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Rose chapter 7 . 2/21
Well, I'm an E/J shipper, and I really enjoyed it. It shows the real-life possible consequences of their fooling around. Although I like to think he eventually DOES fall in love with her, as he admitted the possibility was there.
Rose chapter 7 . 6/15/2020
Well, I'm a definite E/J shipper, and I loved this story. It's reality, and one of the ways Egon and Janine's story could go. And Peter does make some very good points. I love angry Janine!
Relaxing Pikachu chapter 7 . 5/30/2016
In that long-winded review, I forgot to mention one thing that I did feel was a little bit off. This story did make me dislike Egon just a tad because of how he was sleeping with Janine just because of pity or whatever. In some ways, I did feel he was in-character, like the way he spoke, for example, but I still personally couldnt see Egon sleeping with Janine if he didnt really love her. I could see it maybe happening once, on his part, and giving into his bodys responses, maybe…but for it to continue, I just couldnt see it. Egon just doesnt strike me as the friends with benefits type. Originally, I thought it was going to turn out that he and Janine hadnt done anything and that Peter had just assumed things had gone to that point and I also figured that since it obviously had, that Egon is way too deluded to realize that he was in love with her the entire time anyway. Oh well, still was a good read.
Relaxing Pikachu chapter 1 . 5/30/2016
Wow, I just read this entire story while on the way to work and then sneaking and reading it while at work. I just couldnt stop reading, my curiosity was much too great! It was an actual interesting take on the whole Egon and Janine relationship. I actually thought it was kind of sweet how Peter was upset with Egon for allowing his relationship with Janine to even get to that point. In some ways, I guess I could see a character like Egon rationalizing their actions in the way you said. He isnt as connected to his emotional side like others, but its sad how he cant, or rather couldnt, see that his actions are, technically leading her on and allowing her to hang onto him like a lovesick puppy. As Peter said, you shouldnt have a physical relationship with a person who is in love with you if you dont feel the same way back. Im glad that Peter could see that. Getting down to it, in the beginning of this story, I figured he was doing this for Janines sake since he does care about her like a younger sister. In a way, it felt like they were kind of ganging up on poor Peter. lol

I would love to see how this story wouldve continued. Would Egon break it off with Janine and let her know that what they were doing wasnt right, especially to her? Would Janine murder Peter if Egon fully broke it off with her for meddling? Would Egon actually fall in love with her or once letting her go entirely, that he finally realized that he was indeed in love with her but was rationalizing it too much realize it?

Oh another positive, everyone felt in-character, for the most part. Egons dialogue and speech was perfect and I could imagine him speaking in his deadpan voice as either LeMarche or Ramis…but my brain kept jumping back to LeMarche. Same with Ray and Winston and even Peter (imagining Lorenzo Music saying some of these things was kind of amusing lol) Felt bad for poor Ray and Winston, who were caught in the middle, but I still love those two. Its always a joy trying see those two dealing with Peter. Even though Peter is known as being a womanizer, I do agree with the implication that hed never lead a woman on if he wasnt serious about her. Personally, I still feel that he has a thing for Dana and never fully got over her and is trying to find the right woman to do so or “replace” her. I know the animated series never got into that, and after season 2 when the show started getting stupid, I could see how it never could have or would have….but thats my theory as the animated series was supposed to have been a continuation of the first film.

All that aside, I actually did get the impression…well, from the show, anyway…that Egon was in love with Janine to some extent, but just didnt know how to express it because it was something he could neither approach logically or scientifically. Emotions are a bit more difficult to figure and work out. To be honest, even though for this story, you have Egon rationalizing how hes not in love with Janine, still seems ironic that he would still react if Janine dates another guy or shows remote interest in one, as Peter pointed out in this story, despite the reason Egon gave. For the show, as it was pointed out in this story, he did go on outings with Janine and did hug her at times and even let her kiss him. There was no, “back off sister” from him, ya know? lol There was also that time where he thought he was going to die and he said “Janine”. There was even that one episode where Egon went with Janine to have dinner with her family, which I always felt was a bit odd. Egon was all like, “Im not sure if Im ready to meet your family yet.” Felt like they were a new couple, and they were introducing each other to one anothers families, just that Janines family was first on the list. So, yeah, those are few reasons why I felt that Egon was more than likely in love with her, but was too stupid, despite his brilliance and intelligence, to fully realize it given how disconnected he is with his emotional side.

