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Suallen at work chapter 8 . 3/27/2012
Hi there!

I'm at work now. And it's slow. Very slow. Kind of like my vacation, but less sunny and with no ice cream at all! (Vacation was great, by the way!) So I thought, since I'm stuck inside anyways, I could write a review. ;)

I'm so glad to see this posted! This was as far as you gave me to read, right? Might there be a chance, you've already written more?

Uni isn't as stressful now, and I miss working on texts with you together! But anyhow, back to this chapter!

Istill love all the teasing and the banter that is going on in this chapter. Messer can be so annoying and so funny! I loved the moment where Lindsay had to hit him, because he blamed her for his own curiosity. :-P

It's so cute that Don is distracted by his thoughts of Jennifer all the time and he's even cuter after Stella suggested he'd wait for her to guide her into the room.

Lucy is also very cute. And I think she's also a handful to deal with for her parents! I think they both handle her and her tantrums very well though. ;)

I look forward to reading the next chapter. I think, Don and Jennifer have great chemistry together and seeing them alone without any distractions will be great!

Love and hugs from your friend at work!
Strandstorken chapter 8 . 3/27/2012
This chapter was really, really great! I still love the way you write Lucy, especially the sulking in this chapter and Don is adorable with her. :D

Don is adorable around Jennifer too, and when waiting for her to come downstairs. :P

I want to read more soon.:D
ChibiDawn23 chapter 8 . 3/26/2012
The "That's so CUTE" factor was ratcheted up to like an 11, and I loved it. From Stella telling Don he should walk Jennifer downstairs to Lucy's cutie tea party to the Flack and Danny banter...I pretty much adored this chapter ;)
Herrera chapter 8 . 3/26/2012
Another great chapter, in some way I'd say it creates atmosphere. We can feel the friendly and kind relationship that this people have, but we can even feel the summer heat, and how cozy the house is.

Update soon, please!

Blue Shadowdancer chapter 8 . 3/26/2012
Aww, I love Stella being so thoughtful about Jennifer, and really empathic about what the situation might be like for her! Stella is lovely :)

And ahahaha, Danny's tea party food, I can just picture him painting them, and Lindsay giggling a bit but loving him for making them :) And I loved Don being so lovely to Lucy and playing along with her. He'd be a great father :)

And, aww, Don and Jennifer are as adorable as always :D I am sitting here and squeaking because THE ADORABLENESS.

And Lucy is more ADORABLE. Danny deserves a smack, though, for shifting blame to Lindsay for Lucy not being allowed candy :P Aww at Lucy sulking, that sounds hilarious. I really liked Don and Jen being so nice to her and playing with her and helping Lindsay, that's really sweet.

And it's perfect weather to be reading this! If only we could join them on their holiday ;D I really loved this chapter, I'm so happy you posted it! :D
afrozenheart412 chapter 8 . 3/25/2012
"As he glanced towards the door, he caught the knowing smiles both Stella and Lindsay possessed as they glanced at each other and at him. His best strategy would be dignified ignorance he decided and asked his young hostess for a refill of tea while the two ladies continued their low-voiced discussion."

Does Don really think that no one noticed how he was blushing when he came down from settling Jennifer in the nursery? Sheesh, I've got to give the man credit for trying to play it cool...but we and them know better, LMAO! Seriously I adore this entire story you have provided a lot of laughter and the drama that is coming, I'm sure that they'll be there for her once she learns the truth. :) And they all know that he's interested, its been a long time since he's been this close to a woman who intrigues him.

Danny is lucky that a thump was all he got from Lindsay, lying like that! He's another one I have to roll my eyes at while laughing, I'm sure Lindsay was curious but at least she didn't use another person as an excuse for being nosy! XD Stella and Mac are truly the only adults there and that might not last long because I can see Mac panicking at seeing Stella in pain when Little Taylor wants to join the world! :D Two whole days without candy...we need jelly beans stat! Lucy's about to wither away! She is so cute even when in a tantrum, and even better I LOVE how both of them stood firm and looked to each other. That is the kind of parenting that I adore! :)

Ah, I did love seeing the cake and how Danny painted them! My dad recently made an activity center for my nephew and this reminds me of it! Was this a group effort, like Mac making the cake and Danny painting them? Ohh, a novel to while away the hours in the sun...puts me in mind of ImaSupernaturalCSI's story! :D I'm so glad that you updated! I really enjoy all of this story...the necklace is going to play a big part, isn't it? More please! I know I usually highlight more lines but the top one nailed this whole chapter!
Ballettmaus chapter 7 . 3/4/2012
Nice chapter; like the idea of the rocking horse and the description when Don fetches the water. I also somehow like the image of him stumbling, more or less, out of the room. He seems like the kind of guy, with his tall built. :-) And, of course, the comment about not allowing lunch to be held up... it just had to be there. Poor Don ;-)
Strandstorken chapter 7 . 2/27/2012
Like I mentioned, I really like this chapter. Like all the other chapters. :P Don and Jennifer seem so natural together, the way they talk and behave around each other. I love the sort of shyness between them, even though Don notes that he finds it easy to talk to her.

