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apoorva chapter 1 . 8/17
Harry and Hermione were meant to be together.. And Hermione shouldn't change her name after marriage..

This is brilliant
Runecutter chapter 1 . 2/28
Nearly unforgivable? He left them to starve and die.
How can you ever accept back such a "friend" much less marry him? Even if Hermione would never have broken up Harry and Ginny (a solid friggin two or three week romance, how eternal *rolleyes*) it's abysmally disappointing that she settled for the deserter!

It wa already questionable that he ever could get back into "best friend" or mate or whatever territory after fourth year and him accusing Harry of not just lying but being selfish and arrogant and wanting to win the stupid tournament. A guy who does think you're able of such vile deeds must really know your heart and soul like a best bud should... and all the things over the years he has said to Hermione... it's not an accident or some extraordinary scenes that bring out the worst in them... it's the rare moment of honesty where he truly shows his real colors and how utterly idiotic he is inside his mask of jovial easygoingness and goofy lazing around...

While Hermione surely deserves every bit of happyness, she does not deserve to be betrayed by her heart and bound in such an awful, disgusting, everlasting torture as a marriage to Ron Weasley MUST turn out to be. I like the writing in this story, but the prospect she counts herself happy and lucky despite having so much better options at various times in her life... it's depressing.
1sunfun chapter 1 . 4/25/2013
uchiha.s chapter 1 . 1/3/2013
this is heartbreaking but so realistic and wonderful. excellent work again! loved, loved, loved.
HoosierCullen chapter 1 . 11/24/2012
That was great and I am an adement fan of the Harry/Hermione pairing. I think they make a better couple than Hermione and Ron. He only argues with her and makes her cry where Harry's only wish was to comfort and protect Hermione.
Mrs. Knufflebunny chapter 1 . 10/24/2012
I insist that, even though I love Ron - because he's really HUMAN as far as I know - Hermione and Harry should be together. It was in the details, the little things along the seven books... they would've been beautiful (can you imagine little Harrys that actually LIKED to read? Rs!)

So, so good! And the cookies are delicious, by the way. ;)
SablePhoenix chapter 1 . 10/15/2012
Poignant, and lovely. I honestly can't imagine either Harry or Hermione truly being completely satisfied with the Weasleys but since I'm not JKR, it's a moot point. lol Well written piece here!
Makokam chapter 1 . 1/25/2012
Ah Yes. /That/ scene. My favorite part of that movie. I remember seeing that and going, "Damn, that's... Actually pretty hot..." Fun idea you have here and a very good read. Quite well written(though that seems to be expected of you from what I've read of your reviews) I'm not sure how much of your stuff I'll read, not because your bad at it, but because I'm not sure if you're my tastes, if that makes any sense. (I don't like it when writers, to one degree or another, make it apparent they feel the Original Author got it "wrong" Not sure if that's you though.) I'll deffinitly continue to read Half-Blood Auror though. Ah well, best of luck, toodle-oo, go with god and don't take any wooden nickles.

Makokam out.
Gryffindor1045 chapter 1 . 1/10/2012
Very, very nice!

I always wondered why Harry never had much of a reaction to that image of him and Hermione kissing. Very good idea of letting Hermione see that image too and we can see her reaction.

You captured their reactions perfectly- not full of desire, lust or pure regret, but just a slight contemplation, a wistfulness at what might have been. They both know how important they have been to one another, how their relationship is more than a friendship but not romantic.

And the way Harry grabbed her wrist and stared into her eyes was beautiful to watch... as if some feelings were being aroused in Hermione with the recognition/appreciation of Harry's concern.
GreySawyer chapter 1 . 10/18/2011
This is a really great take on the aftermath of Harry and Hermione's lives after the war. As an HH Shipper, I kind of looked at the part of Deathly Hallows where it was just Harry and Hermione on the run as kind of a bone that J.K. Rowling threw to us who support these two.

Nice job!
Bad Myrtle chapter 1 . 10/18/2011
I love this. I love how you portray the closeness between Hermione and Harry, and that the "what if's" are from both sides. Makes them getting together entirely plausible, and the reasons why they didn't equally so.
famartin chapter 1 . 10/5/2011
Well done, bravo!
alix33 chapter 1 . 10/4/2011
AW, poor Harry and poor Hermione, though I DID want to vomit at the mention of Hermione's snoring husband and that hyphenated surname.
Intervigilium chapter 1 . 10/4/2011
Ah, yes, the line every Harry Potter reader crossed at least once... you managed to do it with grace, Miss. Even the terrible divide that comes from "what if", the guilt for having a good life but not being sure if if you shouldn't set your sights for more, that's a touchy subject to approach (hard to write, as well), and you went in and out with flying colors.

Relationships where the best friend isn't necessarily your romantic counterpart (more common than we would expect) will always carry that question. Harry was always the better friend, fact... always will be, given Hermione's nature. But they always have their dance... rs

Masterfully done :) . This week 'Diving' may see a new chapter.. unrusted my fingers lately, am almost satistfied with it... lol. Take care hun! Success!
Penseln chapter 1 . 10/4/2011
That was really Good and i can see them really doing that. So great jobb it edas fun to read.
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