Okay, Ill shut up now, but once again, this was a great story! It made sense, and it was an interesting alternative take on the dynamic, despite how sad it truly is that their relationship had gotten to that point.
Anna McNarin chapter 7 . 7/6/2015
I do somewhat consider myself and E/J shipper, but I also think Ramis got it right on that it just wouldn't work long term despite their efforts. It was nice to read a hard dash of reality, that can and does happen, thrown into their paranormal world. I also agree that Peter would catch on before Egon. Well done.
artisanrox chapter 1 . 9/13/2010
I also agree that I was wholeheartedly disappointed in this story (or am I? I dunno. I'll explain...). It's got top-notch writing and characterization, absolutely. But I agree with the other reviewers that Egon would NEVER have sex w/ Janine out of pity. I agree with other reviewers that he'd never be that cold. He simply acts too terrified to be that cold to it.

I keep thinking to myself now that I finished reading this, that due to his past, Egon really, truly doesn't understand he REALLY IS love and Venkman is simply wearing him down, or cornering him until he cracks (I can defnitely see Egon as someone who needs to be desperately cornered before he realizes he feels *anything*) which he did succeed in doing at one point in the story. That, I can definitely see Peter doing. He's the only one that can! _

Very interesting and thought-provoking. Good read!
ZGory chapter 1 . 1/7/2010
I really loved this oneshot. I never wanted it to end. I felt as if it could have kept on going.

I feel though, that I kept envisioning the movie's characters rather than the cartoon. I know they are the same people, but I feel that there are still differences. I feel that this situation fit more with the movie at least rather than the cartoon. And yet I can see this happening behind the scenes of the cartoon or what have you.

Well wonderful job. I only had a technical issue with the story and that would be about dividers. The sudden scene changes threw me at times. Especially Janine's whole inner monologue about revenge.
Arafel chapter 1 . 6/29/2008
For all that I'm a sap for happy endings, I keep coming back to how this is a great story without one. It drives me nuts to keep coming back thinking, "Mhm, yeah, this definitely makes sense," while your tale is going off in the direction opposite to the one I tend to cheer for. That, I must say, makes for a well-crafted fanfic. Nice work!
rgbforever chapter 1 . 7/22/2007
Excellent, EXCELLENT writing...I love how you had Egon using the technical lingo, you were very consistent with that...and I love how Peter was so defensive of Janine, as we all know he cares for her...I also love how you incorporated Winston & Ray as the attempted peacemakers...having Ray break down and spill the beans and Winston trying to stay neutral but still having an opinion was very realistic...exactly how I would imagine them to be...I believe that is all how it would go down...(EXCEPT for Egon having sex with Janine out of pity, even he isn't that cold, IMO, but that is just my personal preference)...that aside, I enjoyed it immensely and I think you're writing is SUPERB! Great attention to detail and interpersonal dynamics! Awesome job! Really hope you write more (preferably more E/J positive, but that's just me)
JECrazy chapter 1 . 6/13/2007
Egon is so completely out of character in this. For one thing he's not that irresponsible and for another he takes his relationship with Janine very seriously. Janine scares him a little. Sex scares him a little. Sex with Janine terrifies him! He would never ever have sex with her out of pity. He would never ever use her for casual sex. He's old fashioned in the ways of love and frriendship. When he finally decided what he wanted he would either say to Janine that he just wants to be friends (which is highly unlikely) or he'd give her his everything, his mind, heart, soul, spirit and body unconditionally (which is the most likely outcome). That's the way I feel about it and I won't be swayed!
soulfulbee chapter 1 . 5/9/2007
That was a really good fic, good job at breaking down the man behind the genius. No matter what sooner or later people have to admit there is a need to be intamite with another human being. Not even egon can dodge that bullet.
Anonymous chapter 1 . 5/25/2005
I'm not sure Egon would have sex with Janine out of pity. That doesn't sound like him. But Janine on the other hand...
SamuraiPrincess01 chapter 1 . 5/1/2005
Wow. That's what I call intense. Well...Egon's a fool. And I feel sorry for Janine. To love someone with all your heart, but have him not love you in return.

Heart-feeling fic here.
Princess Artemis chapter 1 . 10/27/2003
Very thought provoking and unique handling of that particular interpersonal conundrum. Very well done. Although I don't know if it's just my computer, but the formatting is very weird. Probably my comp...
AiredaleLady chapter 1 . 12/5/2002
This was a very well written story that remained in character, while also taking the guys into a different situation. I do agree w/the other reviewer in that it would be easier to follow (not to mention easier on the reader's eyes)if it were broken into chapters. I hope to see more stories from you soon.
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