The end of the chapter is great! Especially the mystery about the nursery and the teddy bear. And the last few sentences where Don ends up stumbling out of the room made me smile. He's so adroable. :P

Sorry for taking so long to review by the way.
Aranna Undomiel chapter 7 . 2/25/2012
Yeah, I knew it! *nearly pumps fist in the air in joy* Uhm yeah, sorry about that, just still a bit in shock from the fact that Jennifer seems to remember things from her (I guess ;)) own childhood bedroom ;D

Loved their careful and slighty akward dance around each other to find out more about the other person ;) And off course I laughed really hard at that last part; poor I suppose that happens to the best of us sometimes, nearly tripping over something when you're embarassed about yourself ;P

Hope you'll update soon :D
afrozenheart412 chapter 7 . 2/23/2012
You sure know how to keep us on edge while at the same time squeeing our heads off! I adore the background of both Jennifer and Don, about how they grew up, especially Don hopping into cabs as a kid, LMAO! I bet his dad had something waiting for him when he got home! :D And his mom some warm cookies with milk.

But the moment that had my heart melting was Don talking about how he's spent so much time in the house but until Jenn was by his side that he finally felt at home there. It always takes a special person to make a house into a home. And he has found his Angell! Pun is intended!

As for Jack, oh I adore rocking horses its wonderful to see that she never completely forgot about him and her home. Her real parents will be over the moon to know she's alive and back home. This whole thing is touches my heart with the love and friendship everyone feels for each other, thank you for this gift my friend. Its beautiful and I'm enjoying the heck out of this. *huge hugs*

Favorite moment:

"They left me a legacy which has allowed me a lot of independence - I've been able to travel, to see more of Europe and my own country, and I'm grateful to them for that." Her face grew bright. "But I think the greater legacy they left me was telling me right from when I was a little kid that anything was possible, I just had to go out and try it, so... that's what I try and do."

"I can see that," he said quietly, and again, they shared a glance and a smile. They walked along the rest of the landing in a comfortable silence, their arms brushing each other's and Don did not find it difficult to imagine his fingers holding hers. He studied her, out of the corner of his eyes, realising with a shock of almost electricity that he wanted to find out much more about her.

Enjoying the sight and her enjoyment, he watched her gaze travelling round the landing; the pictures that caught the light, the furniture placed along the walls.

"This is a beautiful house," she sighed, delicate fingers running along the bevelled edge of a bookcase. They both stopped when she crouched down in front of the leather-bound volumes it contained, peering at them, tracing the titles on the spines with her fingertips.

"Sure is." Don looked down at her. "Wouldn't mind owning it myself." He grinned. "If I owned a place like this, you'd never get me back in the city."

She's been trying to find her way home again, hasn't she? :D Marvelous!
Brii Taylor chapter 7 . 2/21/2012
CORRECTION. I have to wait, I'm caught up :'( Update soon! and I will totally check out the other fic you suggested.
Brii Taylor chapter 7 . 2/21/2012
oh, you. you,... you, you! this is fun, I love it :P and I've decided on the Maltese Falcon... now off to my library :) and off to read another fabulous chapter!
Brii Taylor chapter 6 . 2/21/2012
"Uncle Don?" a little voice in eager tones asked "Is that the lady you're going to dance with until I've growed tall?"

dear lord that was the cutest thing I've ever read... until this:

"Mommy, this is Jennifer and she likes my babies and Uncle Don. And Aunt Stella woke up, too, 'cause of her baby, just like me and can I have some breakfast please? I'm hungry."

and oh, how clever of mac and stella :P reading on!
Brii Taylor chapter 5 . 2/21/2012
Hey, you know, I was only kidding... dare I hope?
Brii Taylor chapter 4 . 2/21/2012
Hey, just a random thought to insert here: flack should totally find Angell in the nearest town :) or Sid and Martha should bring her back :P Ah, that'd be pushing it, I know.

I thought about your story during school. we were watching a Jazz video in band. I can't wait for more! Oh wait, I don't have to... bahahaha!
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