeply with me I am sure I will take it with me through the rest of my existence. It is so truly spectacular. And thank you for gracing our lives with your brilliant writing.
Guest chapter 15 . 5/22/2021
This was a triumph
terrortom chapter 15 . 5/3/2021
The recent Portal anniversary brought me to reread for the first time in many, many years, I can't believe how much of your writing stuck with me from the first time; the flow and pacing and shifts in tone are always brilliant, metaphors some of the most hilariously clever, plot and characters made so relentlessly charming and believable. I could hardly put it down over the past week and truly wish I could have this in a physical book. Much love.
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