Reviews for Can you keep a secret?
DA-GD FAN chapter 1 . 4/25/2013
I absolutely love what you've done here. I remember watching the show 10 years ago when it was airing here in oz :-). But got back to it recently again and find that I can't get enough of this specific pairing. You have done the scene a great justice I'd say. There are words or phrases missing, but I didn't mind it as you have added enough of your own back story to it that helps me forget those :-) . I have nothing against Shane West, but the Eli character was no match for August whichever way you look at it. Grace deserved better than him and August was it! ... keep up the good work. I wish to see what you'd think will become of them ... I wish they kept the story going and the original writers at least could continue this story line the way they intended it ...

AnnMore chapter 1 . 10/17/2011
Oh my god. I wish I would have written this story. Even more, this just how I would have written it, and now you make it difficult for me, as I will have to come up with something different when I (al last:) get to write that chapter... Thank you for this challenge:) You totally feel it the same way, I think so, and I'm so happy. So, there are crazy people who, years later, discover this story and feel the same ...passion, anxiety, despair... it's wonderful.

'Tough love' episode is, too, one of my favorites, it is actually the very first episode of O&A I ever saw, completely by accident, zapping and bored. I started to watch from the moment Mr. Dimitri avoids to comment on Grace's acting, I had no clue why, and still I was intrigued, and watched on. I was rewarded, of course:) With the beautiful 'Wine scene'. The rest I downloaded via Mininova almost right away. And the weirdest thing was yet to come, when I got the urge to write, and this for the first time:)

By the way. Never felt anything for Eli & Grace, probably for the simple reason I never got to see the other two other seasons of O&A. Probably I should.

Something else, this story doesn't show up when I open FF on my computer, and I saw it only today, accidentally. New stories aren't yet included in the so-called 'communities' (G/D and Jessie/Kate)

MK chapter 1 . 10/6/2011
yeah there was a time i hated eli with that whole carla thing but still nasty creepy teacher... for me he was just eww... 4 my self if ur over 4years older then me then no way(mayb Dwayne Johnson might sneak thats a hot older man)

yeah so i kinda glossed through herb the perv parts :/ but the 1's where he wasnt was alright lol

so i left a review so yay hehe