Reviews for Season of Love
shai'lo chapter 11 . 9/3/2015
I loved you're story it was the BOMB I wish it didn't have to end
BrownSuga32 chapter 11 . 3/3/2014
even though this is a story, it tells so much about the issues some men(people) face daily. I believe that's why people have so many comment issues. Like Morgan, when the right or a good woman comes along they cannot see it because of what happened to them in the past.
BrownSuga32 chapter 8 . 3/3/2014
This chapter is beautifully written. Does love like this exist only in our fanfiction world? I'm loving this story so much.
BrownSuga32 chapter 4 . 3/2/2014
I wish I had a best friend like Derek Morgan
sunshine chapter 6 . 3/21/2013
Amazing dialouge !
sunshine chapter 2 . 3/21/2013
it is so nice to read a story which is written fluently and with good grammar:) also you really catch the tone an dlanguage of D and G -its very believable ! thank you for your great work and for sharing I look forward to reading the next chapters:)

with admiration and respect
iluvtorun chapter 8 . 1/20/2013
Love, but especially this chapter. I hadnt really noticed they didnt even mention lynch in the earlier eps of seaon 7. I saw he's dlated to be in the gatherin (8-17, the morgancentric ep) so i hope to god they are not back together again. Stupid writers lol!
em1234lou chapter 1 . 5/12/2012
I just started this story, and told myself I was going to wait until the end to review but I just couldn't help myself, "with creepy crawlers creeping and crawling toward me in the dead of the night" this genuinely cracked me up!
Graveygraves chapter 11 . 2/6/2012
Another great snap shot into Derek Morgan and the complex nature of his personality and all he hides behind. Well done
Kimd33 chapter 11 . 1/29/2012
I love you writing his feelings for her. I can't wait for the snakeyes episode.
KricketWilliams chapter 11 . 1/28/2012
LOL! I loved the end of that; I could so see her saying that. :) Nicely done.
jenny crum chapter 11 . 1/28/2012
Great update, I love how they are together and I can't wait for more
Monnie32 chapter 11 . 1/28/2012
More please :D
PinkAngel17 chapter 11 . 1/28/2012
Aww, that was sweet! Great chapter! :)
Harleyzgirl chapter 11 . 1/28/2012
That was just sweet. Derek has so much baggage still, but it's slowly getting better which is great to see. I enjoy reading these two happy together.
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